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Saturday Convoy - 23.04.16


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guten tag @tobias951


was meinst du? Meinst du den Twitch Kanal der verlinkt ist, ob der auf Englisch oder Deutsch ist? 

http://twitch.tv/ets2mp_tv < English 


Aber ich werde den Convoy auch Streamen, auf Deutsch. 



good evening @tobias951,


what do you mean? Do you mean the Twitch channel?  

http://twitch.tv/ets2mp_tv < English

http://twitch.tv/bonnm < German 



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I was just wondering,  how many hours from now is the event?  


Also how can I create my own convoy if I hardly know anyone? I want to start planning weekly convoys in ETSMP & ATSMP but I have not been around (on the forum) to be active to meet players. 

Trucking in multiplayer and helping others where I can. 

In game rules.


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