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  1. Suggestion Name: Kick automation for traffic rules Suggestion Description: Players tend to ignore ingame rules which fall under the reckless driving rules. A simple solution to this is possible since SDK 1.10 - Enforce fines to be enabled - Running red light 3x = kick - Speeding Camera or speeding 3x = kick - No light = instant (You don't get these fines instantly anyway - Wrong way = instant kick/ban 3 day? - Crash 3x = kick (usefull for people who repeatingly ram people when blocking and such.) SDK Info Any example images: Implentation vtlog showing its possible -> Why should it be added?: Looking at the rules of TMP we can see at 2.5 the following. Ignoring traffic lights, road signage, speeding. These things are done non stop but not dealt with as to many ingame reports are going on. On top of this if its being dealt with (Good example is watching TMP admin streams) noting will be done about it. Reporting it on the website is pointless as its only worth a kick so there's noting they can do about it anymore. So to answer the question, it should be added because there is no other way to enforcing these rules. Admins don't or don't get to it. People don't learn from the one time they do get a kick for it in there lifetime here. Its a simulation server, it should be natural for us to follow the rules. This is simulation, rules, limits, realism. Not people passing you with 110 on a 60 road.
  2. You can build with basic knowledge a logger. But you will depend on external client. ETCARS next update (Might not be next) provides you with job pushing. So you only need to receive the data and process it. VTLOG has an extensive api in beta that allows you to pull nearly all data from them. ETS2 Telemetry (funbit) can get you started onto looking into a client code. https://etcars.menzelstudios.com https://vtlog.net (Check discord and get api role to see api-v2 channel) https://github.com/Funbit/ets2-telemetry-server Feel free to contact me on vtlog discord if you have questions regarding our project.
  3. Needs an automated logger tho, look into ETCARS as its easiest way atm
  4. Did you know this map is open source now? https://github.com/edoaxyz/vtlog-map Or use the modified version of it build by Trucky App https://web.truckyapp.com/map/ (This one is TMP data based)
  5. Always drama and hate. I'm part of a small dutch vtc and i'm pretty happy with that. Large vtc's have no future due shitty management in nearly all cases.
  6. The fact you need a survey tells enough about how little TMP knows its own community. Truely pathetic really but as expected from a community that is controlled like its a dictatorship abusing its monopoly position.
  7. The Fabby

    R.I.P Truckersmp ?

    SCS maakt meer inbreuk dan mods. Ze verdienen geld met reclame, donaties. Dit is waarbij het fout gaat en ze flink problemen kunnen krijgen. Zeker omdat alles naar een persoonlijke paypal van MWL gaat.
  8. To many kids destroy the purpose of CB. Volume difference murder my headset and ears and honestly.. cheap bastards can get discord for free and the rest uses quality teamspeak or mumble. Useless feature and wasted time but we're used to that. Cars in a trucking simulation kinda sums it up. Recently done a survey yet you're asking here. Hopeless... Anyway its useless. Just like chat as people chat while driving leading to more drama. No communication is the solution.
  9. The Fabby

    R.I.P Truckersmp ?

    Denk nog maar een keer SCS geeft zelf aan dat dit einde kan betekenen. Denk niet dat het er doorheen komt maar mocht in rare bizarre manier toch gebeuren. RIP internet.
  10. The Fabby

    New Game Mode

    Now to get them to rent out private servers for this or share the software to host such things ourselves.
  11. The Fabby

    Vos Logistics

    Weer een nieuwe... success wederom?
  12. How often are we allowed to call the api. Max requests per min / seconds etc
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