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  1. not sure if that is an April joke or not, but i enjoy reworked C-D road, nicely done
  2. Hmm, why would they refuse to play on the arcade servers? Let me guess, maybe because collisions are disabled? It is like playing a FPS game with godmod or ability to noclip through the objects, it may be "fun" for 5 minutes, then it gets boring. Would it be ok for sim players if there would be a separate 90km/h server for them, without collisions and arcade players would play on a 150km/h server with collisions?
  3. Hardcore sim players are totally aware that they are minority in this community, yet they still want to force majority to play the game just like them, but why? There are two different ways to play the game - simulation and arcade style. By default this game is a simulator, however you can turn it into an arcade by disabling speed limit, fines and many other simulation options, game developers gave us that opportunity. By playing any of two styles you're playing the game in the intended/correct way. So, dear simmers, claiming that "arcade = NFS = improper way to play the game" is simply a false statement. Looking forward for "server configuration survey", hopefully majority will be heard and long waited changes will finally come.
  4. Just curious, why size of the launcher is so huge? 130mb (and 437mb after installing) for a launcher, that's a lot
  5. long awaited and needed rework, finally players will be able to deliver and take jobs from that god damn city without being stuck in traffic jams, well done p.s. i don't think that is the right placement of that thingy
  6. novice

    Operation HQ

    I wish we had some minor map edits from addon team to improve traffic flow, because now traffic jam is literally 80-100km long, you have to sit there for hours to deliver 1 cargo and that's not really enjoyable. Other than that that's a cool event, glad to see it is finally implemented, props to Shawn and mwl4 ?? And shoutout to GMs who are forced to look after this mess, stay strong guys
  7. now that's a really cool feature ? goodbye virtual speditor ? I have a tiny suggestion, it would be really useful to have an actual cargo weight in the cargo list, something like this: I think I was suggesting something similar to virtual speditor developer, but he was not able to implement that, maybe Shawn can look into that and make it happen? ?
  8. Thanks for your hard work! Hope you come back again. We will miss you so much.. ❣️

    1. novice


      thank you for your kind words :)

  9. I wonder why I can't follow them ?

    And good morning



    Best regards,


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    2. Mo1993


      Ah OK a shame. Thank you for the quick reply,

      Have a nice day


      Best regards,


    3. Expectancy
    4. omega0801


      novice!Why did you, as a game moderator, hide your history of violations and how you could become a moderator with violations

  10. Здраствуйте. Я понимаю, вы меня забанили, за то, что я блокировал человека. Но когда нужно кого-то забанить кроме меня, вы никого не можете просто забанить. Этот придурок (идиот), он нарушает много правил, подрезает игроков. Я из-за него попал в большую аварию, из-за чего, я решил отомстить ему с другом, так как, он выезжал с заправки, и не смотрел по сторонам, и мы врезались из-за этого идиота. Пожалуйста, будет справидливее, если вы тоже забаните этого мудака, а не кроме меня с другом. Потому, вы не можете нормально следить за теми, кто правда нарушает, а не вот так, одни раз зажал, и всё, бан сразу. И предоставьте мне пожалуйста, доказательства, где я нарушил.

    Админ, и где ты? Почему ты только банишь, не отвечаешь на обжалование? Что случилось? Где доказательства бана? Где ответ от тебя Novice?

    Почему не можете сразу ответить на обжалование бана? Я вам вроде всё подроббно опписал, и жду доказательства, где я нарушил

  11. Autumn mod (especially late autumn) is one of my favorite weather mods, I believe it appeared in 2015 for the first time and now it's back. I advise everyone to try it out! ???
  12. удалить акк может только тот кому он принадлежит и нет, он не может зарегистрироваться по новой, точнее может, но бан все равно останется
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