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  1. Thanks for the follow 🥰

    1. EHHVTC I Bangshuai6

      EHHVTC I Bangshuai6


      Thank you so much for followingme💗

  2. Thanks for the follow 🥰

    1. Mr. sDev

      Mr. sDev

      No worries ❤️ 

  3. Thank you for your follow! I highly appreciate it

    1. muddles08


      Likewise. 🥰

  4. Krew's AV convoy. Always good fun.😂 Now I need ideas on what to put on the roof of the car for the next convoy



    1. RedWolf_TMP


      Greatt 😛 the cow is funny lul


    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Brilliant photos, cow is great 🐮😍🥰❤️

  5. I've always thought it would be a really cool idea. I bet it would be a pain to sync between players and also a pain to moderate. many questionable things would end up on the trailers.
  6. Just spent 12 hours playing convoy with a bunch of people, Mod support is great. Just spent the entire day messing around. Being able to experience mods with people is fantastic. the screenshots of everyone is modded trucks are amazing.
  7. Mods could be fun. Certainly interesting
  8. i only use WOT for event stuff. It used to be a good way for you and friends to get the same jobs. The one thing that kind of annoys me is the fact if you f7 for something (you all over or get stuck) its cancels the job
  9. I think it works really well. The fact that you don't have to save your game all the time is great. Can't wait for us to be able to use our own trailers with it.
  10. Was an amazing event guys They are always really well executed
  11. I don't really have a set favourite truck. I enjoy hoping in and out of the different brands
  12. The way it is now is fine. C-D road is a death trap as it is, without people going the speed of sound
  13. I really enjoyed the Operation big sur and the genoa bridge event. Doing things that effect the game world is always good fun. Would love to see more like this
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