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  1. Half of the players don't even know how to drive in real life, or understand most of the concepts of driving correctly in a real world situation... so when you get an area with that big of population, there's going to be chaos. You're going to get kids, a-holes, and also a mish mash of nationalities all of which have different rules. Actually from what I've seen, it's not too far off of real life driving in some areas of Europe and Asia minus the constant wrecks lmao.
  2. I've reached 100% several times... however with the combination of starting new profiles for fun, and expansions... I haven't done it in a couple of years.
  3. I wouldn't play it because I like contact enabled. Not to say I like to be wrecked, but everyone having ghost physics ruins it for me all the same.
  4. I just go where and through where I need to go. If it's the C-D road I make no attempt to avoid it, but I don't deliberately go there either.
  5. In my experience half of the time it's just people who add it to their name to troll the people who actually record and report. One of the Chinese guys I talked to recently in game was basically saying they do it in hopes that if enough people start trolling with REC in their name, then nobody will take it seriously. It was described to me as a rebellion against the TMP anti-trolling rules and an effort to render people who are actually trying to record rule breakers useless... at least in regards to using the tag. Basically a deliberate and increasingly widespread attempt to ruin a good intention. That being said I've never used the tag myself, and I'm usually streaming and recording when I play ETS/ATS
  6. Honestly with the new speed limit, I never am being overtaken. But before, yes if I knew being overtaken was inevitable then I would smoothly slow down and pull as far right (or left, if in England) as I could... even using the shoulder, when safe.
  7. In regards to the speed limit, I like the 150 km/h or 200 km/h limit on highways and 115 km/h on regular roads idea. Honestly, the current speed limit is considerably slower than what I can safely handle and I thought the old speed limits were fine... maybe perfect, in fact. Driving at the max speed of the old limit, you were right on that line of it being easy or not to maintain control of your truck in most situations. Now I feel like I'm forced to go too slow on the highways..... which is really the only areas that I normally went significantly above the game's speed limit. Honestly I actually feel LESS safe with the new limit, because there is no way to just quickly overtake the swervy drivers and leave their dangerous driving in the dust. Instead your only options are to maintain good distance behind them or be stuck next to them for an extended period of time. Typically the bad drivers could never achieve the AVERAGE speeds of the good drivers because they are making too rapid of steering adjustments, thus slowing them down. Finally, I did not have a major issue with people wrecking into me with the old faster speed limit (it happened sometimes, but no more than it does now), so I am at a loss for why they felt slowing it down even more was necessary. Even from a simulation standpoint, the current speed limit is not only unrealistic.... but it can be a real drag.... especially when you're on a highway that has little to no driving challenge and you're limited to speeds that are unnecessarily slow.
  8. Personally I think multiplayer is already slightly too restricted so nah, don't remove it.
  9. I usually make mine use Richard Petty's old NASCAR colors (from way back when NASCAR was still worth a damn) Turns out looking pretty nice on a truck Alternatively I'll sometimes use Jimmy Clark's Formula 1/Indycar theme
  10. For the most part as long as you follow the truck speed limit, or slower when there is a traffic jam... you'll get through that area fine. It is just a combination of impatience and not watching your surroundings that will make you take damage there. There is, of course, the annoying exception of people who ram on purpose. Also very important to leave at least one complete truck-and-trailer length between you and a truck in front of you, even if you are fully stopped.... or else you might end up getting lag-wrecked.
  11. Yeah I told my friends to expect it to be 3 to 6 weeks. This speedy update was a pleasant surprise. Great job TruckersMP devs!!!!!
  12. Meh, I don't mind the traffic. All you need to do is be patient. You can also push M to open the map and re-route your GPS around it.
  13. I really don't mind stopping at the tolls, even with heavy cargo. They also help to keep speeds in check somewhat.
  14. It really depends on circumstances. Step 1 is to always brake and hold your line. After that, you hopefully will be at the needed speed to make a calculated maneuver around the crash, if needed. Basically I use racing logic for it. I only switch lanes if it is necessary. Sometimes I'll use the grass if there is no obstructions there.
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