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  1. Hello, if i understand you correctly those 2 bans from 2018 and 2019 are now inactive meaning you have 0 active bans. Game Moderators only use active bans for history extention meaning you can take 5 bans now. Obviously i dont hope you will take 5 bans but you get the idea! Hope i could have helped you!
  2. I came up with a style of tuning for example if you were to lease a stock truck in real life how it would be in ETS2 with a couple of twists. To achieve this style you must enter the truck dealer and head to their premade trucks. You then pick a random truck you like and start tuning according to the following rules below! (Examples are based on a Scania S) Rule 1:You can change the engine however only a maximum of one up or down is allowed. For example you may go from 520 to 580 but not from 520 to 650. The transmission must be kept as delivered with the specific store
  3. Miss you already 😞

    1. Moh_


      Miss you too ☹️

  4. Shameless self plug :kappa:Made a discord server to chat with the TMP community and friends ofcourse! Also, I may host Lincoln convoys! 👀 https://discord.gg/Ertuq6XpJF

    1. adrianus_TMP_[NLD]


      Support too you my bro 

  5. Congraaatzzz so deserveeed!

    1. mdshahid6540


      Thanks soooo much my best friend..

  6. Eeyman kan je mij misschien ff helpen. Ik heb een ban van een week voor een simpel ongelukje. zou jij deze op kunnen heffen? B.v.d jeffrey


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