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  1. Good work with the guide, but it takes some resources. Not as many as external programs, but it takes some.
  2. I like driving in high populated ares, but not in traffic jams. Lots of drivers just overtake without a reason, lots of crashes, impatient drivers. If the speed limit would be respected, everything would be fine. You have time to stop, no hard braking, not so many crashes and a better traffic flow altogether.
  3. Hamsie


    Intradevar, sa incerci cea a spus Skaizo cu sfc /scannow. Si eu am avut niste probleme cu niste virusi si niste registre stricate, am incercat metoda dar mie cel putin nu mi-a functionat. Am instalat Avast pentru a imi rezolva problemele si a functionat perfect. Trebuie incercate diferite metode, sper sa o gasesti pe cea buna pentru tine.
  4. Hamsie


    Ruleaza-l ca administrator. Click dreapta > Run as admin. Daca nici asta nu functioneaza, nu prea mai am in minte ce ar putea fi, poate doar o eroare la windows.
  5. Hamsie


    Ai toate driverele instalate? Daca nu, incearca sa instalezi driverele de la placa video in special / directx. Cea mai simpla metoda este a lui Hakan, sa verifici "integritatea fisierelor". Intrii in steam > Library > Click dreapta pe ETS2 > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files.
  6. At least we have some changes... Germany is way too outdated.
  7. Thank you! One of the best updates. This brings lots of things you can do with the Scout.
  8. The sound effect would be nice, but no blanking out affect. That can cause lots of accidents.
  9. Good alternatives, but C-D is a funny road, at least for me). Driving constantly at 80-90km/h and seeing ppl flip over or jumping in the sky makes me laugh.
  10. Pretty usefull, thank you!
  11. Duisburg-Calais full as always. Great work with the map!
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