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    Data, IT-Tech, Volvo V70's, Volvo 940 etc. I like helping others with data-problems to once in a while.
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  1. Giant fruits, its fun with small events like these
  2. Saw someone with another long tanker in pink on the highway a few hours ago, is this hard to get in the game or do i need to edit the games save file for this?
  3. Traffic is really bad, but thanks for the event Also thanks for getting atleast some of the people blocking ^^
  4. Running it as admin has done the trick, thanks for the help ? Solved.
  5. Verified from the start. Redownloaded the launcher, still happened. Ran it as admin and the problem seems to have stopped, not sure why this would be an issue in the first place but okay. 4. GPU is updated, but it seems to be resolved now.
  6. Did that, nothing came back as negative. Currently downgraded to a 2060 and re-installed with DDU so the drivers isnt totally hell. Used x64 and it ran longer than the normal version did. Started multiplayer after a while and now that wont even start.. Like it wont even properly load on my desktop at all, i hear an error sound but it just closes as soon as i launch it. Will do it a second time if it helps anything. Sadly no. I dont have any folder named "TruckersMP" in documents.
  7. Second time this happens in 2 days. Ran it as admin but it still happens.
  8. Even after switching from wireless 100down/100up to a cable with the same speed, it still happens. Usually kicks me out in populated areas or some times just in the wild were theres barely anyone driving by. Ive fresh-installed windows from a week ago so im not sure what else to expect. The reconnection usually only takes 2 minutes so its not that big of an issue, but im just wondering if 4500 players on a single server isnt so good for it? (or maybe im just having internet problems and i dont realise it yet )
  9. This could be interesting to try out, the HTC is already 34m and thats long enough but only possible to use in finland. Maybe D-double triple something could be some fun.
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