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Found 82 results

  1. Здравствуйте, произошла такая ошибка Cannot create temp crash log file В переводе как Невозможно создать временный файл журнала сбоев Как произошла такая ошибка я не знаю? Решил поиграть в любимую ets 2. Покупал игру в Steam игра вся оригинальная 1) Я запустил TruckersMP 2) После того как я запустил TruckuncMP Launcher и нажал кнопку Launcher ETS 2 3) Потом выскакивает чёрный экран и посередине ошибка не может создать временный файл журнала сбоев! 4) И не знаю что делать ! Помогите пажалуйста !!
  2. Aggiornato a Gennaio 2020 Ciao a tutti ragazzi, sto cercando persone che vogliano giocare insieme su euro truck, american truck, e tanti altri giochi simulativi come spintires, minecraft, farming, ecc. Cerchiamo persone serie che evitino di farsi bannare sul multiplayer o che commettano continue sciocchezze. Giochiamo e ci divertiamo in modo normale, ovviamente dovete rispettare le regole del multiplayer e del Discord. Organiziamo convogli quasi ogni giorno, anche fino a 3 convogli al giorno e minimo 1 ogni 2 giorni. Discord: https://discord.gg/JaXggy2 Gruppo Telegram: https://t.me/italiasimulatorts3 oppure cerca su telegram: @italiasimulatorts3 Gruppo Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/tsitaly Sito: https://italiasimulator.forumfree.it/ Vi aspetto su Discord Aggiornato a Gennaio 2020
  3. Проблема такая. Вышло небольшое обновление и мультиплеер перестал вообще запускаться на DX11. До этого он работал и даже не плохо. Сейчас же при входе в игру сразу выскакивает фатальная ошибка и мультиплеер работает только на Open GL. Для стримов это не самый лучший вариант. Windows 7
  4. Lis3k


    Witam! Mam problem z kierownicą Tracker Sierra. Problem jest taki, że kiedy podpinam kierownice do komputera to wyświetla się komunikat z błędem i wyłącza mi grę do pulpitu. Próbowałem już wielu opcji, ale żadna nie przyniosła pozytywnych efektów. Proszę, żeby ktoś Mi pomóc. Z góry dziękuje!
  5. Hey there everyone! My name is B3AST(Beast) and I'm one of the TruckersMP Game Moderators. I wanted to start this topic to give you guys somewhat of idea as to what actually take place when we review your in-game reports. This topic is not being made to talk about bans or to start any arguments about why your report is being declined, but to inform you of possible actions that may or may not have been taken. Don't you just love seeing this after you report someone in-game???? I know this gives you some type of satisfaction knowing that there is a Game Moderator in-game working on reports. But what has happened when this comes across your screen a few seconds later???!?!? [System] Your report against player x (71) has been reviewed. No punishment was applied. Here are a few reasons as to why this message was displayed No action was taken because the player you've reported has not broken any rules No action was taken because whatever the reported player did is only kickable No action was taken because you were at fault just as much as the player reported Here are a few other reasons as to why this message was displayed No action was taken because another player was deemed to be at fault in the report and they were banned No action was taken because we needed to get a translation of what was said in the report before making a decision(In this case, if what was said violates our rules, the player would be banned via website) No action was taken because the reported player was found to be in-game and was asked to remove items that violates our rules such as inappropriate tags or save edits Feel free to share your thoughts or let me know if this post has helped you understand. As always, follow the rules and have fun!
  6. ets 2 de normalde düşük ayarlarda 30 - 40 alıyorum fakat direksiyon setimi takınca 20-30 oluyor nedenini bilen varmı acaba ?
  7. Nick w grze: MADERO Wiek: 17 lat Miejsce zamieszkania: woj. pomorskie Sterowanie: Kierownica FGT 3 in 1 SteamID 64 lub adres do profilu steam: STEAM_0:1:176526364 | https://steamcommunity.com/id/MADEROCZITER/ Staż w grze: 300h Czy dostałeś kiedykolwiek bana?: Nie Przedstaw się: Mam na imię Grzegorz. We wrześniu skończę 17 lat i mieszkam w województwie pomorskim. Chodzę do szkoły zawodowej na Mechanik pojazdów samochodowych. Interesuję się motoryzacją i lubię sobie pograć w cs'a oraz ets. Mój ulubiony gatunek piosenki to pop i niektóre disco polo, ogólnie słucham to co mi wpadnie w ucho. Jestem osobą kulturalną i chętnie pomagam innym. W przyszłości chciałbym zostać kierowcą ciężarówki. Inne: W ETS2 MP jestem nowy, gram od końca lipca. Słyszałem coś o firmie w MP, chciałbym sobie urozmaicić trochę grę
  8. Smooth Interior Camera Hi! I would like to introduce to you my plugin for ETS2 and ATS. This mod makes that camera in interior is smooth when you move camera with predefined values (numpad keys). Best experience with vsync and stable 60 fps. Donation I'm doing this for free so if you like my work please donate to me Download: Download for x64 ETS 2 (1.27+) and x64 ATS (1.6+) Download for x86 ETS 2 (1.27+) Settings app (.NET Framework 4.0 required) Source code Video: Virus scan: x64 x86 Features: - Smooth camera rotation - Three types of animation (Linear, EaseInOut, EaseOut) - Universal for every keys settings (default is for numpad) - Possibility to change predefined camera positions Hotkeys (possible to disable in settings program): - INSERT - enable/disable mod - DELETE - change predefined positions of camera - HOME - reload settings from file How to install: For 64 bit: 1.Go to ets 2 or ats directory 2.Then to bin/win_x64 3.Here create plugins folder 4.Copy sic_x64.dll to plugins folder 5.Run game in x64 mode For 32 bit: 1.Go to ets 2 directory 2.Then to bin/win_x86 3.Here create plugins folder 4.Copy sic_x86.dll to plugins folder 5.Run game in x86 mode How to change predefined camera position: 1.Press Delete on keyboard 2.Set the position of the camera (with mouse) 3.Press key which you want look here Link to original posts on scs forum: ETS 2 ATS
  9. Народ, що робить коли злетів генератор і немає резервного коду?
  10. Hello All! I'm Just Doing This Forum Post About The Triple Trailers , Which We Can Get VIA Forrunner Mod.The Triple Trailers Need To Be Removed From ETS 2 MP In My Personal Opinion And This Is Why.With The New WOT ( World Of Trucks ) Event, They Take Up Too Much Room On European Roads And It's Un-Realistic Due To The Fact I Never See Any Triples On The Roads In Real Life.Following This Is They Are Getting Used In ETS Where The Roads Are Too Small For Them.They Get Stuck On Every Corner Due To Amount Of People Who Can't Drive With Them. If Any Of You Have Any Objections To My Opinion Please Comment Them And I Will Happily Reply Unless You Insult Or Use Profanity In Comment. Keep Safe Everyone! - Zło.
  11. How many years Euro Truck Simulator 2 game you're playing? (I've been playing for 6 years)
  12. Suggestion Name: Add AI/bots to the servers Suggestion Description: When the server population is low, the roads feel empty and it would fill up the roads with AI trucks and cars. If the population ramps up then they would automatically despawn Any example images: None Why should it be added?: Because it makes the players feel less bored
  13. I followed this problem in ETS 2. Is there a solution? I DO NOT list cargo fast contracts, I do not list cargos freight for my company, but only appears World trucks contracts. Accessing WORLD TRUCKS - SCS SOFTWARE. The following message appears (read below) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EUROPEAN CONTRACT "ERROR WHEN COMMUNICATING WITH THE SERVICE (PROTOCOL MISMATCH). PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER, WE ARE SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE." -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.32 sürümüne güncellendiği zaman bizi yepyeni bir Almanya haritası bekliyor.Bu bekleyişin günleri arttıkça heyecanı da artıyor.Ama SCS bu güncellemeden bizi de habersiz bırakmıyor.29.06.2018 Tarihinde resmi youtube kanalıda yeni Almanya'nın video sunu yayımladı.
  15. United Logistic Service ist eine neugegründete und aufstrebene Firma. Wir haben eine kleine Garage, von wo wir unsere LKW's überall innerhalb von Europa aus verschicken. Unser Ziel ist es möglichst viele und fristgerechte Lieferungen zur vollsten Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden abzuliefern. Wir spielen aus Spaß und nicht zum Zwang. Wir nutzen das externe Speditionsprogramm Sped-V. Dadurch haben unsere Kunden ein perfekten Überblick über den Verbleib unserer Fahrzeuge. Gleichzeitig bringt so ein System dem Fahrer nochmal Extramotivation zum ETS spielen. So kann man jede Menge Kleinigkeiten zu seinen bisherigen Touren sehen, was Freunde von Statistiken sicherlich erfreuen wird. Was erwarten wir? - Spaß am ETS2-spielen - Auch wenn RL immer an erster Stelle steht, ist eine gewisse Aktivität am Spiel erwünschenswert - rücksichtsvolles Fahren im Multiplayer (keine unnötigen Risiken beim Überholen eingehen, Leute mit hupen nicht bedrängen), ETS2 ist kein PvP - Kenntnisse über die allgemeinen Verkehrsregeln (Vorfahrtsregelung, Rechtsfahrgebot, Blinken wenn andere Spieler zugegen) - Touren über das Sped-V System pflegen (ist wirklich kinderleicht) Was ist uns nicht so wichtig? - deine LKW-Wahl bzw Lackierung - deine Frachtwahl - dein ETS-Profil-Level / Spielerfahrung - TS, Discord etc. - Mindestalter, Herkunft, Religion, etc Was bieten wir? - Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten innerhalb der Firma - eine Logistiksoftware, die dem reinen Fahren mehr Spaß verleiht (ein kleiner Download, Registration über Steam-Account und du bist dabei) - neue Leute zum kennenlernen - die Möglichkeit vom Zusammenfahren (Konvoys) - Tipps und Tricks zum Spiel Kontaktaufnahme: am einfachsten wäre es, wenn du mich über mein Steamaccount anschreibst alternativ kannst du dir aber auch schonmal das Sped-V runterladen und dich dann bei uns bewerben
  16. I need your help: I bought a garage in Scandinavia to buy a double trailer there. I bought the trailer, happy went back to his garage (in Berlin) have kept the trailer, and how you want to take the burden and there are loads only in Scandinavia. What to do so I can go all over the map with loads? I've seen people drive trailers like that around Germany. Help me please!
  17. Witam mam pewien problem z ets 2 na multiplayer chodzi o to, że jest takie coś jak ograniczenie do 90km/h i ja tę opcję mam wyłączoną w opcjach gry i kiedy biorę 1 dostawę to mogę jechać szybko tzn. powyżej 90km/h, ale jak biorę 2 dostawę to już ograniczenie włącza mi się automatycznie i nie mogę go wyłączyć i wtedy mogę jechać tylko 90km/h i ja tego nie rozumiem pomoże ktoś ?
  18. Até aonde sabemos todos sobre o servidor South América é que tiraram eles por ele ser alvo de hackers, tudo bem ta certo eles desativarem um tempo o South América para melhorarem sua segurança, isso eu concordo, mais não tem previsão para voltar porque a maioria da galera que não tinha uma internet boa se conectava no South America ou até mesmo aqueles iniciantes que estavam começando entrava no South América para aprender sobre o MP, hoje em dia o servidor meridiano é o United States pois mesmo assim o servidor tem bastante lag por causa de sua distancia que temos no servidor, pois o South América não era um dos melhores servidores mas quebrava o galho de muita gente e ajudava bastante até eu quando comprei o ets 2, fui rodar no MP o primeiro servidor que eu entrei foi no South América, mas neh galera essa resposta quem tem que responder são os Donos, com a ajuda de vocês creio eu então o que acham uma solução melhor sobre isso, respondem ai??
  19. Hello guys when I tried logging în today I went to Quick jobs and it said "multiplayer unable to find jobs matching your filter".Before I could do jobs.Now I get this error even în the steam normal version of the game.What shall I do?
  20. Witam. Dostałem nowego laptopa (Helios 300) z 8 GB ram i7 8 generacji i GTX 1050Ti i w tym problem jest, że w ETS 2 & ATS nawet na niskich ustawieniach graficznych mam stałe 30 FPS'ów. Na wysokich i na ultra też. jest to irytujące, bo w GTA V na najwyższych mam około 60 FPS. Ktoś wie w czym problem? Aha i gram bez żadnych modów w obie gry.
  21. RavdorTV

    Stare felgi

    Witam. Jest jakiś mod na stare felgi do ETS 2 ? (SS na dole)
  22. NLB Transport B.V Hartelijk welkom bij ons! Ben jij degene die we zoeken en 16 jaar en ouder? Join dan bij ons. We hebben onze vestiging in Groningen zitten en we rijden overal . Wel stellen we enkele simpele regels die je hieronder ziet. 1: wees beleefd tegen andere leden die in onze VTC zitten, 2: Een [NLB Transport B.V] tag voor je mp naam hebben in de groene kleur. 3: Geen beledigingen. 4: Niet schelden, ook geen ziektes schelden dit is meteen een ontslag bij ons bedrijf en wordt je uit Discord verwijderd. 5: Als we Convooi rijden dan spreken we op een bepaalde plek af, voor mensen die geen DLC hebben daar wordt ook rekening mee gehouden. 6: Als ik in onze VTM wilt komen moet je ook VTM Live hebben, dat is een soort programma zoals het in het echt gebeurt in een echt bedrijf. Linkje hier kunt je hem downloaden .http://virtualtruckingmanager.com/vtmlive. 7: we praten via Discord helaas geven we niet ons spraakkanaal vrij maar als je via VTM aanmeld dan sturen we je een linkje naar de discord, waar wij in zitten. 8: We hebben onze eigen skin kleuren, deze moeten gebruikt worden bij Convooi, in vrije tijd mag je het zelf weten. 9: We rijden met Convooi met een Scania, doen we geen Convooi ben je vrij met je keuze van vrachtwagens,. 10. we rijden met onze eigen kentekenplaten, kom je bij de groep krijg je een nummer. Lijkt het je wat solliciteer dan via dit linkje of via een PM van Johnny Hibma (NL en WizzardNL http://virtualtruckingmanager.com/company/6106 we zien je graag komen in het gezellige team van NLB Transport B.V Vriendelijke Groeten @Johnny Hibma(NL) en @WizzardNL Beheerders. Jordi kicheleer Kenteken : NLB-T-02 Johhny Hibma Kenteken : NLB-T-01 Chauffeurs: JustinGeertsema Kenteken :NLB-T-03 Denniz420 Kenteken :NLB-T-04 Ramon14cool Kenteken :NLB-T-05 Steef Achterberg Kenteken: NLB-T-06 Tijmen200015 Kenteken: NLB-T-07 Rickkert1050 Kenteken: NLB-T-08 Twente4131 Kenteken NLB-T-09 roewie kenteken: NLB-T-10 Dule kenteken: NLB-T-11
  23. Bonjour, j'ai un problème, quand je veux me connecter sur ETS 2 il me met que je dois enregistrer mon jeu sur mon profile sur le site internet, quand je le fais ça change rien il me met que j'ai que ATS comme jeu :/
  24. Hello! i have problem with truck speed limiter on EUROPE 2 server, i can´t get working Truck Basic speedlimiter to 90 km/h . Can someone how to i can get working because i don´t drive over 90 km/h for realistic reasons. Thanks!
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