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  1. Something like this is for sure needed, especially on the promods server where the loading times are longer as well. Doesn't seem to give people a chance if they are loading into a busy place, or going through ferry ports where it is busy on the other side.
  2. Good idea, needs to be a small box like the tab menu.
  3. Nice feature but unless there is an autologger coming I will continue to use systems already in place within the VTC I am part of.
  4. Simeta

    Road to Simulation

    UK trucks are limited to 57 but some companies limit their trucks to around 50-53 so they are more eco or to just annoy the drivers lol.
  5. Because its easier to do it all in one update. Otherwise they would of patched ETS2 and ATS separately.
  6. While I would love this to happen, I can't see a way around stopping people from running skins they shouldn't. In turn giving that VTC a ban reputation for poor driving. I know there's a system in place with the admin cars but not sure on the process of granting those people access. If it was for example some kind of usergroup data base, there were be endless amount of requests for additions and removals.
  7. ETS2 trailers didn't have pivot points so it may take longer than how long the ETS2 update was. If you want to play the new update so much then just play SP... multiple posts telling them to support latest update doesn't help anyone, they will release it when they can.
  8. New DLC to add into the next update - http://store.steampowered.com/app/520550
  9. I've been rolling back ETS2 for years and now with ATS in the past few months. Not once has my save file corrupted.
  10. Take your time with the update, there is no rush. Not like the update adds new trucks or areas to drive. So no one is missing out with it being longer than normal.
  11. Something needs to be done with trailers from completed jobs though. I dropped off a load not long ago and noticed someone else was lining up to drop his job off, intrigued by what was going to happen i sat and watched. What I thought was going to happen, did happen. As he reversed up he hit my trailer and couldn't go backwards and further. He ended up having to pull forward and reverse fast to push the trailer clear of the drop off point (and probably damaging his own truck/trailer in the process). Images Trailer in the way: http://i.imgur.com/4MnUQuM.png Aftermath of his fast reverse bumping: http://i.imgur.com/G8dCKLM.png So imo this needs to be addressed in some way
  12. It's getting added in the next update if you look at the suggestions section.
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