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  1. About the Checklist: This checklist talks about almost everything that can affect your ping/lag. Going through this can help you in identifying the reason for high ping. This is targeted to fix ping issues you come across when playing real time online games. As a league of legends player these tips helped me a lot in reducing the ping. I had an article on reducing ping for windows users’ long time back. I got so many feedbacks and I have collected everything in to a single page. This Checklist is divided into 3 parts, high, medium, low. This refers to the effect of the issue o
  2. Suggestion Name: Highlight the server with the best connection in the server list upon starting the game. Suggestion Description: Like the name suggests, Ping each server 3/5 times and see which server has the best ping, and then highlight that server in the menu to show which will have the least lag, I'm sure this would be very trivial to code, and could easily benefit those who have unstable connections. I think it would even come as a benefit to those with not so good connections. Any Example Images: No, but if my description is unclear - I will make one real
  3. Suggestion Name: An Easier Way To See a Players Current Ping or to access the Tab - Hello All, Suggestion Description: Over the past couple of days I have been coming up with new suggestions that could be rather handy for players in-game (American Truck Simulator & Eurotruck Simulator 2) on the TMP Servers. At times I believe that it can be hard to open up the Tab whilst you're driving if you need it. For example, you may need to open up the side panel to report someone but its not safe to pull over, or you need to check a players
  4. Днес ще ви науча как да получите по-добър пинг за TruckersMP и за други мултиплейър игри! Не забравяйте, че това ръководство ще промени регистъра на компютъра. Така че, ако се чувствате несигурни, тогава трябва да се въздържате, но ако решите да го опитате, можем да продължим! Като начало искам да прочета всичко внимателно и да следвам всички стъпки, които ще напиша в това ръководство! Както ще работим в системния регистър на вашия компютър. Тогава е важно да следвате правилно всички стъпки! 1. Щракнете върху старт и след това въведете "regedit". Опции: К
  5. Hey guys, Since the 1. 35 is available for ETS 2 multiplayer, I'm always kicked because of too high ping. It wasn't like that in the previous version. When I press TAB, I have a 30ms ping. But every 2-3 minutes I suddenlyhave a 900ms ping and I get kicked. Do you have the same problem? What can I do to solve it?
  6. Dans ce topic, nous allons voir comment améliorer votre ping sur TruckersMP, ainsi que vos autres jeux en multijoueur! Soyez conscient que dans ce guide nous allons modifier le registre de l'ordinateur. Si vous n'êtes pas à l'aise à l'idée le faire vous-même, alors demandez de l'aide avant de continuer. Si vous êtes prêts, alors commençons! Tout d'abord, assurez vous de bien lire attentivement chaque étape qui est écrite dans ce guide ! Nous allons modifier le registre de votre ordinateur. Il est donc très important que vous suiviez chacune de ces étapes correctement.
  7. Suggestion Name: Lowering ping to 300 for auto kick Suggestion Description: Lowering the average ping to kick people at roughly 300 to stop laggers causing issues Any example images: Why should it be added?: Whilst my connection isn't always perfect as members from AHL could testify for. When doing the AHL 1 year convoy there was a lagger that caused a lot of issues and split up the convoy. Why this should be added is to cause less hassle for people playing with a more reliable connection. For people who might complain it's d
  8. so it's been a while and I've just downloaded for the frist time. now I live in Australia trying to play ETS2 MP but I keep getting kicked. Why would that be like that. can someone help
  9. Suggestion Name: Bring back the South American Server Suggestion Description: Bring back on TruckersMP a South American server to Euro Truck Simulator 2 Any example images: There used to exist a South American server, but it ceased to exist. Add just a regular server on South America so that americans can play without a very high ping. Why should it be added?: My experience on TruckersMP lately has just been a lot of lag, and being banished because of a high ping. There used to be a server situated on South America, where people fro
  10. why am i always being kicked?? io just logged in today 2 seconds later, i was kicked for ping being too high./ sometimes its server nonesense of steam ID alreadsy in use. dont have too old a machine and 200mb broadband so what the hell, assistance please guys. starting to doubt MP alot..
  11. Suggestion Name: Auto kick system Suggestion Description:Well as fas you know there is an auto kick for those who dont turn on the lights at the night time , why dont we use the same system for the people who lag ?. For those who over 150 ping(negotiable) must be auto kicked by system. Any example images: nup. Why should it be added?:Because everyone knows how it is like to be after the lagging player.
  12. gecen hafta pazartesiden beri ping sorunu yasıyorum normalde pıngım 54-67 arası degıskenlık gosterırken sımdı 90 dan asagı nadır ınıyor hemen cıkıyor nasıl cozum bulabılırım
  13. Hello, I have started playing Euro Truck a week ago and started playing Multi Player 2 days ago. I have no problems playing Single Player over 100 fps stable but in Multi Player my game freezes for 0.5 secs whenever i get someone at "Players near to you" tab. Tried lots of things none of them solved my problem. There is a ingame video to show you what is happening link below. I am using wi-fi not ethernet but I am not sure if thats the problem. I have 100 mbts download and 5 mbts upload. Before you ask my drivers are up to date and i will share my computers specs down below. My com
  14. yaklasık 1 haftadır bazen oluyor ama pıng 130 dan asagı ınmıyor wıfı kapalı oldugu halde nasıl bı cozum yolu bulurum
  15. it tells me its an internet connection problem but i have good internet idk what to do any suggestions
  16. Bonjour, salut à tous ! Me revoici (encore ! ) avec quelques questions (en espérant que je ne vous embête pas trop avec toutes mes questions !) Deux questions aujourd'hui : 1) Depuis quelques jours, lorsque je me connecte sur un serveur MP, je suis très vite et très souvent déconnecté à cause d'un ping beaucoup trop haut. Y -aurait il donc éventuellement une solution ou astuce pour tenter de résoudre ce soucis ? En modifiant quelque-chose dans les paramètres peut-être ? Quelque-chose à changer dans les "Setting" du Launcher ? Ou autres manœuvres ? ... 2) J'ai bien noté
  17. Hallo Forum, Ich habe ein Problem meine (ms) schwanken sehr stark aber das nur manchmal z.b. heute bsp. die ganze zeit 43 ms dann auf einmal 120 bzw 220 ms. keine Ahnung warum es läuft nur Steam ets2 mp und ein Fahrtenschreiber Programm woran kann das liegen? wenn ich mich auslogge und wieder ein ändert sich zwar die ms zeit manchmal von 42 auf 30 oder 52 aber der rest bleibt weiterhin. Danke vorab an alle
  18. recently my ping has been around 230-300 compared to the usual 190 or even 220 but when i'm playing trucks seem to be stopping or jumping then my ping would be like 600-1800. The server never actually kicks me but when i'm driving people complain that i have "lags" what can i do to prevent this? if it helps , my bandwidth seems to have dropped significantly, could that be a problem? i've already done the following; Disable any firewalls Exit any applications that may be using up bandwidth Disable Automatic Updates Restart the router.
  19. So,i enter on europe 2 and when i enter on server all trucks doesn't move and my ping stay 31 ms all time.Sorry for my bad english but i really want to play on eu2.
  20. hi, recently i keep being kicked by the servers due to average ping, i play in EU servers while i live in asia since the AS server is down, the average ping while im playing is 270ms (i know its high hehe) but suddenly spike at 800ms randomly, is anyone have the solutions for my high average ping ,(PS: this ping spikes only happen in this game, i tried all online games with europe/us servers and none of them had this issues, many thanks)
  21. (Nota: Guía realizada por @HamitCanKilic , Post original en inglés) Esta lista incluye casi todo lo que puede afectar tu ping / lag. Seguir paso a paso lo siguiente puede te puede ayudar a identificar la razón de un ping excesivo. Como jugador de League of Legends, estos consejos me ayudaron mucho a reducir el ping. Tenía un artículo sobre reducción de ping para usuarios de Windows hace mucho tiempo. Recibí tantas reacciones y recopilé todo en una sola página. En esta guía el título del problema (escrito en rojo), hay una palabra en paréntesis (Fácil, Mediano, Difícil)
  22. bois my normal ping was 70 but now its over 130 everytime i play ets2mp pls help
  23. Boa noite pessoas da America do Sul !! Criei esse tópico para falar sobre o nosso servidor Sul Americano, que infelizmente está quase sempre vazio, enquanto centenas de Sulamericanos lotas os servidores europeus, com ping autos e as vezes correndo risco de serem expulso do servidor por excesso de ping ( oque é totalmente justo e correto), queria convidar vocês para usar mas o nosso servidor, o South American, no nosso servidor os ping são baixos e temos uma ótima conexão, isso faz com que usar o TruckMP e jogar ETS2 ou ATS seja ainda mas prazeroso. alguns jogadores reclamam do ping alto
  24. Если вы подключены по кабелю (обязательно перепроверьте и отключите wifi если он у вас есть) - далее почему вы решили что у вас высокий ping? если показывает в игре - самое логичное это предположение что играете вы на каком-то далёком сервере в Америке и ваш интернет тут совсем не причём (Сам дурак как говориться). Если же вы всё перепроверили и играете на региональном сервере - тут есть над чем подумать. 1) проверяем сколько людей сидит на вашем интернете в данный момент ( если много удивляться абсолютно нечему особенно если включен торрент) 2) допустим вы один в подключени
  25. Guest

    Высокий пинг

    Хотел бы ещё привлечь внимание Администрации к игрокам со слегка ненормальным пингом. В другой теме ResTed упоминал, что кикает игроков с пингом выше 600, но вот мне довелось проехаться за водителем, у которого пинг был всего-то чуть выше 300 Я понимаю, что не все игроки могут обладать стабильным высокоскоростным интернетом, но вот так играть - это создавать серьёзную помеху другим игрокам. Хорошо мне он на пустом участке дороги попался, а если бы движение плотное было?
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