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  1. RIP race servers


  2. Suggestion Name: Pinned post on facebook group Suggestion Description: Creating a pinned, Admin controlled post on the facebook TMP groups advertising VTCs Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Every time I log onto facebook, I see lots of questions about recommended VTCs for someone to join. The comments are then normally flooded with the exact same responses from various VTCs and trolls. My suggestion is to pin a post of VTCs that are still in operation to avoid clogging up the facebook page with these requests. The pinned post would ideally have the VTC
  3. How do team positions work. I understand that staff movements happen, but how are people being recruited without the recruitment being opened for everyone?

    1. Penguin


      So what happened for me was at the time, Support was needed more for other languages. However, my application wasn't rejected it was kept in the system, and now @fyzz08 Decided it would be best to take me on =^_^= Which is great :P


      Just wait till Recruitment is open, apply and relax, they'll let you know if you're accepted :D

    2. Mirrland


      Previous applications are being taken into account.

    3. Zebulink{aus}


      ahh. ok. just looked strange is all

  4. Sometimes it happens. The only fix is to restart the game
  5. good turnout from Globex members, largest of the year yet

  6. Globex convoy starting at 0400 UTC from Eureka to Vegas via Oakland on the US server. If non-Globex members wish to join, please stay behind the tail Globex members

  7. Seems like there is an unwritten rule that the number has to be an image, or in an image somewhere obvious
  8. What a way to finish the Christmas convoy. One undertaking, another merging into me, spinning me out and into the rest of the convoy. Unless the Admin can guarantee control in the future, I'm done with official sanctioned events. I was up for the whole lot until then

  9. ^^ that works. Thank you. (Mod lock and best answer please)
  10. I was wondering how players get there in-game tags to go over multiple lines. I have seen many players do this, but none are able to help
  11. Anyone can use the pilot skin, but can also be banned for abusing it. Police skins and addons are reserved for IGAs only
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