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  1. Happy birthday and may health and happiness continue to accompany you. Salute to you.

  2. D-day Looking forward to tonight
  3. Where will the server be hosted? in europe or out side of it?
  4. Okay thanks Otherwise i will log in to TS
  5. I have the CB muted. Is that a problem? Because i hate all the noise on the CB
  6. Is your mic set as default? or are the driver properly installed?
  7. Do have to be on TS or isn't it a requirement?
  8. xl3laz3rx


    could you upload the log file?
  9. If you are ussing utorrent or bit torrent, make sure to stop the progress when going online. And if you have a slow connection do not use the internet radio or spotify
  10. I'm in, looking forward to it! if dinner is ready in time
  11. You could try this if you bought the game through steam. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335&l=english
  12. @gurorapid Maybe this link will help you
  13. If somebody doens't have the Wheel Tuning DLC will he be able to see it?
  14. Or go to SP you will return to you home base, then go to MP and you will again automatically return to you home base and you should have some job offers again
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