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[Ingame/Webreporting]Better understand the difference inbetween a NCZ hacker and someone who is experieincing lag/desync

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Guide to reconise (NCZ) hackers on the TruckersMP network.


Welcome to my guide to better understand a NCZ hacker and how you can reconise if someone is actually experiencing loading issues or desync as we call it and prevent your reportcap to go down due to reports for NCZ hacking that actually are desync or loading issues. I will briefly cover speedhacking too although this guide is primarly aimed at how to detect a NCZ hacker.


First we need to talk about what is desync and loading issues?


Desync occurs when you on your screen see something entirely different than that another player on his screen sees. A common example of desync is when you are being overtaken by someone and they merge in just a bit too early leaving you almost no room even though the road is clear and they have plenty of room to do it safely. Most likely on his screen he is actually much further ahead than the player is on your screen. This is one example of desync. Another example is when you are driving on the road and someone is tailgating you and suddenly appears to have crashed into your bumper eventhough you are unharmed on your screen. What most likely happened is that someone experienced a lagspike and you were stopped on his screen even though you were still driving on your screen. This also is desync as the player behind you sees you stopped while you are driving on your screen. Also desync is when a player loads into the server and drives off whilst no one is loaded yet. On his screen there is no one whilst on yours he is sending everyone flying. A further explanation about this occurrence is coming up now.

As I have just explained desync we now move onto the topic of loading issues.

Sometimes especially in busy area’s players with weak computers experience lag and loading issues. Sometimes no one loads on his screen whilst the player is loaded in for everyone else which causes everyone to go flying but not the affected player since no one is on his screen. Most likely this player is experiencing both desync and loading issues. Wellknown locations with many examples of players experiencing loading issues and desync are near/in/ the Calais -Duisburg area although also somewhat common on the Calais-Duisburg road itself. Most likely a player starts driving when he connects while he isn’t seeing anyone and thus making everyone fly. Now that I covered this topic. It is time to move on onto the primary goal of this guide. How do I reconise someone with loading issues and a true hacker.


When you are driving on our network time to time you may come across someone sending everyone fly like a NCZ hacker does. The way a NCZ hacker behaves is rather different from a player with loading issues. The notable difference: Most of the times someone who is actually using NCZ hacks will try to cause as much damage as possible and will attempt to damage the most amount of players he can and you will most likely see him swerving lanes and use his truck like a torpedo to cause damage to others while someone who actually is experiencing desync and/or loading issues will generally behave like normal staying inside of his lane.


Now that we got the behavior aspect covered lets move onto some of the questions you could ask yourself when reporting someone who is behaving like this.

The first question you can ask yourself: Is this player aiming for other people or is he driving like I would? If the answer is he is driving normally and not aiming for players the player is most likely experiencing loading issues and/or desync and not using NCZ hacks.

The second question you can ask yourself is: Is this player visibly lagging? While not every player who has loading issues and/or desync and/or lag shows these signs most of the times someone who is experiencing aforementioned issues can be visibly seen lagging and mostly move slowly into another player. A NCZ hacker would plow at moderate/high speed through the crowd attempting to cause as much issue with no signs of lag at all.

The third and final question: Does this player suddenly take collisions or seems to notice traffic? If the answer is yes then you know this player didn’t have players loaded for themselves and thus didn’t know he was sending everyone fly. An NCZ hacker would obviously not take collision out of nowhere. Although most of the times you will not be able to see if the player seems to notice traffic or not or takes collision if you can see it happening this may be an usefull question to ask yourself.


If the answer to the first question is yes, the second answer is no, and the third one is no then you are most likely dealing with a NCZ hacker. A very obvious combination is if the player appears to be going faster than the serverspeedlimit (Simulation servers in mind) and sends everyone fly then the chances are very big you are dealing with a hacker. Someone with loading issues would not try to aim for other players and remain inside his lane as earlier mentioned. It can also be that some traffic did load and others not so be carefull with that. Speedhackers are relatively easy to detect. If you are going at 110kmh/68mph and the player is catching up too fast than what you could expect from if one of the players had some lag then it is most likely a speedhacker. With some lag in the previous sentence I mean when someone appears to be approaching you very slowly. That most likely is lag issues.


Alright, with all the topics mentioned before I hope I could have taught you a bit better about the difference inbetween someone who simply didn’t wait to let everyone load in and a true hacker!


Happy trucking all! - LincolnVanLincolnius Game Moderator on TruckersMP


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Great advice Lincoln. Hope this will be able to help the players to recognise a hacker easier! Great job! 

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Thank you Nice guide !

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