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  1. oh nice Why are the inscriptions on the tires green?
  2. Yeah, but many have quit the game after not getting the old flavor
  3. Hello Forum ; How long is Master Trucker valid after paying its fee? Master Trucker Madalyası Alındıktan Sonra Ne Kadar Süre İle Geçerli ? Respects [AkTürk]Enver
  4. I entered at noon, there were 3000 people. However, it can be as you said.
  5. Hello ; The evening hours are getting more full Good Day Good Forums Respects [AkTürk]Enver
  6. Merhaba Forum ; Sade sevenler için araçlarınızın fotoğraflarını gönderin . Send photos of your vehicles for those who like plain. TruckersMP [AkTürk] Enver Respects
  7. Hello ; How does our rank on the forum rise? TurkıshCrew | Enver -------------------------------- Respects
  8. Good Night Forum 😴




    TurkıshCrew | Enver🔴⚪

  9. Hello Forum ; Can we open our own channel in the game radio? Good Day Good Games Turkısh Crew | Enver ----------------------- Yours truly
  10. @weezy I understand. Thanks for the information you provided Turkısh Crew | Enver Yours truly
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    🚚 Steering Wheel : Logitech G27

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