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  1. Speed Limit Aftermath and Scania R730

    Hmmm I might just not have noticed it because I usually don't go beyond 90MPH. That's generally what I set my cruise control to when I'm traveling without a load. Then with a load I usually do 75 or 80 outside of cities. I don't really see those speeds as dangerous. It is the other drivers that might make it dangerous, but how safe or dangerous it is to overtake them... well that's in your own hands, as it should be. I'm generally pretty careful whenever I'm coming up on traffic, usually I try to only overtake at +5MPH or so... but it doesn't bother me much if other people aren't. Usually people go crashing around me instead of into me, as I'm safely avoiding them. If they don't look safe (judging by their driving style as I am behind them), I don't try overtaking them. If I see someone coming up on me I move half way into the shoulder and signal them by. I don't see why there needs to be much forced babysitting. We have the reporting system and assuming enough people are hired for the job, that should be good enough to catch the super reckless drivers.
  2. Why is ATS not as popular as ETS2?

    It all comes down to content. I am American, but I won't have much interest in ATS until its map is at least twice the size, and it has three times as many trucks to choose from. I can deal with the lower playerbase for now if not for those other problems. That being said, the player base is lower directly because of the lack of content... and the ATS developers seem a bit too comfortable with their current pace of developing new content, which is really angering a lot of its player base.
  3. I would definitely expect an ETS3 in the distant future. But for the next several years, at least.... I see no point. Seems the developers don't, either. ETS2 is being expanded on greatly still and there is just no reason for an ETS 3 yet. Also IMO, seems the next big truck game from SCS would likely be based more on a worldwide scale instead of them having to go through the trouble of separating North America from Europe/Asia. I kind of doubt they would want to have two separate games like they do today. So before a new game I think also we will have to wait for the evolution of ATS to be complete.
  4. Most accident causers on C-D are the scouts?!

    I'd say the scouts cause about 70% of the accidents I've seen in the game. To make matters worse, their physics are way too powerful against a truck. There is no way physical contact with a scout should have nearly this much effect on a rig. Personally I think the colliders on all scouts should be disabled. I don't mind that they are in the game, and they are allowed on the server I like to play on - but if their collider physics can't be fixed then they shouldn't have vehicle-to-vehicle colliders at all in multiplayer.
  5. What is the most useless/ugly DLC for you?

    To me it's basically all the flag/national DLC. I got the Irish one for free way back in the day, otherwise I'd have none. Don't care for them.
  6. Speed Limit Aftermath and Scania R730

    Is there a non-speed limit server? I haven't played in a couple of months. However I don't want to play multiplayer if I'm forced to a speed limit at all times. SOME of us can actually drive safely without wrecking others while speeding. There should always be a server where this is an option. Otherwise it's a failure in my book. We already have to go the speed limit for the "online" hauls anyway. Taking options away completely is never a good move.
  7. Inactiveness in ATSMP

    Part of the problem is that there is very few quality manufacturers in the US for both big rigs and passenger vehicles alike.... in fact even though I am American I can't think of more than one or two vehicles produced by a US company, car truck or big rig, that I'd want to waste my money on. So anyway they are likely having problems finding many attractive US brands to put into the game. Probably will end up having to just bring the European/Asian companies in.... which is what I think they should have done to begin with.
  8. [Poll] Bring back the old Winter Mod

    I don't like the way the falling snow looks (it seems to fall in unnatural looking "clusters" sometimes) so I turned it off. I also desire it to effect road physics and make them more slick. That being said the winter mod itself is vastly improved over previous years.
  9. Should the game bring innovation to its own map?

    I actually think this should be their next focus. But, while I support most of their paid DLC.... I think such an update should be free, since a lot of the assets and prefabs are already there and they would just need to do some touch ups and bring some of the roads and scenery up to current standards. Plus gating it with DLC would be an absolute mess I think, since then you'd have two layers of the same map in the same places depending on if you own the DLC or not. This is one case where I think extra profits (assuming there is any) left over from the DLC should be applied to a free map update. I'm not against paid DLC, I own two dozen of them for ETS2.... but yeah I just don't see revamping the base map to be something that would even be plausible as paid DLC.
  10. Concerns regarding the Special Transport DLC

    Instead of not including the DLC in MP, they could just hire more admins. I'm actually surprised that's not one of the positions they are listing as "opened" since there needs to be many more than they have now even without this DLC. Not like there is labor costs to worry about or anything. As for not being able to overtake wide loads..... what's so wrong with just following them and not passing them at all, until there is enough space? You don't need to overtake someone the very moment you get behind them. I don't see that part of an issue what so ever. Just cruise control at their speed until you can safely get by.
  11. Do you think setting brake intensity to 100% helps?

    I find that 100% braking intensity leads to the lack of being able to stop in a smooth fashion, such as pulling up to traffic lights and tolls. I'd rather be able to temper my braking as I approach an object, than suddenly stop and causing someone to rear end me. Doesn't seem to be too many instances where you have to stop on a dime anyway. Just need to pay attention.
  12. new to the multi player

    Quick jobs work, you just can't join multiplayer until the initial tutorial job is done... or else no quick jobs will show up in order to progress any further. But after you finish that first job in single player you can actually do the quick jobs in multiplayer. I've done it that way for years whenever I created a new profile, most recently a couple of weeks ago when I got a new computer and decided I want to experience the game from the start again instead of transferring my save. I did all my quick jobs saving up for my truck in multiplayer. The main issue is on occasion they'll tell you that you are late even if you literally just started the job. I think this is the first quick job you choose after logging in, due to the job time not being synced with MP time. But after that it works fine, just like doing any other job.
  13. Border Controls and Closed Borders?

    Yeah I only use replay as well. I don't know why it does this. It's not like I find out about it until I watch the video either lol. Maybe I just have my recording quality settings set too high. My card can handle the settings I have it at but maybe it just needs to be a little less stressed during recording. Anyway, cheers for the reply
  14. Border Controls and Closed Borders?

    I have experienced this several times, and sometimes it goes wayyyy beyond what is mentioned in this thread. I have been asked to do things such as prove that my skin color is white, that my religion is not jewish, and even on one isolated occasion that I have "The Lord's Prayer" memorized. On one occasion I was "border blocked" and told I'd only be allowed through if I could prove that I have never reported another player. Equally disturbing is that often times this is kids with squeaky voices. What kind of parenting do they have!? Every time I have reported in-game but in-game reporting has been rendered totally useless as of late. however I am experiencing an issue with the game not always cooperating with my recording software. For whatever reason, after some time, Shadow Play likes to stop recording video and only record audio in ETS2/ATS. At first I thought this was due to me using my old potato, but now that I have a brand new modern gaming PC and it still does it... not sure what's up with that. So I think I'm going to have to find another software to record for the reporting system.
  15. Steam overlay

    The solution that always works for me is setting steam to open in ADMINISTRATOR MODE. Since ETS2 and ATS are built on a Unity-based engine, I actually learned this trick from other Unity games which have the same issue. Hopefully this solution works for you too