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  1. there is ye under settings go to gameplay and in there is a setting for enable automatic lights however currently they do not sync/work with the servers of TMP
  2. its a nice option feature so to that i would say yes... it is also helpful information when you have a truck in front of you on a steep hill and you see he is GVW:61t you know he is going to struggle up the hill and you better go around him if you weight less. sameway if you are the one with a gvw of 61t and you drive up hill and person in front of you has a gvw of 51t you better stay behind him as you will struggle more then him climbing the hill so don't have to even think about overtaking as you cant cuss your gvw is higher then his on that hill. so allowing the lane besides open for players with like a gvw of 15t to easily pass the heavier ones on said hill as you do not try to overtake only for it not to work because of this information.
  3. i do think this would be nice yes and by only have it as VTC owners as mentioned the amount of skins will not get too crazily out of hand...... if every single player can request skin's you will eventually easily hit past a million skin's..... but if its 1 skin per VTC they can use (with the skin applicable to all chassis types of all trucks) the amount of skin's can be kept from getting too much and be less stressful for the server to handle. and if you want your own skin startup your own VTC. or just join a VTC to have a special skin. However i do agree with that the skin's need to be verified before implemented with again max 1 skin per VTC and a minimum of members must be within the VTC before eligible to get your own skin....don't need VTC's pop up with only 5 people in it just so they can get a skin. i would say member count of the VTC should be 25-100 at minimum before VTC can request the 1 skin.
  4. the thing is people use the HCT's and B-doubles everywhere by tricking the game into thinking its a single trailer so how you want to enforce it then? I use Triple trailers (2 short 1 full length trailer) and i have the game define the trailer as a single trailer so i can drive it also in UK, Spain, Greece, Italy, Lithuania & ect.
  5. I do like the idea but indeed but as @blabberbeak mentioned i am also against the fast deliveries bonus as that will only incentive players into racing thus making them more prone to cause accidents. also maybe an idea is to have this only enabled for SIM 1 maybe and have SIM 2 be as of olds. this way you dont force this onto people and give them the choice to play with this setting or not.
  6. with current game? no no AI as engine is too old for ETS2 plus the things mentioned above.... however with 1.50+ a new engine is SAID to be released to run ETS2 on and IF this is true people with potato PC's have to upgrade anyways as the game default's requirements go up as well + this might make it for TMP staff maybe possible to do consider AI traffic if with new engine the performance will be better even with AI traffic present. also about Niuro his comment with 90% cant drive is because they all drive 120+ KM/h......those that follow speed limits can easily drive....better at least and with AI traffic you create obstacles that makes a 120km/h or faster the more likely to crash and hopefully will bring the amount of racers and thus the amount of bad drivers down and as some people just prefer racing....to those players go play Forza or need for speed or another game that is a RACING game i would say and to not bother the people that wish to play a SIMULATION game what ETS2 is afterall.... also i don't think it would be 90% rlly but a high number sure. also a solution would be create SIM 1 (after 1.50 if new engine is true) with AI traffic and set a hard speed limit roof of like 100-110km/h and have SIM 2 server without Traffic and no speed cap so that racers can race to their heart's content there.
  7. i would say no to this as i dont see the need for it to be extended instead however i would suggest looking for already existing suggestions that try to have the automatic lights synced with the server and upvote / support those suggestions to maybe see if that can be added.
  8. i would have to say this as a no as stated by blabberbeak this may cause distractions. however....having at least a vehicle gross weight indication in the users tag i'm not opposed to. P.S: Admin icon would be not recommended as game moderators sometimes also like to drive incognito.
  9. i whole heartily agree with this approach. I believe it should be possible to have it enabled that it only triggers after X distance or X time being on the wrong side of the road so it does not trigger on overtaking. and with the timer should also have that if need to use other roadside for a second to be able to make a sharp turn with HTC trailers as else cant make it should also be possible then.
  10. i am against it as it is suggested originally however i would say maybe that if X amount of players report the same person in a short period of time it will PING game moderators that it should require their attention maybe?
  11. while i do like the idea....i am also not against it if this was forcefully implemented for SIM 1 server and keep SIM 2 as the race server but that is again my opinion.
  12. i think this is a nice idea indeed.
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