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  1. Conwell_


    Hello, I don't know an exact date but based on previous announcements it may be anywhere just before Christmas day and on some occasions just after Christmas. I wouldn't expect anything to come this November or early December but I may be wrong.
  2. Still don't understand how this is a scam? What does TruckersMP have to do with the fact that you need all DLC's? ProMods don't make any money off you unless you pay for a premium download but there is also a free download for people that can't pay. This thread is a bunch of nonsense so you might as well go and complain on the SCS forums for their stupid policies rather than directing your complaint to the Staff here. Without DLC assets there would be no ProMods so I don't understand your point.
  3. Hello, Some people have been reporting crashes after the recent update so it may be possible that your crashing is associated with that. Have you checked your crash.log to see if that has any valuable information?
  4. Hello, Can you copy your crash.log from the documents folder? I also assume you have all location DLC considering you were saying that it was working prior to the update.
  5. Hello, Do you have any mods installed and does your profile work when entering single player? Could you also provide the crash log found in your documents folder of the game.
  6. Who else is jumping on the convoy wagon today? I'm looking forward to it.

  7. Yes, you can use special transport on MP . It's not really a case of it being useful, I would only buy it if you really want to but if you don't there is no harm in that.
  8. Try unplugging your second monitor, then login. Once you are logged in plug it back in again.
  9. You need to have all location DLC's for ProMods to work (Scandinavia, Beyond the Baltic Sea, Italy, France and Going East).
  10. It's like driving in real life. Everything will come second nature after practice but if you plan on sticking with automatic you might as well not purchase the gear stick.
  11. You can bind one of your buttons e.g. the paddle shifters to go up and down a set of gears. So once you hit 6th gear you can press a button and then change to first in order to be in 7th gear. Hope that makes sense!
  12. Your image isn't loading for me, could you upload it again? Could you also take a screenshot of your mods directory as errors like that usually happens if the mod files don't have the correct names? Furthermore do you have all the map DLC's for ETS2 as they are required for ProMods to work?
  13. I use the Logitech G920 with the gear changer (as I drive in manual transmission). If budget isn't an issue I would recommend getting that wheel as it's around £160-£200 on Amazon. Perhaps wait until Christmas for a better deal.
  14. Have you tried reinstalling the mod files? Also what are your HDD speeds like and is your game on an SSD?
  15. If you never touched the install directory when installing the game through Steam, the default will be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2
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