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  1. salut je uis bannis de truckersMP je cest ccomment faire 


    1. Averazon


      You can write your ban appeal here or wait for the time to expire :)  https://truckersmp.com/appeals

  2. Support Team recruitment is now open. Go take a look 

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      very cool!


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      Great! Best of luck, everyone! :thisisfine:

    4. Momo_MB


      lol ich würd gern aber darf ni:mellow:

  3. Hello, From the 15th March to 15th April at midnight, we are going to be looking for talented individuals to join our Support team. As a member of our Support team, you will be the one a user will go to if they have any issues with TruckersMP and you will be the one tasked with resolving this issue. This could be through tickets on our support panel, private messages, topics on our forums and the help channel in our Discord. Requirements Have good knowledge of TruckersMP and the rules Must be a member of TruckersMP for at least 12 months Must be registered on the TruckersMP forum for at least one month No bans within the last 12 months Must have no more than 3 bans Active on the forum Must have overall good behaviour, which includes in-game, forum, Discord and our official social media pages Language skills - English is necessary; being bilingual will be an advantage. Good communication skills Resilient, active and flexible Ability to work within a team and on your own at times Eager to learn and progress your knowledge Organised and adaptive Be able to accept constructive criticism Previous experience is an advantage, but not a necessity Additional skills for this position Good problem solver Languages that we are mainly looking for during this recruitment Dutch Polish Russian Turkish Forum post count is no longer a requirement, however, forum activity is required. You can apply for this position here. End date: 15/04/2019 23:59
  4. Boo! ;o hehe 

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      boo you.

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      boo who you me

  5. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR LEADER] @Syntackz leaves the team due to lack of time.
  6. Hello nathan how are you <3

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      I'm good, thanks. How are you?

    2. Adelina


      I m very well  recruitment When will be opened ??? 

  7. help me nathan:troll:

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      With what

  8. You smell hehe :D

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      No you

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      Yes I smell nice I know thanks hehe :rolleyes:

  9. Hello NATHAN <3

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      Hello :-)

  10. Good evening

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      Good Evening and Good Night from me! :D

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      [VIVA] Zysto

      Good evening from the next day :D

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    TruckersMP Team

    [MEDIA TEAM] @Zelcrum has been removed from the team due to conflict of interest.
  12. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR] @Nody leaves the team due to lack of time.
  13. You smell like roses :love: