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  1. Project Manager?! Congratulations!


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    2. Penguin


      Hahah dw xD It makes no difference to the running of TMP. It's just formalities really.

    3. elot360PL


      Internet Explorer User? :P

    4. SgtBreadStick
  2. ReLife

    How can i ????

    everything is here http://ets2c.com/
  3. Unfortunately there are people who do not understand Thanks for the guide!
  4. Good Morning :)



  5. I think you need to post it on SCS forum
  6. ReLife

    Associations game

    Hello everyone! explanation I wanted to make a game and I hope it is the right forum This is called playing Asitoatziot, I say a word, for example: a truck and you have to write a cooment below the first word that comes to mind after truck And so it goes Rules All forum rules apply here as Double cooment is not allowed I will start: Truck
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