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Change the place of the CB on the Volvo

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I don't see any issues with where the CB's currently are. Plus, it seems like this will be unnecessarily using up the Add-On teams time by moving it down a few inches. Personally, I like where the CB currently is because it slots in perfectly instead of hanging off at the bottom. I only see this as a minor issue; -1.

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where the CB is located now is actually where the CD player goes, it is also probably one of the few places with a dedicated 24v feed due to the proximity of the tachograph and the CD player.  and to be honest, where it is now is out of the way so the cable is not in your view. 


best left where it is.  No if you want a CB to be moved, its best to be done of the right hand drive Skodas as its melted into the dashboard.

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