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  1. Hey guys when I try to connect to TruckersMP I always get the error 80092012, can anyone help ?
  2. Try an external job... when ets2 synchs with worldoftrucks also the other jobs will be there.. worked for me several times..
  3. First thx for the update... Do I have ro uninstall the Schwarzmüller DLC or do I only have to use another trailer ingame, if I want to play mp ?
  4. That's not right in my opinion. You can tell a date and if SCS releases an update, you can update your time of release and tell the users that it takes longer, because of another SCS update...
  5. Yeah, isn't so long to wait.... I'll wait
  6. What do you think, how long it would take to make the update ? A month or two ? If not so long I would like to wait and not downgrade. Don't want you to hurry - just want to know what you think, how long it would take ca. Greetings Michael
  7. 8i11y


    Sounds good thx for your reply.
  8. 8i11y


    Can anyone tell me how worldoftrucksdatabase.com works ? I know that they merged and are actually down... But is this webbased only where you can manually report your trips or automated with additional software ?
  9. On Windows -> yes
  10. Do you have Kaspersky Internet Security installed ?
  11. Do you have Kaspersky Internet Security or any other security software from Kaspersky installed ? Which Windows version you are running ?
  12. I solved it... It was Kaspersky Internet Security which had a question in the background.. Couldn't saw it because I couldn't switch to desktop. I only saw that the mouse cursor was changing to a pointing hand at the left downer side of the screen - I clicked there and switched to desktop where I could see that KIS blocked the use of the microphone for ETS2. Because of ETS2 was set to trusty in KIS this can't be the problem. So I looked how TruckersMP.exe is set and saw that it was weakly limited. So I went into KIS Settings -> application management and there I set the use of microphone to allow in the KIS settings for truckersmp.exe And see - that's it ! Hope I can help anyone else with it
  13. Hey guys, as I alredy mentioned in the header, the login-window from TruckersMP needs at least 6 Minutes to appear. I double click the TruckersMP Icon - Game Starts and the it hangs at the red screen with the ingame mouse cursour. The Login Window needs about 6 Minutes to appear. In this time I can't do anything, also I can't switch to the desktop or anything else. Anybody else with this Problem ? I'm running Windows 10 64-bit (without annyversary update) on an Intel QuadCore Q9300 with 2,5 GHz, 18 GB Ram, GeForce 8800 GT with 1GB Memory
  14. Can't you select "Launch with direct x" ?
  15. Happened it only when you play MP or also when you try to start sp ,
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