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  1. RIP race servers


  2. Originally I was ijlinksta, but felt like a change to something evil, but obscure. After picking the name from a generator, my VTC asked why I ditched the linksta part, so after combining the Zebu from the Zebulon, and Link from linksta (and being my fav video game character), I ended up being Zebulink. Edit: The name worked out well, being a more professional type of name.
  3. this setup (310hp Iveco, 25t trailer) cannot get out of the quarry. It can make it to the middle section, but once it hits the house, the hill gets too steep for the poor little truck to handle
  4. 21t yes. 25t, getting caught. will set up my wheel and try again tomorrow my time. Will post results
  5. Looks like it's possible, just got 21 ton pipes out. Going to record an attempt at 25 ton heavy metal
  6. So I've just finished my time driving a MAN truck, and am looking at replacing it with either an Iveco or a Renault, but am yet undecided. I was wondering if you guys in the community could help me out by voting which truck should be next here (and I'm looking for a challenge). http://www.strawpoll.me/12349431
  7. How do team positions work. I understand that staff movements happen, but how are people being recruited without the recruitment being opened for everyone?

    1. Penguin


      So what happened for me was at the time, Support was needed more for other languages. However, my application wasn't rejected it was kept in the system, and now @fyzz08 Decided it would be best to take me on =^_^= Which is great :P


      Just wait till Recruitment is open, apply and relax, they'll let you know if you're accepted :D

    2. Mirrland


      Previous applications are being taken into account.

    3. Zebulink{aus}


      ahh. ok. just looked strange is all

  8. Its using a custom colour paintjob (blue) with a v8 engine (500hp+) that gives the black grille
  9. Sometimes it happens. The only fix is to restart the game
  10. good turnout from Globex members, largest of the year yet

  11. Globex convoy starting at 0400 UTC from Eureka to Vegas via Oakland on the US server. If non-Globex members wish to join, please stay behind the tail Globex members

  12. even if the car was a truck, he/she still broke the rules for ramming
  13. Thanks @Mike Dragon for filling in the gaps, this is the track I was talking about. I only went off what was on facebook, even though I tested it out myself. It was really late for me, and so I had to sleep.
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