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  1. So yesterday I was playing American Truck Simulator online and was peaked at the speed limit of 80MPH. I noticed a truck overtake me at what appeared to be 20MPH faster. I watched my tab menu as he pulled away, by about 200 meters per minute. Is this exploit possible? I'd just like to know that it wasn't some bug or something with the guy's ping so I can post video and report it next time.
  2. I always drive with the tab-window opened. This let's me become aware of when there is drivers in my vicinity (thus I need to drive a bit more carefully), and also allows me to always know who is responsible for what. A good spot to keep the window IMO is in the upper right hand corner, with opacity lowered to about 50% or a tad lower so it's not too distracting.
  3. OBS isn't complicated, once you learn it for the first time.... which takes about 30 minutes... it's easy
  4. You can drive nearly as good with a xbox controller as with a wheel and pedals.... and you can drive nearly as good as an xbox controller with the keyboard. It really just takes some forethought, a little bit of experience, some finesse and knowing how to do your settings and keybindings.
  5. Sorry. Ever since the speed limit got lowered to 68MPH I automatically refuse to believe that anyone wrecks or rams anyone. It was clearly an effective solution to an unrelated problem.
  6. They can only go up to 68MPH that's not fast. That slow of a speed will only cause a crash if they're either really bad drivers or intentional rammers. Even at the old faster speed limit, it was easy to control the truck. Some people just don't believe in letting off the gas or using the brake pedal, and they ruined it for the faster drivers who actually drive appropriately and considerate to drivers around them.
  7. At this point I'm so tired of seeing people ask and complain about it that I hope they don't do the winter mod at all..... instead I hope they fill the map with falling lava and magma roads just to troll.
  8. They could always just detect the amount of collisions individual players have and if you get over a certain amount of collisions within a certain amount of time then you're hit with the speed limiter for 24 hours. If you exceed the collision LIMIT repeatedly the amount of time you are bound to the speed limiter is increased endlessly until you learn to be a good driver. Never thought we'd be having a discussion about 90 or 100 MPH being "too fast" in a game that has VERY forgiving handling characteristics like this one. It takes nearly no effort to drive properly and safely slow down for corners until you get over 100MPH. If there is really that many bad drivers out there then obviously there simply hasn't been enough perma bans handed out lol.
  9. I got as many useful bindings set to my Xbox 360 controller as possible, got the steering sensitivity turned way down to make the handling nice and smooth.... and I keep the keyboard on my desk for lesser-used keybindings such as pushing enter to get gas and whatnot. It works out pretty damn well.
  10. As far as I'm concerned there is no problem with people being speed demons as long as they don't cause too many stupid wrecks with other players. I used to average 90 to 100MPH and I can't even count on one hand how many times I was the cause of an accident with another player. The vast majority of the time my accidents were, and still are caused by players who cut you off before they are clear in an overtake, or from players who seem to have their steering sensitive set way too high and are wobbling all over the road. And of course the car drivers who actually do treat the game like a racing game, even though the car is incredibly boring to drive compared to the trucks. Going faster than X amount of speed, as far as I've seen, was never a primary cause of player vs player crashes.... except in the event that both players were going too fast for the road they were on and trying to overtake one another, in which case I consider it no harm no foul. As for "realism," realism is that half the truckers I see driving in real life are exceeding 70MPH. Some are even exceeding 80MPH. That's realism.
  11. Select "Capture Specific Window" and then choose the game manually in the list right below, you must have the game opened already. This is how I got it to work.
  12. The actual reason people went back to vanilla is because it's actually better quality than pro mods. Pro mods has some neat stuff but I think overall it actually isn't that good. I used it for about 6 months but after a while I began to realize.... most of what promods adds is MORE, but not BETTER than the unmodded content. Plus there's a good amount of assets used in pro mods that feels out of place.
  13. Nobody wants to play on an arcade server with no collisions enabled. It doesn't matter if you never hit anyone, hopefully nobody INTENDS TO... but just knowing that its ghost mode everywhere makes the whole thing feel fake. If they had just copied sim mode, except without speed limits.... arcade mode would probably be more populated.
  14. In addition to the previous answers, I offer another point of view. Americans are not nearly as obsessed with driving as they used to be. The American market for driving games as a whole has crumbled, just like the quality of American vehicles. American gamers are more interested in playing some rubbish like Call of Duty or Fortnite. Combine this with the fact that the country of America does not seem very appealing to most Europeans and I think you got two more major factors to add to the list. Another major factor is they chose some of the most boring parts of America (driving-wise) to begin the game. They would have been much better off starting on the East Coast, particularly the Northeast.... or even Great Lakes region. The west coast is an incredibly boring drive, for the most part, even in real life. That being said, I think ATS has started out better than ETS on a technical level. However, I don't see a population boom happening anytime soon with the current map DLC method. The initial map size for ATS is smaller than the initial map size for ETS2, especially after ETS2 upscaled their maps several years ago, so they're going to have to address that to gain much traction at all. Probably going to have to add 1 or 2 more states to the vanilla game package. The lack of trucks is another obvious issue, but I think that is secondary to the poor design choice of starting the game development with a relatively small map in the bland Southwest.
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