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  1. Should've taken this picture when the truck was in better light. But I like it, more silhouette-y like. Scania S450, bumper, lights and skirting are plastic. I would've used the bigger beacons on the roof of the truck if that was allowed with the light bar; I often pull 44t cargo with this. I use the beacons to say "Hey, slow truck. Don't mind me!"
  2. +1 - This is a great way to judge other players.
  3. A detection system for the warning blimps can be programmed, where if a truck suddenly receives a lot of damage, it triggers a warning blimp. A whole bunch of flashing warning blimps on a road will let the oncoming driver know "There's a clusterbump up ahead." +1
  4. Alas. I've joined a VTC. But still J-Specing it! That's an Euro6, by the way. Powerful little engine.
  5. I've deleted my old profiles and made a new one. Giving the Scania Streamline a go. But will most likely stick with the Euro line of engines or go for the 500 V8 for that pull power. Also, that's my attempt at the Acacia Green stock color with black lowers.
  6. Be persistent! You're there to enjoy the game. Not cater to the impatient driver behind you. Also, good looking truck (not a fan of Scania, but still good looking!)
  7. Hm. Sticking with 4x2 then. Thanks for the info!
  8. Yeah, please don't argue about this? 'tis for a game. Also. I wonder. Does 6x4 provide any benefits in game? I can't seem to tell a difference (I know there's probably one. But I can't tell)
  9. I like Ivecos, personally. It was a toss up between Renault, DAF, Iveco or Mercedes. I went with Iveco, since it's been my main truck for a long while. Each their own.
  10. How so? Been hauling 22t cargo quite easily.
  11. I've meant to add on to what I was saying; I believe there's more driver owned trucks in the US than there are in the EU. US trucks tend to have more luxurious additions. (There's a documentary/History Channel thing about American Truckers and their love for their trucks. Which to them, is a second home) Also. How is my J-Spec-fu? Iveco Hi-way, 460 e6.
  12. I'd say they're J-Spec for ATS though, depending on what era the truck is. Convoy and the trucks in Convoy were sort of suppose to be driver-owned. (Hence their customization). J-Spec's suppose to be Company owned. But hey. Keep it around for a show truck.
  13. Do ya'll drive your J-Spec in MP? If so, how do you deal with the impatient drivers trying to overtake you on ramps? (Since 300-500 range HP tends to slow down a lot going onto merge ramps / climbing hills) Also, since I'm an American.. what is the average HP range for the european trucks / standard chassis? The Internet keeps showing either the 4x2 or 6x2/4 chassis (with mid-lift/partial steering), and hardly any "dualies". I'm quite interested in converting my SP/MP work truck into a J-Spec.
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