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  1. I would like some people to interact with this as it gives me good ideas what you want to see no i don't add stuff in game i just want to see wnat the community want to see in general
  2. Estoy cansado ya de ver como la gente no respeta ni una sola norma de conducción en SIM1. No tengo por qué estar reportando cada 2x3. A que jugais?? Entráis en un simulador a hacer todo mal? A molestar a la gente?? No entiendo por qué los moderadores de este servidor permiten jugar a este tipo de gente que no hacen más que crear problemas.
  3. Hello Everyone! Thought I would put together a "Tips and Tricks" of how to drive safely and efficiently. First of, make sure to read the MP rules http://truckersmp.com/en_US/rules Once you have read that you know the basics! Now here are some tips to make your driving easier for both you, and others. #1 ALWAYS signal. Not required but it's something you should always to let others know what you are doing. Note: Don't signal last minute. Turn your blinkers on about 2 Truck lengths away from the intersection or wait a few seconds before merging. #2. Don't be in
  4. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, Since Germany is located in Middle Europe, it is the middle of the map. A lot truckers have to cross Germany to reach their destination. I want to quickly provide a few common things, not every trucker knows, because Germany has one of the most developed street systems worldwide, even without having speedlimits on some points (no don't hope, for trucks there is always a speed limit ) So first of all, I want to quickly start with the sign everyone sees, when he enters Germany. <- shows speed limits for cars outside, i
  5. Hai peeps, As not hard to see I'm an game moderator at TruckersMP and today I'd like to talk about the most common mistakes while obviously driving or just in generally playing on our servers. Lately while doing my duties as game moderator while observing traffic in crowded cities and roads it came to my attention that lately so many simple mistakes are made that even can lead to further accidents or worse. Most of these mistakes are really just to easy to avoid but either it happens because the player may didn't know about or did it under negligence, which is indeed another story, howeve
  6. This guide is aimed at players who forget to drive on the opposite side of the road when they travel between ports, most notably being the Dover-based Channel Tunnel and the shipping port just outside of Dover. These seem to have no/very little moderator supervision as these aren't constantly busy. It's going to be a long one, but it's to try and get the point across of how to use the roads around these areas, such as the junctions leaving the tunnel and also the roads around the area which is something many players seem to struggle with. As a quick disclaimer, all of these screenshots were
  7. How Can I Improve my Driving Skills? Keyboard or Mouse steering, Which one is best?
  8. There are no wrong answers to this one What are your go to driving songs? looking to extend my driving playlist with your help
  9. Do you watch Youtube video on another screen, watch a film on Netflix or listen to music either on Spotify or Live Radio. I tend to listen to Spotify or radio.
  10. Hello everyone, Suggestion Name: Some Ideas roleplay for TMP. Suggestion Description: a idea about a better loading/unloading on our truck. N.B Before showing my idea, I know all won’t agree with this idea, we can't please everyone. My first idea : « The Real trucky loading » The loading is good but, he can be more usefull and RP When you want to do a mission : (exceptionnel convoy, Transport of cheese, ect…) we should operate a real loading with a Lift truck and the driver, When your mission have been taken,
  11. Greetings, What are some of your favourite driving roads? Considering factors like views, corners, traffic etc. Mine's definitely the route to either entrance of the Genoa bridge, the corners and crowds while the event was ongoing was definitely enjoyable. Other than that, I love taking the CD route, always bound to have something silly happen! Oh, and also this uphill/downhill mountain road:
  12. https://ets2.lt/en/mercedes-benz-travego-x-2020-v2-0/ https://ets2.lt/en/travego-15-16-shd-2020-euro-6/https://ets2.lt/en/1-37-mohskinner-scania-touring-15-skins-pack/https://ets2.lt/en/scania-touring-r30-1-37/https://ets2.lt/en/neoplan-new-tourliner-euro-6-1-37/https://ets2.lt/en/google-maps-voice-navigation-pack-2/https://ets2.lt/en/bmw-f10-m5-v1r30-1-37/https://ets2.lt/en/fiat-tipo-egea-1-37/https://ets2.lt/en/peugeot-308-2010-1-37/https://ets2.lt/en/opel-astra-h-v1r20-1-36/https://ets2.lt/en/opel-astra-h-gtc-opc/https://ets2.lt/en/daf-xf-116-flower-shuttle-trailer-1-31-x/ https://www.twitc
  13. I made this to help out anyone who is having issues properly setting up their controller for good driving, particularly the XBOX gamepad. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2119540828
  14. Hello everyone, When speed got limited up to 110 kph, cars stopped to be too funny. That speed is slow because all trucks in game are going 110. 6th gear isn't usable anymore. And if you decided to do that, at least you can add more hp to cars. They are slow and you can't overtake truck easy. That makes a lot of dangerous situations because car can't accelerate in front of 700hp truck. 250hp car would be best option. Speed is limited to 110 kph so it won't be dangerous, but it would be actually safer for cars. ( and more interesting :)
  15. Suggestion Name: CURB WRONG WAY DRIVING Suggestion Description: We all have noticed close calls and head-on collisions due to wrong way driving and especially when switching from GB to EU or vice-versa. So in order to eliminate this my suggestion is, as we get "15 sec kick countdown"for switching on lights, same should be for wrong way driving and for that "10 sec kick window" is enough to warn the drivers to switch lane or else get auto kicked. Why should it be added?: This will prevent "head-on collisions or close calls and reckless driving" to some extent.
  16. Hello, this bug happens with Every Player, depending on the Scenerio. This bug is known to cause Vehicles to what i call "Dead-Stop", but i will get to that in a second. Here is an Example of how the bug occurs: Driver 1 & Driver 2 are driving on the Same Road, Same Direction, going 40+ MPH. Driver 1 is in the Front, and Driver 2 is in the Back. If Driver 2's Vehicle even so touches Driver 1's Vehicle/Trailer, Driver 2 "Dead-Stops", meaning Driver 2's Vehicle AND (if applied) Trailer Stop in the blink of an eye where Driver 2 goes from 40+ MPH to 0 MPH.
  17. [ENG] DRIVING SIGNALS NOTE: THIS IS MEANT FOR EUROPE ONLY HOWEVER SOME MAY APPLY IN AMERICA (The reason I have made this is to help with people using these signals incorrectly and not understanding when others use them. These also can apply to real life.) 1. Flashing Headlights Surprisingly, flashing headlights can mean many different things, but they are NOT a greeting in any way. When someone flashes their headlights it could mean one of the following: High beams are on incorrectly Oncoming Lane / Unsafe passing Slow down You can
  18. So today I was playing Euro Truck Sim and I noticed people were driving on the wrong side of the road. Is there something Truckersmp could do about that?
  19. Dear Mod developers of Truckersmp, With due respect, I want to inform you that I'm a proud member of Truckersmp and I really enjoy your mod. As a member of your great community, I have a small request for you guys. Since you have introduced Scout cars in the game, there is a great possibility that you can bring buses into the game too. I have driven many buses beside trucks offline and have some knowledge about the buses that would be suitable for the multiplayer. Fabio Contier's Marcopolo G7 1200 and Volvo B12B TX would be the most suitable bus in this online game. Both Marcopolo
  20. Oficiální pravidla PRAVIDLA NEJSOU AKTUÁLNÍ PROSÍM POKRAČUJTE NA ANGLICKOU VERZI Poslední aktualizace: 11.února 2016 Základní síťová pravidla Všichni uživatelé serverů TruckersMP jsou povinni dodržovat pravidla silničního provozu dané země! Horn Spaming (Trvalé troubení) - Kick / Ban Pokud záměrně dlouho držíte klakson a bezdůvodně troubíte po delší dobu a podobné prohřešky. Username (Uživatelské jméno) - Kick / Ban Zjednodušeno Používání nevhodného jména, včetně těch s urážkami, bez textu, s vulgarismy, jména shoduj
  21. EUROPEAN TRANSPORT VIRTUAL Bienvenidos a European Transport Virtual, una empresa creada en 2018, pensada en crecer para en un futuro ser la empresa líder en el estado europeo. Contamos con web propia, organización de eventos, asignación de camión propio y muchas cosas mas. Sientete como un conductor en el volante, con estabilidad del camión y toda la ayuda posible al 0. Vamos a darle realismo al camión para enseñar a todos aquellos que quieren ponerse a jugar que sepan el realismo que tiene el propio juego. Eso si, como todo contenido, hay unas reglas muy bási
  22. COMUNIDAD GLOBAL IBERIA Muy buenas a todos, somos una empresa española con la que llegados a un nivel, quisimos emprender esta compañía para rutear con camiones, Assetto Corsa, Microsoft Flight Simulator X... somos 3 personas que nos apasiona la conducción, la simulación, la realidad... ¡y muchas cosas mas! En este caso, nos presentamos aquí, para meter en nuestra flota nuevo personal para rutear entre semana y los fines de semana. A continuación, vamos a mostrar los requisitos que tenemos para poder entrar: Tener el simulador American Truck Simuator y/o Euro Truck Simulat
  23. Зарегистрироваться на мероприятие на ETS2C Who will win the first Plume? Best European Drivers (Лучшие водители Европы) и Convoy Security Group представляют: Первый чемпионат по водительскому мастерству и ловкости, который пройдет в Кристиансанн! РАУНД 1/6 Difficulty : Что это? Это новое мероприятие, вдохновленное предыдущим чемпионатом "Young European Drivers" (Юные водители Европы), в котором вы должны пройти трассу за минимальное время в тяжелейших условиях (темнота, узкие участки дороги...) Возможно, вы спросите: "Как вы сделаете стены и препятствия?!" Это
  24. Rumak

    auto driving

    When i start up the game and want to drive it automaticly drives for me. i have the Logitech Driving Force GT and in other games i dont have this problem. so basicly when i let go of my accelerate pedal it's still accelerating and it also shows in the settings that im holding down accelerate but im not.
  25. Greeting, So i was wondering if i could use my hshifter whitout actually needing to clutch. this is because i dont have 3 pedals but whould like to use my shifter Greetings EpicBE
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