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  1. Speed limits are merely a suggestion to me. Just kidding! Maybe...
  2. Definitely Windows 10, all the others don't even come close to the features and optimizations of Windows 10 for pretty much everything you can think of. I'm keeping an eye on Windows 11, but I doubt it will bring much more to the table except some cash for Microsoft.
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  4. I agree. This would definitely make the reporting process much easier.
  5. Trailer Spawned Like This 🤣



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      Good luck trying to connect it...

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      Just get a crane to lift it lol.

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  7. Just another normal day trucking, exploring the void 



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      Completly normal

  8. Hello! If you have played vanilla ETS2, then you know that the types of AI vehicles are very diverse. They range from buses, to vans, to different cars. I was wondering if these vehicles could possibly be integrated into TruckersMP, the same way the Scout car was. The Scout car has a use thanks to caravans, and I am sure a use could be found for other vehicles too. Plus, the game files probably have the models of the AI vehicles already, so that makes the job a lot easier. It would be really cool to have the option to drive a bus or a van as well, with its specific jobs. I was just wondering if this was possible. What do you think?
  9. Thank You for the information. I was just wondering if there was anyone that was morally inclined to stop.
  10. So, your driving to your destination, to deliver your cargo. And your making good speed. On the way however, you go through a city. The city is completely empty of players. Yet, a red light is ahead. What do you do? Run the light to continue to make good time and speed, and since there's no on there, it does not matter? Or, are you morally inclined to stop? Perhaps a moderator is watching? What do you do?
  11. Great day on the road today. Happy Driving!




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