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  1. ★★★★★ Asian VTCs Reunion Convoy by BTR ★★★★★ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Bangladeshi Truckers Revolution is doing a reunion with their Asian Friends . We will start from Wroclaw, which is very much known for its inventive power and we will end our journey at the port city Travemunde . Don't forget to confirm your participation here. ✪ Date: 08 January, 2021 ✪ Server: Asian VTCs Reunion Convoy ✪ Departure: Wroclaw (Quarry: Stein Bruch) ✪ Destination: Travemünde,Port ✪ Convoy Route Map: Route Map ✪ Breaks: NONE ✪ DLC: NONE ✪ Convoy Control: Yes ✪ Time
  2. A tool for editing save files and syncing jobs on Euro Truck Simulator 2. It's easy to use. All features are provided as a tick. Random routes are generated every 2 hours and switch between Simulation 1 & ProMods at 4 am (UTC) everyday. Everyone is welcomed to join our random convoys on Multiplayer! Important This program is still in alpha state and MAY BROKE YOUR SAVE FILES. A backup file (game_bak.sii) will be created in the same directory before saving. If you encounter any problems, please post a reply or create a github issue. Features
  3. I always wanted to know what others feel about the current players in ets2,i had some good and ulgy experience with players.
  4. Postaram się jak najlepiej nakreślić sytuację, ale może być nieco chaotycznie. W każdym razie potrzebuję pomocy. Niedawno otrzymałam bana na miesiąc. Przyczyną było "Wrong Way Driving, Reckless Driving, Intentional Ramming" + 5 filmików jednego gracza z jednej sytuacji (tak, jeden filmik podzielony na 5 części i 5 różnych linków). Dlaczego? Jadąc sobie przez autostradę, nagle zobaczyłam kogoś, kto utknął na środkowych barierkach z podwójną naczepą. Jak to ja miła i zawsze chętna do pomocy przyhamowałam i zapytałam czy wszystko okej (No wiadomo, jak koleś się wykrzaczył na barierkach to
  5. Witam, Posiada któs wiedzę jak skopiować profil ets2 ? Tak,aby wszystko pozostało tylko zmieniła się nazwa profilu i żebym miał dwa profile
  6. ============================================= CN ATS 4ST Anniversary & New year's Day celebration 中国ATS车队4周年庆典&元旦庆典 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Event information: 活动信息: Road Lyon-Selzburg (mine + city) 路线
  7. Hey Everyone! So a couple of us in KGT wanted to see how long it of a job we could do without losing our minds! We devised a route From Haql (Part of ME Add on for PM) to Bolungarvk in Iceland, we started at 7:30pm (gmt) and finished at 0:59am so we'll say 1am. It clocked in at 6115KM driven distance, think it was around 8100km with the ferries added. It was a great drive, There was only two of us, basically testing the route for future use, i made some changes to the route to gett a bit more distance nothing drastic and it was fine, ouR longest stint being through central europe.
  8. Suggestion Name: Support for Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod Suggestion Description: Add support for Project NG Mod and make users able to (optional) download and use it while playing TMP Any example images: Why should it be added?: I think this mod could be useful for users that want a more realistic game, also it doesn't have any impact on game's performance, and it only changes your textures.
  9. Hello everyone, today we will learn together how add and/or remove radio streams Let's start! First of all you must go in our Documents and open the folder of the game (ETS2 or ATS) Now you must open the file live_streams.sii wit notebook, Now you can see this: Copy one string like this: stream_data[0]: "http://stream.radiox.com/choi.mp3|CHOI fm RadioX 98.1 (Quebec, Canada)|CHOI fm RadioX 98.1 (Quebec, Canada)||0|0" Now you must look wich is the max id (for example stream_data[539]), so now edit id of the string that you have pasted before Now you have this str
  10. GUIDE ON USING MULTIPLE TRAILERS IN ANY CITY OR COUNTRY OF ETS 2: So I was recently taught a trick in order to get double trailers in every area of the ETS 2 map. So, as you currently know the area limitation has been lifted but the default game won't let you change the area you want your trailer. This is why I have created this guide to help beginners and advanced players test their luck in other areas of the map not just Finland. It's fairly simple but you need to decrypt your game.sii folder and in order to do this you need a file such as the one attached https://cdn.disc
  11. Welcome to teddie's gallery im not the best at doing media but I try and keep it at high quality. the gallery will be mostly ets2 but may see some ats in here as well. I hope you like all the photo's I do post here ets2 mp driving the DAF XF euro 6
  12. Hi, I made video how to share your paintjob colors with others. This will be the most useful to the company owners who needs that all his drivers has same colors as you. The original post on this topic (no longer works) -
  13. #idiotsontheroads #truckersmp #funnymoments #ets2 **IDIOTS on the road #2 - Funny Moments - ETS2mp FAILS & Wins - Euro Truck Simulator 2** abhi005 Alden14 kick! Dead_Justice MeepMeep Beep Beep I will add the Submission names (People who submitted the clips) Submit your ETS2 Clips here!: https://forms.gle/F5E5r4W4FnhDewsYA Discord: https://discord.gg/DYu4TMg
  14. 추수감사절을 축하하기 위해 해당 이벤트를 개최하고자 하였습니다. 의식주에서 "식"은 살아가는데 중요하기 때문에 이를 기념하고자 해당 이벤트를 계획하게 되었습니다. To celebrate the ThanksGiving Day, We decided to hold this event. In Korea, especially Rice is very important to live. Most People eat the rice to live the life. Therefore We planned this event. ◈ 이벤트 일시 : 2020년 11월 15일 (일요일) ◈ Event Date : November 15th, 2020 (Sunday) ◈ 서버 : TeamAudi Korea - ThanksGiving Event ◈ Server : TeamAudi Korea - ThanksGiving Event ◈ 서버 오픈 시각 : 19시 00분 ( 오후 7시 ) ◈ Server Open Time : UTC 10:00 ◈
  15. Hello guys, I am cioflix from Monza (Italy). First, I am not a youtuber, this is just a hobby. This channel is a personal archive for when I'll stop playing. In real life, I'm a professional truck driver and when I have free time I love to play ETS2 & ATS. Remember, I have more experience with the truck than video editing. Thanks for watching and sorry for my bad English! My last video
  16. I would like to ask if it goes to ets2 mp to give a mod to change the voice in the navigation?
  17. Merhabalar.Bu paylaşmış olduğum konu single player oynayan ve skin(kaplama) yapmaktan hoşlanan arkadaşlar için yararlı bir konu. Şablonun resmi: Skin kaplama yapmayı bilmeyen ve yapmak isteyen arkadaşlar buradaki video'yu izleyerek yapabilirler. Şablonu indir
  18. -TÜRKİYE -SÖZ -FRANSA -BEŞİKTAŞ -2018 Dorse modlarını kapmak istiyorsan Aşağıda ZİP. 'deki modları EURO TRUCK SİMULATOR>MOD KLASÖRÜNE ATIP İSTEDİĞİN DORSEYİ [TRANSİNET ŞİRKETLERİNDEN] ALABİLİRSİN! YAPIM: Home Page 670 İNŞAAT : HomePage670 Fotoğraflama : HomePage670 FOTOĞRAFLAR-VİDEO : AŞAĞIDA İNDİRME LİNKİ : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b4DrIPb3HcYdGg5ymiVYNcHLpoImGpu8/view?usp=sharing
  19. Hello, Welcome to Dylan's Gallery! My gallery will consist of; random photos, slightly edited photos and some videos. Both in ETS2 and ATS.
  20. el multiplayer mo me deja hacer ninguna ruta en ets2, al darle iniciar ruta se pone todo en negro y no va.
  21. Con muchas pruebas, comentarios, correcciones y ajustes, nos complace anunciar la llegada de la actualización 1.39 para Euro Truck Simulator 2. Nos gustaría agradecer a todos los que participaron en la beta abierta 1.39, hicieron informes de errores y proporcionaron comentarios generales sobre esta nueva versión. Esperamos que ahora pueda comenzar a disfrutar plenamente de las diversas funciones nuevas que se incluyen en esta actualización. Entonces, ¿qué puede esperar encontrar en la actualización 1.39 para ETS2? Permítanos darle un resumen rápido de los cambios
  22. What Map DLCs you like the most ? 你们最喜欢哪一个地图DLC ?
  23. Sehr geehrtes Truckersmp-Team, wir, die Inter-LOGISTIK, die virtuelle Spedition. Bedenkente einen Konvoi Interessen. Dieser Konvoi soll ein gemeinschaftskonvoy. Informationen zur Veranstaltung Wann Samstag, Oktober, 24.10.2020 Treffen ab 18:00 Uhr Abfahrt um 19: 00 Uhr Server: EU2 oder Eventserver Schutz CSG VERANSTALTUNGSPLANUNG Treffpunkt: Stadt Aberdeen. Bestimmungsort: Danzig Pause: Trelleborg Länge der Strecke: 2132 km Link zur Route: folgt Link zur Einladung: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI
  24. I'm Matt, a radio presenter for TruckersFM, TMP's partnered radio station. I've been with them for just over a year now, and work as a moderator for the discord, and a presenter on air. Please feel free to ask me anything, and I'll do my best to answer it! Ask Away!
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