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  1. So I dont have a wheel and am not that good at driving in my lane. So if i am overtaking someone and hit the barrier and fly out into the other lanes and hit someone? Does that make me eligible to be banned for ramming?
  2. Hello Everyone! Thought I would put together a "Tips and Tricks" of how to drive safely and efficiently. First of, make sure to read the MP rules http://truckersmp.com/en_US/rules Once you have read that you know the basics! Now here are some tips to make your driving easier for both you, and others. #1 ALWAYS signal. Not required but it's something you should always to let others know what you are doing. Note: Don't signal last minute. Turn your blinkers on about 2 Truck lengths away from the intersection or wait a few seconds before merging. #2. Don't be in
  3. Ok. I know the reason that when you press "L" It turns the lights on in-game. This happens because Multiplayer is a mod to the original, Singleplayer version of ATS/ETS2. But, the original game can't realize that there is a Multiplayer version being "added to it's original code". In short, when you want to type, the game doesn't realize that you are actually typing in chat, so it proceeds to perform the action that a pressed key is assigned to. Sorry if this is confusing, but I like to explain in technical terms.
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