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    My mood currently: "IT'S THE WEEEKKKEEEENNNNDDDDD"

    1. Guest


      We go crazy :D

    2. Caernage
  2. I'm kinda too late to say that but congrats sir!

    1. TheGoodGuy1515


      Thank you very much :) 

    2. Caernage


      You're welcome and wish you success for the future with your position ;)

  3. Er man gerd, hapfy burfdai dud ( Reference to your Discord status ) :kappa:🎉

  4. Hi everyone, hope you're all going well! I'm kinda sick but feeling better than yesterday so!

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      hope your feeling better soon 🥰

    2. Caernage


      Ow thanks 😁 don't worry, a trained military is strong ^^ ( I receive the order from the Corporal to stay at home )

  5. I'm neutral about it. I think that could give realistic thing to the game and I completely understand that some people see the chatbox without reading and so that could give a realistic roleplay for some huge events but if we let this as accepted, I imagine all feedback tickets that Upper could deal as object "Add message display on Pilot car" and then due to huge amounts of tickets, they will do it and so, so many people can abuse of it. That's happened to some suggestions or features like cars for instance or also double trailer. And I think that Devs have others things to do mor
  6. As some above explained it, it could be nice in case we're busy/focused on another thing, and sometimes we don't take a look on the chatbox and won't look each 30 seconds so yeah I guess it could be a nice idea for everyone.
  7. Congrats Digital ... or DJ Tal :kappa:

  8. Who's watching the NFL playoffs ? And what's your predictions? 😛

  9. Félicitation Yoyo, content pour toi

    1. Yoyo_ManSg


      Merci le belge ;) 

    2. Caernage


      LE Belge :kappa:et de rien

  10. Wow, très belle initiative! Malheureusement je ne pourrais pas y assister pour des raisons personnelles, mais c'est une très bonne idée!
  11. Welcome back mate 😎

    1. RequieB


      Je vous remercie camarade ❤️

  12. I'm hungry and when I came get some news on forum, I've seen an advert concerning Burger King, that's a sign of my destiny :kappa:

    1. JamesS014
    2. [S.PLH]Warrior


      just go through drive-in and done it's easy 😆

    3. Caernage


      I'm kinda lazy to drive and I cannot now cuz I'm in the military training barracks until the next Friday but nice try for the suggestion tho :kappa: @[S.PLH]Warrior

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  13. Des fois, en regardant certaines suggestions, je fais des infarctus :kappa::facepalm:

  14. What a comeback in CM Team :kappa:Congrats :)

  15. Hey @letellier20! Alors c'est un petit problème qui se règle vite fait. Quand tu as la page de connexion, je t'invite à: 1. Faire Alt+ Esc ( Afin de revenir sur le bureau sans quitter le jeu ) 2. Ouvrir le Bloc-Note 3. Tapez le "@" 4. Faire un CTRL+A ( Ça sélectionne ) 5. Faire un CTRL+C ( Ça copie ) 6. Retourner au jeu et faire un CTRL+V ( Ça colle ) Bien à toi! Cordialement Caernage
  16. Hey @Quentinium! Hey tous le monde, comment allez-vous? Alors quelles sont vos résolutions si c'est pas indiscret!?
  17. Joyeux anniversaire petit fou!:kappa:

  18. Hey @Nicosofficiel, Je ne considérais pas ça comme un retard mais plus tôt comme une charge de travail réduit temporairement. En effet le Staff de TruckersMP ÉTAIT jusqu'à aujourd'hui en effectif réduit pour la période des fêtes, je t'invite à lire ce topic rédigé par @HérissonMan Cordialement, Caernage
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