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Found 103 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Remove Translator position from recruitment Suggestion Description:As stated above , remove the translator position from https://truckersmp.com/recruitment page. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: Since the translation team is dismissed there is no need to have the position show up on recruitment page.
  2. hi truckersmp i have a question regarding ets2 and ats new Trailer Ownership update hi for ETS2 how will the rules be regarding b-double will it be limited as doubles when it comes to were it are allowed to be driven. how will ATS be still same as now no limitation on were we can drive the different trailer configuration . stated from scs: ETS2 will host moving floor trailer variants. For European trailer configuration, you can choose from single, double or also the newly available b-double. American Truck Simulator will host 28, 45, 48 or 53 feet trailer versions in double, triple or even Rocky Mountain double configurations - these will be based on the geographic location of your garage to comply with the law in each US state. Flatbeds will be available for both ETS2 and ATS. Addition to ATS trailers are also flatbeds with a rolling tarp system (equivalent to European curtain sider). You can see there will be many trailer lengths and types combinations to haul cargoes of all sizes. We added one more fitting feature: ADR (HAZMAT) cargoes will „spawn“ appropriate warning sign on your trailer.
  3. Moin, Aktuell habe ich ein Problem mit dem Update [rev. 15c77d5f3ed3] . Da ich aber die aktuelle Version des Spiels habe (Ver. kann ich auf keine kompatible Version umstellen. Könnte mir vllt. jemand helfen?
  4. Less players on EU2.

    Hi Drivers! Since the update released on the first of April which got the 150 km/h speed limit added it would appear the EU2 server has issues reaching full capacity. For example last night (In Aussie time) there wasn't alot of people on when before on other Friday's night the servers well typically full at a similar time. It looks like a decent chunk of people got upset with the limit. So I was wondering how would you guys fix this issue and get more players playing again? Perhaps a event? I want to see your opinions. So comment below. No I am not trying to discuss the speed limit as that is clearly not going to change anytime soon. Drive safe!
  5. We need to make Real world and Game world clear!!

    I have no idea why MP had applied 150KM/h lock on every server. We can't use 750HP mod at all. When I asked to TruckersMP Facebook forum they had answered me like this. "In real world 90km/h is the truck speed limit. This is a simulator not a racing game". Actually there was alot of people following rules when the lock wasn't applied. When we are driving on empty road that's the time when using 750HP. Now I need to waste my time when driving on empty road, I understand there are a lot of trollers. But that dosen't mean you guys apply speed lock to an innocent user. Why do employ admins? Why do you patrol on C-D? Just relax! Cause there is 150 Lock So no one can't troll!!!!! It really dosen't make sense. 150 lock don't solve anything. On ROK forum Every user has been dissapointed on this update. you guys need to find the another plan. Please deactivate the 150lock.
  6. Update won't install

    Hi , Since 1 week I have a problem with TruckersMp launcher When I lauch it I click on "Install Available Update" it download data1.adb 4,00/4,07mb but I can't play and I have already uninstalled ETS2 and The launcher but nothing change can I have help please . Sorry for bad English I am french Bonjour , Depuis deja 1 semaine j'ai un probleme avec le launcher TruckersMP dès que je le lance je clique sur "Install Available Update" sa télécharge data1.adb 4,00/4,07mb puis sa s'arrete il s'installe même pas . J'ai déja essaye de desinstaller et reinstaller ETS2 et le launcher mais sa ne change rien . Sa fait que tourner en rond . Est ce que vous pouvez m'aider svp ? Merci d'avance Le Probleme a été Resolu Comment le supprimer svp x) Delete the post pls

  8. Hello, I maintain an unofficial TruckersMP launcher, and until recently I've been using https://update.ets2mp.com/files.json to get a list of files to download. But a few days ago HTTPS seems to have stopped working, I now get a connection refused error. However http://update.ets2mp.com/files.json stills works. I hope this is just temporary and that proper secure communication will be re-established. Or maybe I'm just using an old API endpoint, if so, I would be glad to know where the official one is.
  9. Aktualizováno: 16.07. 2018 (dd.mm. yyyy) Downgrade a Upgrade Euro Truck Simulator 2 verze Vždy, když vyjde aktualizace od SCS pro Euro Truck Simulator 2, je zapotřebí pro využívání TruckersMP downgrade verze hry, protože TruckersMP ihned nepodporuje nejnovější verzi hry. Rychlost aktualizace TruckersMP závisí na počtu změn v nejnovější aktualizaci ETS2. V průměru vyhotovení podpory pro nejnovější verzi hry trvá méně jak 5 dní. V tomto návodu vysvětlím pomocí textů a gifů jak downgradovat ETS2 na podporovanou verzi hry a jak zpátky upgradovat po aktualizaci od TMP. Podporovaná verze: (nejnovější) Downgrade Euro Truck Simulator 2 verze (Nejnovější verze podporována)* *Vysvětlivky: Nejnovější verze podporována: Není zapotřebí downgrade na předešlou verzi ETS2. Downgrade na podporovanou verzi: Nejnovější verze ETS2 není podporována. Řiďte se uvedeným návodem pro downgrade na podporovanou verzi. Status není dostupný: Autor návodu není schopný udržovat návod aktuální pro delší časový úsek. Upgrade Euro Truck Simulator 2 verze Byla nalezena nepodporovaná verze při používání podporované verze Pokud jste se řídili podle výše uvedeného návodu pro downgrade nebo upgrade verze hry, ale spouštěč stále hází chybu o nepodporované verzi hry ETS2, podívejte se na následující návod, který může obsahovat řešení vašeho problému, vytvořený uživatelem ResTed (a přeložený mnou). Nepodporovaná DLC Special Transport Podporovaná DLC Všechna DLC kromě nepodporovaných, která jsou zmíněná výše. Pokud si všimnete nějaké chyby nebo neaktuální informace, kontaktujte autora (anglicky) nebo mě (česky) soukromou zprávou nebo komentářem níže. Jedná se pouze o amatérský překlad! Uvítám všechny vaše připomínky! Originál: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/23710-downgrading-and-upgrading-euro-truck-simulator-2-version/
  10. Still no ATS Update

    Hi i previously mentioned how ETS gets updated all the time, my message was rejected as there were several other mentions around the same as mine yet they are all closed with no way of adding further comment, that was on we have since had atleast 4 more game updates and on version there had been 1 update on tmp yet the supported version remained at, i prefer ATS to ETS and yet i am forced to play ETS online or ATS offline because i dont want to be stuck on an outdated build that has issues on ATS , i know there are many more out there that feel the same way, im not being mean about this but im just trying to put out how appreciative of an updated version especially considering how quickly ETS gets the updates https://gyazo.com/b0d7e2df882b4578da4823f5cf877f39
  11. MP update

    Someone knows if they are going to update the ATS MP, because it is about the gifts at Christmas but I think that with the version that is now the MP can not be done
  12. ats

    when are we going to see ats up date i own all ats and ets but it suck when ets is updated all the time and ats is waiting and waiting . at chistmas we had to do world of trucks gift delivery out of mp mod why have ats mp when you dont update it it just as good.
  13. Bug: I cant see Snow

    I have already updated de game through the ETS2MP Launcher, and when the game load, I cant see the snow. I have asked in the chat whether people were able to see snow, and the told me yes. I would love to see snow as last year I was on holidays and I couldnt see snow in game. Please help me to solve the problem (The launcher tells me that there are not updates available.)
  14. Latest Update

    My update keeps crashing, not sure if it is just the domain which is an issue because lots of people installing update at once? The Error Message I Am Getting: An exception occured during a WebClient request. Press OK to retry. Please Help. Kind Regards
  15. New update

    My game won't update it keeps on crashing on the new update.
  16. Graphics broken

    Hi, I updated truckerMP client to version and the game graphics is completely broken, I see half of the truck, ground on the top of the screen etc.... Vanilla game without TruckerMP mod runs normally. I have NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M and Windows 7 x64
  17. Client Core

    So last night I updated MP, and the game. I tried to launch it says Gamer Version Not Detected and Cannot initialize client core....
  18. Game Version......

    So I updated ATS, and now I can't even get in says. UNDETECTED GAME VERSION, first when I updated MP I had issues like Client protocol........ Been trying to fix this for the last three hours and 37min.....
  19. MOUSE DOES NOT WORK IN MULTIPLAYER If i start the multiplayer launcher, the game opens directly and I can not select the server. So I am right on the menu and the next problem is that I can not move my mouse. I have tried everything possible and ask for help thanks for suggestions !
  20. Run ERROR

    Hello, I have problem with start my ETS2 MP Please HELP!!
  21. Update won't work

    Hi, i have a "major" problem, always when i try to start up ets2 mp my game says 'FATAL ERROR'. I tried to re-install the laucher and game but both didn't work. I have this problem only when i want to go in mp, sp works fine! Can anyone help me? Regards, FarikoBeway
  22. New update is not working for me. can't play singleplayer + i can't start MP because an error
  23. When will I be able to download normally? not use vpn

    i reinstall my pc. so i download truckermp clinet. I try 10 days, client update. but not work. so, i searched on today, i get this download way. When will I be able to download normally? not use vpn. i really want not use vpn or other ways. i think need change download system. torrent or mega cloud or etc ways. you know, too many people want play this game multiplay. really need change download system. please help T.T
  24. Next update

    Hi, when will the next multiplayer update be out? I just wondering, as I would like to know when I can use the new update out for Euro truck simulator 2 on the multiplayer without having to keep downgrading from the beta version. This new update contains the Scania S, the newest lorry from Scania, and Euro truck simulator 2 has brought the update out to include that lorry. Thank you
  25. truckersMP getting back online

    does anyone know anything on the progress on the online community getting back up and running. i been looking for some update wasnt able to see any forum for it thanks Keep On TRUCKING