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  1. The Fabby

    Hot topic #9: TruckersMP continuous improvement

    The fact you need a survey tells enough about how little TMP knows its own community. Truely pathetic really but as expected from a community that is controlled like its a dictatorship abusing its monopoly position.
  2. The Fabby

    MRC Merry Christmas Trucking

    Beetje vroeg voor 1 april...
  3. The Fabby

    Virtual Trucking Manager

    Plugins can be combined without a problem. You can run all 3 without consequences.
  4. The Fabby

    R.I.P Truckersmp ?

    SCS maakt meer inbreuk dan mods. Ze verdienen geld met reclame, donaties. Dit is waarbij het fout gaat en ze flink problemen kunnen krijgen. Zeker omdat alles naar een persoonlijke paypal van MWL gaat.
  5. The Fabby

    Hot topic #4: CB

    To many kids destroy the purpose of CB. Volume difference murder my headset and ears and honestly.. cheap bastards can get discord for free and the rest uses quality teamspeak or mumble. Useless feature and wasted time but we're used to that. Cars in a trucking simulation kinda sums it up. Recently done a survey yet you're asking here. Hopeless... Anyway its useless. Just like chat as people chat while driving leading to more drama. No communication is the solution.
  6. The Fabby

    Virtual Trucking Manager

    If you have problems with vtlog just give us a poke in support channel on our discord. We're always happy to help. Join vtlog discord
  7. The Fabby

    R.I.P Truckersmp ?

    Denk nog maar een keer SCS geeft zelf aan dat dit einde kan betekenen. Denk niet dat het er doorheen komt maar mocht in rare bizarre manier toch gebeuren. RIP internet.
  8. The Fabby

    Viva Trucking Nederland

    Mooie spam allemaal.
  9. The Fabby

    New Game Mode

    Now to get them to rent out private servers for this or share the software to host such things ourselves.
  10. The Fabby

    World of Trucks API

    No possibility to generate own plates like before?
  11. The Fabby

    Vos Logistics

    Weer een nieuwe... success wederom?
  12. The Fabby

    Virtual Trucking Manager

    As far I understand there's no more development on VTM. The copyright still says 2016 even.
  13. The Fabby

    Max api calls

    Thank you
  14. The Fabby

    Max api calls

    How often are we allowed to call the api. Max requests per min / seconds etc
  15. The Fabby

    Max api calls

    I've been given an api for complete list of all users online on MP months back. Not posting it since i'm unsure its public available. Back then i was allowed to grab it once a minute, i'm just checking in if that is to frequent, i'm caching it locally already but updating that cache by the minute.