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  1. Can't wait for this, I'm going have to try it out once it's released :D
  2. If i'm driving on the C-D road, I drive no faster then 90km/h. If someone rams me by inappropriate overtaking or driving the wrong way, I just take evidence and report them. It's not worth driving fast along that road especially around the bends.
  3. I only was on it for about 5 minutes but never really experienced the new stuff. Looking forward to trying it out for the first time.
  4. Most of the times, I don't get hit by anyone at all. I'm always driving on roads that are more empty then others.
  5. I use shadowplay to record the last 30 seconds if I need to save a video.
  6. If they get banned, they obviously have broken the TMP rules which they agreed to follow when signing up. Letting them back in mp, they just have to serve their bans and learn from it.
  7. I live in Australia so I'm waiting for Aussie Truck Sim to come out (only joking lol).
  8. What a great team! Keep up the good work.
  9. That's a no from me. The /fix there so you can get your engine going again and move on. This doesnt really have anything to the trailer as your just carrying it around. Even if there is a /fix for the trailer, it would repair the cargo anyway. With the money, you can download profiles that have money already so you don't have to worry about going broke.
  10. Hello all, how you are well. Happy Easter (I know it's late lol). Be safe and happy truckin' xD

    1. aalb75


      Happy Easter to you too  :)

  11. Can't wait for the release, I'll be buying one for sure.
  12. Good job with the rule changes. Thank you
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