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  1. Dear Developers , I would suggest you add the mod sync feature to the New Game mode where we can hang out with friends with the same mod with same mod version and in this way we could play and have more fun in this community. You May the Close the Topic Now and I have got my answer Thanks Best regards CrazyHeavyWheelers
  2. Well, guys, I really really respect your thoughts regarding the issue but I have a small request regarding the upcoming Projects that you are bringing up for us that is the New Game Mode Feature. Can you guys allow us to play with the bus mod with friends in this game? The New Game mode looks cool. Just add a feature such that me and friends can use the same bus mod and get synced and play around the game.
  3. Bro I really understand your limitations towards this plans. There are bus stops in the city, we would just like to roam around and relax. We don't need any special trailers for that. And it would be great if you guys make a bus mod just as you have done for scout cars. The game will look even realistic. I have many friends who would love to drive a bus in this game. We then gonna have some variations to the game. I know you guys are working hard for making this community better for us. If you have noticed, no other platforms offer the best as you do. If you look at fernbus simulator , B
  4. Dear Mod developers of Truckersmp, With due respect, I want to inform you that I'm a proud member of Truckersmp and I really enjoy your mod. As a member of your great community, I have a small request for you guys. Since you have introduced Scout cars in the game, there is a great possibility that you can bring buses into the game too. I have driven many buses beside trucks offline and have some knowledge about the buses that would be suitable for the multiplayer. Fabio Contier's Marcopolo G7 1200 and Volvo B12B TX would be the most suitable bus in this online game. Both Marcopolo
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