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  1. ''Hold my hand lets go, anywhere you wanna go. Pick me up and drive''




  2. Currently IN LOVE with this skin!! Thankyou so much to @Tostbrot_XD for making it!! 


  3. Wishing everyone a great day today! ❤️ 


  4. I wish VTC's could use the ingame recruitment centers to recruit drivers. I mean imagine how fun and how much easier it would be? 
    Applications could be sent through steam to a recruitment team assigned by the CEO's etc. Probably ot possible tho, but imagineeeee 

    1. Phoenix_TMP


      Deffinitly not possible as it would just result in many already formed VTCs to get spammed by unwanted Trolls and Fake accounts plus ban evaders.. Nice thought though! ^Phoenix 

    2. MixedUp


      to be fair, we all thought that walking around trucks would never happened, but it did. Theoretically all that would have to happen is when a player Enters the Hologram of the Recruitment Centres, it would instead of opening the ingame page, it would open a Steam Tab Website to the TMP VTC Search page? I don't think this is impossible to do, just  not something that is going to happen in the near future.


    3. CookieTho_


      agree with u @MixedUp but at the same time @Phoenix_TMP is kinda right. But I do still think about the idea tho 👀 would make VTC experience even more realistic

  5. Thanks for the drive and laughs @szykaro23 😍 


  6. I'm so excited for real ops omg

  7. C&C Transport had our first appearance as a VTC today at the courtz birthday convoy! Seeing everyone there made me so proud of taking the leap into having my own VTC and I cant wait for what is gonna happen from here ❤️ muchlove C&C ❤️ also; HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTZ ❤️ Photo creds: @LRX [GER]


    1. Guest


      Congratulations Your first VTC Appearance ^_^ :tmp:

    2. CookieTho_


      thankyou so much @RepaiR ❤️ 

    3. Emirhan kurt 29
  8. I wanna shoutout @Tostbrot_XD for the amazing pictures he takes!!! look at it guys, appreciate it, this dude takes so many amazing pictures 😍


    1. Guest


      So beautiful ^_^ 

    2. Emirhan kurt 29
  9. All I want is to drive through all of the Norwegian map and see my own city but its not there yet *cries* 

    1. CookieTho_


      not actually crying tho lmao

  10. Me , @LRX [GER] and @Tostbrot_XD  chilling in Calais this beautiful evening ❤️ C&C Transport ❤️


    1. Guest


      Awesome Pic.  ^_^ :tmp:

    2. Tostbrot_XD


      You did some kind of a typo in my name there xD


    3. CookieTho_


      oh my xD


  11. Can someone suggest a beautiful place to drive during a sunset/sunrise? I am going into arcade later today to get some nice photos :3 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Geology Rocks 3

      Geology Rocks 3

      yes the bergen to also road though norway


    3. Guest


      Anywhere in the Baltic Sea ^_^

    4. CookieTho_


      thanks for all the suggestions guysss! I will check out all the places later :3 I do know that the Berge-Odlo road is beautiful tho! I drive there all the time^^

  12. In a mood for a long drive with no destination. Where should I start exploring today? 🤔

    1. Guest


      Duisburg - Calais  :kappa: ❤️ 

    2. CookieTho_


      Repair no xD


  13. I would love to see more paintjobs, as many people already have mentioned. But it would also be amazing to see some of the countries getting some more love, maybe some more smallroads with more landmarks. For example the UK and parts of the swedish map. Another thing I would love to see considering smallroads, is more dirtroads. In my opinion, dirtroads make the game experience feel more realistic when you once in a while end up on one of those roads.
  14. Good morning TMP ❤️ I wish everyone a wonderful day! Keep Trucking ^-^

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