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Event Team satisfaction survey

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Hello everyone!


A great community thrives on its people. Therefore community input is a critical part of this project.
As such we are again asking for your input.


This time we are specifically looking at our Event Team. The Event Team is responsible for planning and guiding official TruckersMP events as well as providing assistance at events organised by the community.

The survey will cover satisfaction on several key points of interest of the Event Team as well as questions about your opinion on several topics related to the Event Team.

You can access the survey here.


Data gathered in this survey: your submitted answers and quotes, browser version and country. Browser and demographical data is only used to get a general view of all that answered and is not used when the survey is completed after which this is deleted.


Have a great day!

TruckersMP team

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Guest AnotherAlex

Small critic on the survey, it is very mixed with questions for "just attending" users in events and also requesting events.

People choose "anything" for the request questions even if they don't use the system IMO.


There should have been 2 survey, 1 for attendees/users and 1 for convoy/event planning people imo ;)

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Done, @Prime! Thank you for this opportunity and I fully agree that the community must and can contribute critically (constructively, of course) to the TruckersMP project with the aim of always improving and trying to provide the best for all players, however, I believe that this could be carried out periodically as well as satisfaction surveys on other teams (e.g.: Game Moderation Team).


The only thing about this satisfaction survey is that as mentioned by @3ventic, there are required questions that for some players may be impossible to answer and perhaps this may distort some data about the Event Team survey, however, in my perspective I also believe that next time this survey can be make on TruckersMP's own website (even if it's necessary to create a specific area or link it with the Feedback area) and in addition to scales between "1-5" or "Bad and Good" can have optional answer boxes so that players can openly give their opinion on what is being asked.


Kind Regards, Jean M.

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