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  1. been wake for 17 hours since 5am
    time for bed just to be up again at 5am  ZZZzzz,,,

  2. I went back to something more "classic" with my DAF. :lol:


    If you meet that orange DAF on the roads, say hi! :P



  3. This is why I hate Duisburg Service Station <_<


  4. About to get back on ets2 and start driving again! Anyone wanna join me?

    1. LDMax-FR-CH


      Hello yes why not tonight

  5. Who of you want a background on steam?

    I have two of them


  6. @TTI - FR LDMax; Thank you for follow. ^_^

    1. LDMax-FR-CH


      Yes you're welcome :)

  7. \o/ @Attach @Aragon



    Someone should make a charity stream to raise money so Attach can buy a real truck. :troll:


    Love you Attach <3

  8. When you laughed so much at a fail, that you actually crashed too:



  9. gets boring driving alone

  10. gets boring driving alone

  11. Plan of action today. Do my driving lesson then go for a drive on ets2? Maybe I should do a long distance drive. Hmmm

  12. Good morning all! Hope everyone is well and good :P

  13. ETS2 double trailer, not using a special MP build:




  14. I left the Calais-Duisburg road for a while to come back to my home country with my cow truck, Switzerland. :P:lol:


    I forgot how the scenery is awesome there, and it's the first region where I started to play ETS2. ^-^





  15. Hey guys, quick question, does this count as "excessive lights" or I'll be fine using this configuration?


    I saw a Volvo with a Scania bullbar, so I thought that I could try to "customize" mine as I can aswell. ^.^'


  16. Driving an Eurocombi through Arizona:




    Reversing a beast like this is a bit hard at first but it's no different to a turntable drawbar trailer and you get used to it pretty fast. And it kinda gives me the feeling that was missing in ETS2 for the last 1200 or so hours and this "beginner feeling" brings back memories from when I first started playing ets :)




    Now this one was a bit more difficult to park, because first, the trailer here was longer and second, there was no space to straighten up the two trailers.



    Anyway, I'm really really looking forward to the day that this is supported by SCS :)


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