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  1. A truck is not a fast vehicle, I don't care if you've put 750hp on it. The trucks transmissions are meant for torque and power to pull a heavy load. Not maxing out in 12th gear down the road, struggling to keep your truck straight as it wants to tip so badly.
  2. I'd imagine such a system would be feasible. From what I read, the report system is being worked on, or reworked. I hope they do include such a feature, multiple reports as you've mentioned on one person? Yeah, that person is doing something wrong.
  3. Should've taken this picture when the truck was in better light. But I like it, more silhouette-y like. Scania S450, bumper, lights and skirting are plastic. I would've used the bigger beacons on the roof of the truck if that was allowed with the light bar; I often pull 44t cargo with this. I use the beacons to say "Hey, slow truck. Don't mind me!"
  4. Had an issue earlier with a group of people - reported them all at the same time. One of my reports timed out, the other was looked at - but 5 minutes too late - and another had no action taken.
  5. TruckersMP -- or ETS2MP as I knew it, for 5+ years.
  6. Good looking truck! As Joao mentioned, looks very J-Spec, which can be a good thing if you want it to look like a work truck. Keep it up!
  7. As someone who has been around for a while, anything above 120 km/h is too fast already. Yesterday, driving to Sheffield in England I saw a driver zoom past me with a trailer. Down the road a couple of minutes later, I saw that he attempted to take the off ramp down to the motorway/highway that I also needed to take. He flew and tipped over onto the motorway. Potentially blocking traffic (luckily, 600 or so people were playing at that time on EU#2). There needs to be some sort of speed limiter. Removing it would cause people to become reckless with no care what so ever to the people around them. It's not fun when you have to be extremely cautious around reckless drivers. We have enough issues already with people not knowing how to merge, read the signs of the road or acknowledge red lights. Giving them MOAR SPEED is bound to turn into a mad, mad world.
  8. +1 - This is a great way to judge other players.
  9. A detection system for the warning blimps can be programmed, where if a truck suddenly receives a lot of damage, it triggers a warning blimp. A whole bunch of flashing warning blimps on a road will let the oncoming driver know "There's a clusterbump up ahead." +1
  10. Alas. I've joined a VTC. But still J-Specing it! That's an Euro6, by the way. Powerful little engine.
  11. I've deleted my old profiles and made a new one. Giving the Scania Streamline a go. But will most likely stick with the Euro line of engines or go for the 500 V8 for that pull power. Also, that's my attempt at the Acacia Green stock color with black lowers.
  12. Be persistent! You're there to enjoy the game. Not cater to the impatient driver behind you. Also, good looking truck (not a fan of Scania, but still good looking!)
  13. Hm. Sticking with 4x2 then. Thanks for the info!
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