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  1. Hello everyone, I added my steam username to my account this afternoon. When i clicked the link on the view user page i was linked to a different steam user, who almost has the exact steam username as me. the difference is the following: SuperSpeed2000 (mine) or superspeed 2000 (theirs). The difference is a space. How can i solve this issue? Best regards, Leon
  2. Suggestion Name: Revealing the rating status of our submitted and finished web-reports: Positive or Negative Suggestion Description & Why It Should Be Added: Information from @Anriandor states that the positive / negative results of the reports we submit are only being openly revealed to TMP staff currently. What I am suggesting basically is transparency. Transparency that we as community users get to view the results as well as the reports are submitted through our personal TMPID / Account. Even though a small suggestion, I hope to be able to trust the team more by being able to view said results and that the 0.5 or 0.2 scoring as declared is actually on point. Not trying to be calculative or anything but I feel that having such transparency is important to have trust being given both ways. Any Example Images: Example 1: Either as the picture shows or a line below the status (Green for Positive / Red for Negative) Example 2: GREEN arrow UP or THUMBS UP ICON indicating positive report, and a RED arrow DOWN or THUMBS DOWN ICON representing a negative report result. Colours shown and explained are just for representation purposes, no need for colour implementation. Thank you for your time.
  3. Guest

    v2.2.1 Website Release

    WEB-67 - Require at least one valid URL in Reports WEB-167 - Prevent bot from posting on old, processed appeals when bans are deleted. WEB-131 - Show group on comments in appeals, feeback and reports. WEB-144 - Minimum and maximum character limit on usernames, min 4, max 25. WEB-4 - Limit to one username change per month Added a new feedback system which replaces [email protected] See this thread for more information on the new feedback system:
  4. Merhabalar. Bugün farkketiğim garip bir şey var. Truckersmp websitesinde profilimden steam logosuna tıklayınca aşağıda linkini verdiğim hesaba yönlendiriyor fakat bu hesap bana ait değil. https://steamcommunity.com/id/SmokeBOMB Benim hesabım şu; https://steamcommunity.com/id/gkhnutr/
  5. New: WEB-143 - Show a warning if the user they try to report has a low ID and block if they are staff. New: WEB-107 - Added report scoring, admins will now score positive or negatively on the quality of a report, this will grant or revoke points from users and limit how many reports a user may open at any one point. See this article. New: WEB-120 - Limit appeals to 3 per ban. Fixed: WEB-153 - Fixed so users should be able to see their entire ban history. Fixed: WEB-117 - Added Media Team Lead to team page. Fixed: WEB-151 – Fixed twitch link. Fixed: Updated colored ban dot-indicators to correctly reflect age and tweaked their colors. v2.2.0.1: Fixed wrong user receiving the report score.
  6. Topic Title: fix the German title TruckersMP ID: 1089061 URL: https://truckersmp.com How to reproduce: Open the website and change language to German. The title is at this moment:"Hole dir die Modification" In correct German it have to be "Modifikation".
  7. Changed: Improved user search Changed: Usernames are now limited to 30 characters Added: Links are now clickable in reports Added: Auto decline ban appeals if ban reverted
  8. I just recently bought ETS2, and I played it for at least 2 hours, but it does not let me add the game or join the multiplayer. I did the check now, but it says come back in a couple of minutes. I come back and its blank and says I only have ATS.
  9. Mod Version: N/AControllers Used:N/ADescription of Issue: Website Profile Picture no matter what selection reverts to none if you try and click gravatar it just takes you to gravatar and closes the website if you upload an image and hit save it still reverts to noneHow to reproduce: Click on Gravatar or upload an image and hit save Screenshots / Videos:
  10. Topic Title: Finnish Translation Bug TruckersMP ID: 505152 URL: http://truckersmp.com/fi_FI/profile/settings Server Time/ Date: 26.9.2016 How to reproduce: Go to account settings and change language to Finnish. Look beneath World of Trucks ID field. The translation has "Context | Request Context" that has accidentally come from Crowdin with the translation. Browser: Google Chrome Version 53.0.2785.116 m Screenshots / Videos:
  11. as the title says when I try to sign into truckers mp website to download the multiplayer I get "whoops an error occurred"
  12. Do you need a website to register a VTC or does it a steamgroup, too ?
  13. I have been playing ETS 2 MP for a long time, and then when ATS came out i got that and went in to download the multiplayer. so i logged into truckersmp.com and downloaded the mod, but when i try to login to the mod it says wrong username or password. i have tried to reset my password a couple of times, and it is only letters and numbers (i have seen someone having trouble with symbols) i have also tried loggin in on different computers but that's the same i can login to the website but not the mod itself. i have pressed the check now button, and made sure my account is set to public. i have 9 hours in the game (i read that you need to have at least 2 hours to play online) what should i do?
  14. Hi guys, Firstly, love what you've done with the place aha! I'm having troubles getting ATS to work, your "check now" button doesn't seem to be doing working I have 2 hours of game play time on steam But your website just keeps saying this I've played ETS2MP no problem When i fire up multiplayer it just asks me to register the game Any suggestions?
  15. Mod Version: 0.1.3 R3 Controllers Used: / Description of Issue: Text gets cut if "Deutsch" (German) is selected as language Year in copyright notice is wrong How to reproduce:Visit the main website (ets2mp.com) and change the language to "Deutsch/German" (only applicable for the cutted text). Screenshots / Videos:
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