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  1. Even after switching from wireless 100down/100up to a cable with the same speed, it still happens. Usually kicks me out in populated areas or some times just in the wild were theres barely anyone driving by. Ive fresh-installed windows from a week ago so im not sure what else to expect. The reconnection usually only takes 2 minutes so its not that big of an issue, but im just wondering if 4500 players on a single server isnt so good for it? (or maybe im just having internet problems and i dont realise it yet )
  2. This could be interesting to try out, the HTC is already 34m and thats long enough but only possible to use in finland. Maybe D-double triple something could be some fun.
  3. Thought it was dis-allowed but i kept seeing players with them, thanks for the reply in these holiday days Thanks for the link, im gonna read it throughout to understand this better Resolved, feel free to move it to the correct category Thanks for the answers :)!
  4. Googled a few times, came up as not allowed.. But then again ive seen it being used by a couple of people in just the few 5-6 hours ive played today. So is it allowed at all? Probably not, but im gonna ask here anyway as i keep seeing players with them on the road. Grabbed this picture while i drove by: edit: and yes, thats fantasy money just so i could try out the HTC from the baltic sea DLC
  5. Finished the personal goal mission but cant seem to find the "Winter Blast" skin for my truck, wonder if i need to wait a while to get it as an item or it just comes automaticly in my skin-selection at the paintshop/configurator.. :?

  6. Forstår virkeligheten kommer før spillet, men lurer på hva slags prosent prosjektet er på nå som jeg først har oppdaget denne tråden på den norske subforumet.
  7. So soon, was afraid i had done something wrong when it didnt start up properly.
  8. I like how i gave this truckersmp mod a try just 2 days ago and ive been really enjoying it and boom. 2 days later we got 1.38 support! <3

  9. Never knew about quicksave, ill have to try and set that up.
  10. Following the 90 km/h thats already imposed on you when you do external contracts gets boring fast, or if i do a long trip of 30-40 hours ingame (1-2 hours) i really dont want to be stuck on 90. Ofcourse i have to be more on guard to see if anything comes up fast, as it has many other times. Havent heard of your "In-Game Road Rules", is this just common sense towards other players? I let others pass by me even when im in the right lane doing 110 km/h, not sure how they do that but its happened multiple times now, and ive only played online for the last 2-3 days.
  11. Opened the chat to reply to someone and i accidently somehow opened steam, the game gets paused and there is nothing i can do to get out of the chat.. or the F1 pause screen away.. only option is to ALT+F4, is there anything i can do to unpause the game? Been happening some times, any advice? Chat and F1 is the same issue.
  12. The amount of people who doesnt care about ramming others including me is too damn high!

  13. Think i have 2 standard scania trucks, 1 man truck and a expensive 8x8 scania truck. Will probably have to spend some more and save up to more drivers and equipment. To be honest, the 8x8 is more trouble driving around corners and i might just sell it off or store it for bigger/larger missions when its needed.
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