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  1. Hello, a good vpn fixed my problem. Thank you all! You can close the thread now. aGift4u
  2. Dear truckers, I have tried all of these solutions and couldn't fix my problem. But I couldn't make ultrasurf work. It cannot connect to server for some reason and I believe my problem would be solved with a good vpn. https://ibb.co/s937FgX Do you have any other vpn suggestions? I am waiting for your suggestions! Cheers... aGift4u
  3. When I press "Install Availabe Updates" update bar fulls but still shows there is system update to be done. App downloads data2.mp a 3,82mb file then I need to download it again. It doesn't work. pic attached. https://ibb.co/DYj1zHt
  4. Will try that I did. They didn’t provide me any different tips. They also think it is my HDD related. Will give update when I get my SSD.
  5. No it isn’t
  6. Hi, I don’t know if there is an option to disable it. But it doesn’t happen when autosave happens anyway. aGift4u
  7. Hello everyone! Today I realised this problem occurs in many games like; Rocket League, Project Cars 2. All of them have the same thing in common, when a player joins/disconnects online session I get a little freeze, stutter. It is looking identical to my problem with ETS2 MP. So I wanted to share my findings with our community. And also I think core of this problem is my old HDD so I have ordered a SSD. I will give an update soon! What are your thoughts? Best regards... aGift4u
  8. Thanks for the advice but I did those before already I have done all of those Unfourtanetly none of them fixed my problem. At this point I am giving up. I tried everything none of them fixed my problem. I have no idea what causes it. Besides those stutters I get solid 130 fps. So I don't think my problem is hardware based. Maybe I will try to get a SSD. That is only thing I haven't tried yet. Mods you can close this topic if you want. Every advice is same, repetitve not helping me. Thank you all for responses. aGift4u
  9. No it is still the same.
  10. Thank you! All other things you have said is already done . I can't buy all the dlc's for this reason. But maybe i will get a SSD soon.
  11. Hello, I have shared a ingame video where you can see whenever i get someone at "Players near to you" tab game freezes like half a second. In that video you can see cpu, gpu, ram and mem usage. As far as i saw only thing changes is GPU usage gets to %0. Feel free to check to video, maybe I am missing something. https://mega.nz/#!Zg4iXSwZ!f6qx_cchxTajkzzqwIBk4UlEJG935nRXiDKreDh_2qE Yeah I did and there is plenty more free RAM ETS2 can use if it wants. Guys please check the video I might be missing something: https://mega.nz/#!Zg4iXSwZ!f6qx_cchxTajkzzqwIBk4UlEJG935nRXiDKreDh_2qE
  12. Nope, none of them fixed my problem sadly.
  13. That is what i am thinking as well. I completly uninstalled everything and reinstalled. Nothing
  14. Hi again. Thank you all for your responses however; I have reinstalled everything as you said. Unfortunately nothing has changed. It is using 4900-5000 ingame but I think that is what ETS2 is asking for and there is plenty more spare waiting. Added pic of ram usage while playing. Anyway I did everything in that link you recommened but it still uses 5000. Used ethernet cable and nothing changed either. (Btw I have low ping: 50ms) Turned it on. Problem still occurs. As showed in video, It is not even using my CPU at high temp. Wish that happened to me It says all drivers are up to date. I have read them, didn't help
  15. Thanks for your response but I don't know how to give enough ram. Also in the video I shared at post, It says using 4500 ram. That should be enough right?
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