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Hello there!

We are proud to announce that a new version has been released!




  • Fixed a rare crash on the launch of the game


  • Disable cancelling the active World of Trucks contract while driving
  • Reduce the amount of loaded air horn sound effects to prevent their abuse by stacking the sounds
    • Each type of air horn can be heard only once
    • The amount of sound effects is reduced to 4
    • This might result into different perspectives of players where the owner of the truck can hear air horns differently than other players
  • Removed support for Frosty Winter Weather Mod

  • Changed the lights check back to 21:00 - 4:59 for both games

  • Updated background images on the login screen

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What a great development I feel this is for TruckersMP.  I feel that it has broadened the scope and potential enjoyment around the community.  Sure some will not like it, or have reservations, but you get that everywhere with any type of change.


I personally would like to thank all the Dev Team and everyone concerned in bringing this exciting Alternating Vehicles to TruckersMP.  Sure there were a few bugs and impatient people eager to get into the vans, however I think some individuals have very high expectations and forget that this is all free and done by volunteers.


Thank you all again. 



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Guest Pickl3z

A big thank you to the devs and everyone else who was involve in this update/mods.

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