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  1. Just bought ats and play a bit I am starting to like it and I am now happy I got ets2 and ats

  2. Anyone playing ets2 single player? 

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    2. ForestProducts


      Lol that's what I was doing last night as well lol

    3. [RLC] Leo

      [RLC] Leo

      hahahah :) Scania RJL one

    4. Shovali


      I think it's quite boring to play with virtual characters, but each in his opinion :)

  3. Now I am just waiting for my router and then should be fine hope it all goes as planned...

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    2. ForestProducts


      what do you mean


    3. Shovali


      i can understand you ,promblems with my keyboard :lol: 

    4. ForestProducts


      oh lol i thought you meant u hacked my pc cam

  4. Am I better off just using the us server since its closest
  5. TrademarkGamer how do I apply for staff?

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    2. Subtle [HKG]

      Subtle [HKG]

      wait until the supporter/moderator recruitment starts and you can apply for that.

    3. ForestProducts


      Ok, I was just wondering so when I want to apply I can.

    4. El1teZombiezHD


      why you asking trademark ;) You need to wait for applications to open.



  6. @PC.BreadStick there is no satellite Internet for where I live

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    2. SgtBreadStick


      No satellite is for people with no fibreoptics so you might be ok for it

    3. ForestProducts


      @PC.BreadStick i checked and my parents said they might switch

    4. SgtBreadStick
  7. @TrademarkGamer I already said there is only one speed of Internet in he town I live in there is no fibre optics
  8. And I found 2 short ethernet cords so I might be able to drill a hole for the ethernet and power cord for a router which I will buy and mount in the ceiling of my basement
  9. Hey @Pheonix_Twitch trust me I'll figure something out
  10. And BTW I would have to drill a hole anyways because the modem is in a wierd spot and the layout is very awkward so the clips would have to go on the floor at points and ik my parents won't like that so
  11. No there is no why I can upgrade to better Internet we have no fibre optics for where I live
  12. yeah i will probably just move to a different room that is right underneath the modem
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