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  1. Technically it's sort of both.... but since SCS doesn't care about multiplayer, it is unfortunately strictly TMP's job of trying to work around it or fix it. SCS does not design anything in the game with multiplayer in-mind, so they're not going to fix the limitation causing the broken sounds in multiplayer. This is also the reason TMP won't be able to fix the problem anytime soon (they already said it won't be fixed in the 1.38 TMP update). Essentially they'll have to develop a whole new module of the game code to fix it. As for why you got the issue without lots of trucks - I can't answer that. But I do know as soon as you see other players in the tab menu certain things are detected/technically being portrayed in the game for those trucks, even without them being graphically rendered. I suppose it is possible that technically speaking the game can "hear" those players already even if you can't.
  2. Several years ago, maybe a year or so after ETS2 came out.... I saw something on the steam forums about a multiplayer mod so I tried it out and wallah! Here we are, what? 6 or 7 years later.
  3. Who cares? I know a couple of VTC's who use gang colors and nicknames. I've also seen a VTC who uses a nickname and colors of a white supremacist group that is not classified as a gang in the US but I'd never make friends with that type. Think the last thing we need is to expect moderators to start regulating VTC's beyond blatantly offensive things. If a VTC wants to drive around pretending to be the ETS2/ATS version of the Bloods.... let em, so long as they are respectful on the road who gives a damn?
  4. The best VTC's are the ones who don't cry and moan when I don't move over for them, or when I merge in the middle of their 10 minute long convoy. I love the VTC concept and most of the VTC's out there I've had good experiences with.... but there is a few elitist ones who think anyone not a part of them should just interrupt their normal gameplay whenever they're around.
  5. What too many people seem to fail to realize is.... the TMP team does this as a SERVICE. Most of us never provide them financial support. SCS stated many times that they have zero interest in adding multiplayer. So without TMP these whiners wouldn't even have a multiplayer to whine about taking the minimal time of 1 or 2 months to update in the first place!
  6. What I'd like to know is why some people get so offended if you do stop in this situation? As I said, out of habit I always stop at red lights. The only real exception is at the fake intersections (blocked off by artificial barriers). But people will honk their daylights out at me if they pull up behind me and I'm stopped. They'll even give me a little nudge from behind or just speed by me swearing at me in all different languages. I'm literally just following the driving laws that have been hammered into my head for 20 years lol
  7. MadCowTransport

    Traffic Lights

    Yellow doesn't mean "carry on" it means "slow down and prepare to stop." If the light turns red while you are still underneath it, it still counts as running a red light. It's like that in real life too. It is only legal to pass under a yellow light if you have enough time to completely pass it before it turns red.
  8. I'd stop anyway even though we aren't required to. It would take more effort for me to remember that I'm allowed to run red lights in that situation than to just follow my instinctive driving habits lol
  9. Well if your friend tells people he is trying to work for to "pound sand" simply for not hiring him, then he obviously needs to go back to school and get some career training as well.
  10. TMP would pretty much have to make their own AI entirely for the AI. It would be terrible for them to implement single player's AI.... imagine how much trolling could be done with AI that just stops and never moves once someone hits it. It's honestly not something I see being a good idea unless the TMP team can get a good 8 to 12 months, at the least, without having to worry about game updates.
  11. Even just having the scout has been problematic. Since they aren't meant to be driven by the player, the way their physics work literally knocks the trucks out of the way like they are paper weight. So as far as the game is concerned, a player driving a scout has more physical power than a player driving a truck. Very annoying. Especially considering the scouts drive like they have atari controls so they are already swervy on the roads, nevermind when a bad driver gets behind the wheel of one.
  12. 6 reckless driving and 1 block is not a mistake, unless you are simply not qualified to play a driving game of any sort in multiplayer. You got lucky, very lucky.
  13. It probably comes down to an answer as simple as.... nobody else on the team is willing to learn/do that kind of work for free. And I highly doubt enough people donate to TMP to spread any kind of wealth what so ever. I don't know much about the inner workings of TMP but in my experience with any kind of modding..... even small updates can require dozens of man hours and larger updates will require hundreds, and occasionally thousands of man hours. So I am assuming the updates are being done by the one guy who does this simply because he enjoys this type of work.... while the rest probably would not be motivated enough without money.
  14. You need to check the box "show autosaves" and use a save from before the time that you upgraded.
  15. Just add another layer of speed limits with it being less restrictive on the wide easy highways and call it a day.
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