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  1. What will I see in this document? - Tips for tackling the most common technical issues in the game (ERRORS/CRASH). My problem is not written in this document, what should I do? - If this is true, send me your log and I will review it when I have time or write to TruckerMP or Steam (there I will also answer you). 1. "Error “Exected: ver 1.3x.x.xx" If you play ETS2 via TruckersMP, this error may be familiar to you. - WARNING !!! If you have the cracked version of the game, I recommend deleting it! - Check the version of your game, it should not have any beta versions if you want to play online! - Check if mod (truckersmp) is installed in partition: C:\ Make sure you have set the correct game folder (when it asks where ETS2/ATS is located 2. “can not create game process" Check out your version of the game (you can't play TruckersMP with Beta Version) Check your video card drivers. Try to open TruckersMP as an administrator! 3. I can not register in TruckersMP/TrucksBook!? You must have 2 hours of play! You can NOT play with the cracked game !!! You need to make your public profile: Steam > Edit Profile > My Privacy Settings and look these two things - "my profile | public", "Game Details | public" and uncheck the box! 4. Why the game kick me when I pick up a trailer? TruckersMP do not support Special Transport DLC, or you have a skin that is not yet supported by TruckersMP. To avoid this, just do not take a load that has an oversized load band. Example: Do not take those if you want to play online!!! 5. Steam - Error ...(look the scr) 1.Add the folder to "Exceptions" of your anti-virus program. Windows 10 - W. Defender - Open Windows Defender Security Center as described above. - Click on the Virus & threat protection icon. - Click on the link Virus & threat protection settings. - Scroll down to Exclusions and click on the link Add or remove exclusions. - he following page will open, click on the button Add an exclusion. and add ETS2 Folder or steamapps folder. NOD32 - Open your Windows ESET product[support.eset.com]. - Click Setup and Computer protection. - Click the gear icon next to Real-time file system protection and select Edit exclusions from the context menu. - Click Add and Browse (...) - and add ETS2 Folder or steamapps folder and click OK. AVAST 2. Once you've added the game as an exception to your anti-virus, run a Steam game file check. 6. “Euro Truck Simulator Stop Working” !? Here's the solution to this problem: A) If you have mods that are not from Steam: "Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod" -check them one by one!!! If you have Steam mods: Your account (you will see the right of your badges below) "Items in the workshop")> Subscribed items> Check out the latest mods and unsubscribe! 7. “The game filesystem failed to initialize" 1. Add the folder to "Exceptions" of your anti-virus program Windows 10 - W. Defender - Open Windows Defender Security Center as described above. - Click on the Virus & threat protection icon. - Click on the link Virus & threat protection settings. - Scroll down to Exclusions and click on the link Add or remove exclusions. - he following page will open, click on the button Add an exclusion. and add ETS2 Folder or steamapps folder. NOD32 - Open your Windows ESET product[support.eset.com]. - Click Setup and Computer protection. - Click the gear icon next to Real-time file system protection and select Edit exclusions from the context menu. - Click Add and Browse (...) - and add ETS2 Folder or steamapps folder and click OK. 8. Useful commands in Multiplayer /blockpm - Block or unblock private messages /pm <id> <message> - Send a private message to the player with <id>. /r(eply) <message> - Reply for last private message (sent/received). /(p)layers - Show amount of players online. /pinfo <id> - Get information about player with <id>, useful for reporting. /channel <id> - 0 => disabled, <1, x> => channels. /time - Show current server time. /(s)earch <name> - Find players by <name>. /(s)earch(t)ag <tag> - Find players by <tag>. /(h)elp - Display list of commands. Keys: [Y] - Open chat. [X] - Voice chat. [F9] - Toggle chat. [TAB] - Show near players list / settings / report ability. [F11] - Toggle nametags. 9. “microsoft visual C++ runtime library” Write "CMD" in search of programs. When you open the console, write the following: cd cs windows cd system32 bcdebit / set increaseUserVa 2800 10. How can I change the number of the truck? Login in World of Trucks - Select a region from the drop-down menu and write the number you want to your right! - You have to wait a while until the numbers are accepted by the game (try rebooting the game). 11. “Connection Error” - Download and install - Microsoft Service Pack 1 [x86/x64] - Add the "open as administrator" option in TruckersMP. - install the updates and you're done! !!!WARNING!!! if not work, look at the task manager for the background apps. 12. Allow Game Launch? This happens when you want to enter the game but you have forgotten to first enter/login in STEAM. 13. Unable to find any job SP/MP Go to My Documents\Eurotruck Simulator 2\profiles Open the config.cfg in the profile folder and open with Notepad/wordpad Look for uset g_developer "0" Look for uset g_console "0" Change the "0" to a "1" Save the file (NOT save as) Load your game and profile . Press ~ key Type in "uset g_force_economy_reset "1" Save your game and exit Reload the game and your recent saved profile Open the console by pressing the ~ key and pressing the up arrow Repeat step 9 but change the "1" to a "0" You should now get the "Game change detected" message Your economy should now be reset Useful topic? Ratings help people find this guide and supports similar content. The document will be updated soon! My guides on Steam: English & Bulgarian version. ^^
  2. Merhabalar. TruckesMP'ye girmek için oyunun versiyonunu "temporary_1_33 - 1.33.x" sürümünü seçtim fakat oyunu açarken; Expected: ver. You have: ver. yazıyor. İki gündür uğraşmama rağmen uygun sürümü bulamadım. Yardımlarınız için şimdiden teşekkürler.
  3. Merhaba Arkadaşlar. Steam Sonbahar an itibari indirimleri başladı. İndirimler 27 Kasım Salı Gününe kadar geçerli olacaktır. Steam Cüzdanlarınızı boşaltabilirsiniz. Ayrıca Steam Ödülleri için Oyun Aday Gösterebilirsiniz. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Euro Truck Simulator 2 %75lik bir indirime girdi. Şuan da 9.75 TL Tüm DLCleri %50 ile %75 bandı arasında indirime girdi. Krone DLC'si %20 indirime girdi. Şuan da 11.92 TL Ülke boya paketleri %48 indirime girdi. American Truck Simulator American Truck Simulator %75lik bir indirime girdi. Şuan da 14,75 TL Oregon DLC'si %10 indirime girdi. Şuan da 26.10 TL Heavy Cargo Pack %50 indirime girdi. Şuan da 6 TL Wheel Tuning Pack %70 indirime girdi. Şuan da 2.10 TL Steering Creations Pack %70 indirime girdi. Şuan da 1.80 TL Dragon Truck Design Pack %50 indirime girdi. Şuan da 2 TL Saygılarımla, dgkn08
  4. -Suggestion Name: Add More Drive-able Cars. -Suggestion Description: Adding more cars for more variety to MP, especially an American car. Example Images: Below. Chevy Silverado Chevy Impala https://images.hgmsites.net/lrg/2009-toyota-camry-4-door-sedan-v6-auto-le-natl-angular-front-exterior-view_100241753_l.jpg http://40ton.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/freightliner_cascadia_2018_12.jpg http://www.truckhelp.com/trucks/pictures/cache/full/ff10b38531d6e09ef1ecd67eb764eca34485.jpg http://jingletruck.com/img/2012-international-prostar-daycab-low-miles-tmp132553170633-0.jpg 2004 Ford Crown Victoria Police Version Example 2004 Ford Crown Victoria Civilian Version Example Pickup Truck Heavy Cargo DLC Options Examples -Why should it be Added? I think it would be cool to have cars or pickup trucks to drive. In ATS, we could have vehicles like 1995 (and other years) Chevy Silverado, 2009 Chevy Impala and actual semi truck models. I don't know European cars that well, but adding Toyota Camrys would be awesome. And finally, replace the official TruckersMP Scout car with a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria. And have this situation: Only an event operators, or official game and server moderators have the police or security version, and all other uses can drive the civilian version. If you add a pickup truck, you could put "oversize load" customizations so that a user can drive the semi truck with loads from the heavy cargo pack dlc, while another user drives the pickup truck.
  5. Jesteś nowym użytkownikiem Discorda? Spokojnie! Pomogę Ci się w tym połapać i zaprezentuję kilka podstawowych informacji na temat tego popularnego komunikatora Poniżej opisuję krok po kroku, co i jak! POMOC Serwery się nie wyświetlają? Jeśli Twoje serwery Discorda się nie wyświetlają, może być to spowodowane tym, że nie dołączyłeś do serwera lub prawdopodobnie jest to błąd API Discorda. Jeśli pojawi Ci się błąd jak na obrazku powyżej, oznacza to błąd API Discorda i po prostu trzeba poczekać do czasu kiedy błąd zostanie naprawiony. Status: https://status.discordapp.com/ Jak zgłaszać użytkowników na Discord? Żeby zgłosić użytkownika, musisz udać się na stronę pomocy technicznej Discorda (https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000291932-How-to-Properly-Report-Issues-to-Trust-Safety) . Pamiętaj o tym aby postępować zgodnie z krokami tam zawartymi, żeby poprawnie zgłosić użytkownika. ! UWAGA: - Zgłoszenie użytkownika w ten sposób jest bezpośrednim zgłoszeniem do członków teamu Discorda. NIE jest to zgłoszenie użytkownika do TruckersMP. (Używamy tej metody, jeśli uważamy, że użytkownik łamie ogólny regulamin Discorda). - Jak reportować użytkowników Discorda do członków teamu TruckersMP opisane jest w poradniku autorstwa BoSsik2, który linkuje na końcu poradnika. (Używamy tej metody, jeśli uważamy, że użytkownik łamie regulamin TruckersMP na Discordzie). ! Jak uzyskać odznaki? Istnieją 3 typy odznak, które możesz uzyskać będąc użytkownikiem Discorda. Możesz wykupić Discord Nitro, zapisać się do HypeSquad lub zostać Bug Hunterem. Nitro: https://discordapp.com/nitro HypeSquad: https://discordapp.com/hypesquad Bug Hunter: https://discord.gg/discord-testers Pomoc Techniczna Discorda Jeśli potrzebujesz pomocy związanej z Discordem, udaj się na strone pomocy technicznej Support: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/pl Pomoc związana z API Jeżeli jesteś programistą botów na platformę Discord i potrzebujesz pomocy związanej z API, najlepiej udaj się na główny serwer Discord API, gdzie możesz uzyskać pełną pomoc. Innym serwerem, który jest dobrze znany z pomocy związanej z API, jest serwer Discord.JS. Serwer ten jest tylko pomocny jeśli używasz pakietu Discord.JS NPM dla Node.JS. Discord.JS: https://discord.js.org/ (Zjedź niżej żeby dostać link Discorda) Discord API: https://discord.gg/discord-api/ WŁASNY SERWER Tworzenie własnego serwera 1) Naciśnij przycisk odpowiedzialny za dodanie serwera 2) Naciśnij "Stwórz serwer" 3) Ustaw nazwę własnego serwera, tak samo region (polecam "Central Europe" jeśli znajdujemy się w Polsce), jak i również logo (opcjonalnie). Następnie naciśnij przycisk "Stwórz". Usuwanie własnego serwera 1) W lewym górnym rogu naciśnij na nazwę swojego kanału i wybierz "Ustawienia serwera". 2) Zjedź na sam dół i wybierz "Usuń Serwer" 3) Wpisz nazwę swojego serwera i naciśnij czerwony przycisk "Usuń serwer" PRZYDATNE LINKI Discord.JS: https://discord.js.org/#/ Support: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/pl Status: https://status.discordapp.com/ Nitro: https://discordapp.com/nitro HypeSquad: https://discordapp.com/hypesquad OFICJALNE SERWERY DISCORDA Bug Hunter: https://discord.gg/discord-testers Discord API: https://discord.gg/discord-api/ PRZYDATNE PORADNIKI Jak dołączyć do serwera TruckersMP na Discord Napisane przez: @Kid Fabi Uzyskanie Unique Discord ID Gracza Napisane przez: @[LKW Tr.] Kap Jak reportować użytkownika Discorda (do teamu TruckersMP) Napisane przez: @BoSsik2 Źródło: Autor Poradnika: @[NDT Owner] DRAGON Polskie opracowanie oraz tłumaczenie: @Kid Fabi
  6. Olá, estou tendo um problema no multiplayer do simulador de caminhão euro. Como você pode ver na imagem abaixo. Toda vez que eu me conecto no jogo, sou expulso do servidor pela razão (conexão não confiável). Eu me pergunto por que isso está acontecendo e como resolvê-lo? ESPERA POR RESPOSTA ... Olá eu estou tendo um problema não multiplayer fazer euro simulador de caminhão. Como se vê na imagem abaixo. Toda vez que eu conecto nenhum jogo, sou kickado para o servidor pela razão e como resolver? AGUARDANDO RESPOSTA ... Hola estoy teniendo un problema en el multijugador del euro truck simulador. Como se ve na imagen abajo. Cada vez que conecto-me no jogo de computador do servidor pela razon (ununreliable connection) me gustaría sabre por onde está sucedendo esto e cómo resolver? ESPERANDO RESPUESTA ...
  7. TÜRKİYE'NİN LİDER TRUCKSBOOK SANAL LOJİSTİK EKİBİ SOLOTÜRKTEAM Ekibimiz 30 Aralık 2017 tarihinde kurulmuştur. Kurulduğu günden beri TrucksBook (Seyir Defteri) üzerine yoğunlaşmış ve Türk bayrağını tüm dünyada sanal lojistik ekipleri arasında en üst sıraya taşıma hedefi ile gaza basmıştır. Kurucularımız CENK GÜNDÜZ ve FATİH BAŞPINAR önderliğinde yola çıkan SoloTürkTeam hedefine emin adımlarla ilerlemektedir. Şuanda henüz 1 yılını bile tamamlamamış olan şirketimiz, 9 milyondan fazla KM yaparak en yakın rakibine 6 milyondan fazla KM farkı ile liderliğini sürdürmektedir. Herhangi bir ekibin veya topluluğun KARA LİSTESİNDE bulunmamak TruckersMP kuralları çerçevesinde araç kullanmak Saygı ve sevgi kuralları içerisinde davranmak ve karakter sahibi olmak Tüm harita paketlerine ve Turkish Paint Job DLC paketine sahip olmak 20 yaş ve üzerinde olmak www.soloturkteam.com üzerinden başvuruda bulunmak Başvuru metnini okumak ve onaylamak
  8. ● 29 Ekim 2018'de kurulmuştur kurucusu ÖmerBey'dir. ● Bu ekip sadece ETS2 Sanal topluluk kuruluşu değildir gerçek hayatta'da olan EFE Otomotiv , EFE İnşaat , EFE Gayrimenkul olarak bulunan bir iş kurumudur ana binasıda EFE Group olarak adlandırılıyor Şirket telif hakları ÖmerBey'e aittir. ● TrucksBook Ekibidir. ● Alımları +17'dir ● 300 Saat Ets2 oynamis olmasi gerekmektedir alinacak kisinin (STEAM HESABI BAZ ALINIR) ● Alınacak kisinin truckersmpde en fazla 3 banı olmalıdır (TMP HESABI BAZ ALINIR) YÖNETİM KADROSU ● ÖmerBey [19] ● Recep AYDIN [40] ● Oğuhan DOĞAN [16] KURALLAR ● Siyasi ve dini konularda tartışmak,tartışma yaratmak ve tartışma yaratmaya çalışmak yasaktır. ● Sesli veya yazılı olarak küfür ve argo kullanmak,kısaltmalarını dahi kullanmak yasaktır. ● Şahıs,kurum ve kuruluşlara hakaret etmek yasaktır. ● Sözlü veya yazılı olarak herhangi bir reklam içeren paylaşımda bulunmak yasaktır. ● 3.tekil şahıslar ve diğer sanal lojistik ekipleri hakkında konuşmak ve tartışmak yasaktır. ● Sunucu odalarında gereksiz-alakasız paylaşım yapmak,spam yapmak ve flood atmak yasaktır. ● Yaşıtınızla dahi konuşurken laubali konuşmalardan kaçının.Biz ciddi bir ekibiz ve ciddiyetten yanayız. ● Yaşı büyüklere karşı saygıda kusur edenlerin ekibimiz ile ilişiği kesilecektir.Yaşınızdan büyüklerle yazılı veya sözlü sohbete girerken bin düşünün bir konuşun. ● Konvoyda tampon yapmak ve sollamaya çıkmak kesinlikle yasaktır. DISCORD : https://discord.gg/FXXVeYw EFE GROUP TMP İSİM VE TAG'I TAG: lEFE-??l Driver İSİM: [EFE Group] İSİM [YAŞ] STEAM LOGO:
  9. Hi there, After the release of Beyond the Baltic(also implemented on TMP) was working fine on ETS2MP. However, just last two days the game kept crashing on a loading screen with game music going off and getting me off the game. I have had the current version of promods installed but I'm not exactly sure what is causing the crash. SP works fine with the same number of mods I've installed. just the trouble with multiplayer. please help. Many Thanks
  10. Hello everyone, I was wondering why I get kicked when taking a Dozer from the Heavy Cargo Pack on mp, I know that Special Transport DLC is not compatible and not alloud but then why do I get kicked when I take this cargo? Because I never had any problem with it...
  11. Привет, новое обновление уже доступно! Текущая версия лаунчера: Текущая версия МП: R3 Версия ETS2: 1.32.3s Версия ATS: Что нового: Поддержка последней версии ETS2 ( ) Поддержка последней версии ATS (1.32.3s) Поддержка DLC Krone Поддержка всех покрасок Поддержка новых аксессуаров (полученных за ивенты) Переработанный автомобиль Scout Поддержка последней версии ATS ( - R3 Поддержка DLC Oregon - R3 Поддержка покраски Classic Stripes Paint Jobs - R3 Изменения текущей версии мультиплеера Special Transport DLC не поддерживается! если выберите груз из дополнения, вы будете автоматически кикнуты с сервера! Ровных дорог! mwl4
  12. Обновленны правила truckersMP §1.3, §1.5. Добавлены пункты §1.7, §1.8, §5.8 и удалено правило §4.10. §1.3 Спам и злоупотребление (Spamming or Abuse) Использование системы репортов или систем связи не предусмотренным для этого способом. Это включает в себя, но не ограничивает: спам репортами, использование одних и тех же доказательств повторно и использование системы не предусмотренным способом. Сообщения на форуме/в публичных постах/в чатбоксах небольшим и/или бесполезным содержанием которое не относится к теме разговора также классифицируются как злоупотребление. Это так же относится, но не ограничивает, к: игровому чату, внутриигровой рации, сообщениям на форуме, тикетам в поддержку, обращениям в обратную связь, апелляциям, репортам. §1.5 Неправильное использование языка, общения или олицетворение любого рода (Inappropriate use of language and communication) Использование любых оскорблений для унижения других пользователей. Это может включать, но не ограничивать: расизм, дискриминацию и/или обсуждение/выражение (экстремальных) политических, незаконных или ненадлежащих ситуаций/взглядов. Указание ссылок или предоставление доступа к небезопасным веб-сайтам или контенту. В зависимости от серьёзности используемого контекста, допускаются определённые выражения, такие как "noob" или "idiot". Злоупотребление приведёт к наказанию. Ненормативная лексика наказуема. Кик или бан применяется по усмотрению сотрудников. Выдавать себя за других пользователей, политических деятелей, модераторов или действовать как кто-то, кто выше рангом. Это может быть то, что вы говорите, ваш аватар, ваши номера/салонные таблички, имя пользователя и/или ваш тег в игре. Распространение личных данных, включая ссылки на учетные записи в социальных сетях, о других пользователях запрещено. Аватары должны быть уместными и не могут содержать оскорбительный контент. Не допустимо использование контента порнографического или эротического характера. Это относится к любым опубликованным ссылкам, аватарам и подписям, загруженным изображениям или написанному контенту. Поведение, которое считается угрожающим для любого пользователя нашего сервиса, не допускается. В зависимости от ситуации, это может также применяться к другим службам и сервисам, которые мы используем для помощи в TruckersMP. §1.7 Модерация "Задним планом" (Backseat moderation) НОВОЕ! Роль наших модераторов заключается в поиске и выявлении правонарушений на наших площадках, когда они модерируют действия сообщества TruckersMP. Не берите роль модераторов в свои руки. Если вы видите что кто-то, нарушает правила, сообщите об этом, с помощью системы репортов или в соответствующей системе. §1.8 - Подстрекательство (Incitement) НОВОЕ! Вы не можете использовать наши площадки для предоставления контента, который поощряет, помогает или иным образом позволяет другим участникам нарушать правила TruckersMP. §5.8 - Дополнительные правила (Additional rule sets) НОВОЕ! Discord guild rules Facebook group rules  §4.10 Модерация без предупреждений (Backseat moderating) УДАЛЕНО! Работа наших Модераторов Форума - поиск и выявление нарушений, совершенных во время использования форума, пожалуйста, отправьте жалобу на сообщение, если вы обнаружите нарушение.
  13. Hello . I have a problem with the Truckersmp launcher. When I want to enter the multiplayer, I get a warning. .
  14. Hi guys when i update TruckersMP and try to launch it, the app says "I'm not using to compatible version. So I read up online and downgrade my ETS2 Version, but still I'm unable to launch TruckersMP. Can somebody suggest me on what else must I do? Thanks in Advance.
  15. Steam başlangıcında güncelleme yaptım. Ayrıca Truckersmp de güncelleme yaptı. Ardından Launch ETS2 dediğim zaman resimdeki hatayı aldı. Eş zamanlı olarak 2 arkadaşım daha aynı hatayı alıyor. Daha önce yazılan çözümleri denedik ama maalesef sorun çözülmedi.
  16. TerraTex-Transports - Die Spedition für dich und mich Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen! Wer sind wir? Wir sind TerraTex-Transports oder auch TT-Trans, die Spedition für jeden, der Spaß daran hat mit dem LKW um die Welt zu fahren. Derzeit sind wir leider nur 2 Personen, da wir uns im Aufbau befinden. Unsere Niederlassungen befinden sich derzeit in Chemnitz, Dortmund un Los Angeles. Was bieten wir? Wir bieten euch: ein Kollegiales Umfeld Ts³ Server Forum zum austauschen von Infos oder einfach zum schreiben Steamgruppe freie Auswahl zwischen ATS/ETS2 und Single-& Multiplayer freie Wahl des LKW und der Fracht freie Wahl der Lackierung gelegentlicher Stream vom Konvoi via Twitch SpedV Niederlassungen in ETS2: Chemnitz & Dortmund SpedV Niederlassung in ATS: Los Angeles Konvoi fahrten durch DLC Gebiete ETS2 (Going East, Italia, Vive la France, Scandinavia, Beyond the Baltic Sea) Konvoi fahrten durch DLC Gebiete ATS (Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon) Was solltet ihr mitbringen? Lust am Fahren Ein funktionierendes Haedset und Teamspeak Software "SpedV" - und diese auch benutzen können Wir achten nicht auf das Alter unserer Fahrer, aber ihr solltet in der Lage sein ordentlich im Konvoi fahren zu können und die StVO zu beachten Haben wir eure Interesse geweckt? Dann meldet euch bei uns! Kontaktmöglichkeiten: Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/terratextransports Website - https://forum.terratex.eu/ Teamspeak - terratex.eu oder hier im Forum Bei wem müsst ihr euch melden? Am besten bei mir, haltet ausschau auf der Website, sowie dem Teamspeak oder auch Steam nach "Johann". TerraTex-Transports wünscht allen Fahrern und Speditionen eine schöne und erfolgreiche fahrt! Mit freundlichen Grüßen Johann (Geschäftsführung TerraTex-Transports)
  17. My computer is very bad and cannot run multiplayer ETS2 so i use GeforceNOW to play Ulra settings and stuff, is there anyway i can play multiplayer on there? Workshop mod or anything?
  18. The Last problem i see its the new DLC trailler Krone Trailer Cargo Why we see it in form "Buy the DLC" Is that SCT Problem or TruckersMP Problem i realy idk i give u example the Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack When u dont have the dlc U can see in Red trailler + at night if u was behind one who has that dlc and u dont has it U cant see Brake Light ( RED AND YELLOW LIGHT ) that realy a problem So can u TMP Know where is the problem is coming and thank u
  19. Guest

    Rule Question ?

    Hello everyone, there are some reasons of ban that I would like to know how we can be banned for that. (I'm not asking this question because I'm banned or not, I'm just asking it to find out a little more) So, I would like to know what it really means 'Reckless driving' What thing was forbidden to do for to have been banned for that reason? I mean, like, don't drive straight on the roads? I would like to know more about it. Thanks you advance for the answers. Cordially.
  20. First of all, let's note that playing by watching movies definitely increases the risk of accidents. Click here to download the program( OnTopReplica ). Setup the program on your computer. Run the game. Set the game to window mode. Go back to the desktop. Open the video with the video player you want ( except for GOM Player ). Open the OnTopReplica. Right-click the program and select Select Window > ( select movie ). Then right click again and select Select Region > You can do the cropping. Right click again and disable the Show Window Border. Enjoy the game. Regards, Wandep
  21. Hey guys, I know this is outside the general scope of support but wondering if anyone has this experience. I'm trying to run Truckers MP through wine - there's a guy online who did it with Ubuntu 18 and it seems to be flawless. Currently I'm running the latest Arch Linux distro but I seem to be running into a couple issues. Before installing ATS and ETS2 I installed .NET 4.0 through winetricks, all went well. Installed Steam through wine, then the games themselves. Started both games and made a save file in each. Installed the latest TruckersMP launcher, pointed it to the ATS and ETS2 directories, no issues. When starting the launcher, this is where I run into problems - I've attached a screenshot of the error. I can't really make sense of it, so hopefully somebody has experienced this before. Cheers
  22. Merhaba, ETS 2 DE VE ATS DE BİRÇOK DLC VAR VE BUNLAR MPDE KARŞI TARAF OYUNCULARI NEDEN GÖREMİYOR BİZİM SAHİP OLDUĞUMUZ DLCLERİ BUNU MERAK EDİYORUM? Örneğin modifiye dlcleri boya paketleri bunları diğer oyuncuların görmesi gerekmetedir. Saygılarımla TruckersMp Forum Üyeleri.
  23. I want to play the latest version of this game in MP, but when I try to download the update, it hangs on this file and then just cancels all progress.
  24. When I Run The Launcher Stop Working The Screen Shoot
  25. Herkese selamlar; truckersmp ye tıklayıp launchETS2 butonuna basıyorum ve giriş yapıyorum ancak multiplayer değil normal açıyor, steam ı işlemi sonlandır deyip tekrar birçok kere denedim yine olmadı. (sürümüm güncel)
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