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  1. Congrats buddy

  2. Well I know that it has been a while that I left the team but thanks to all of you who supported me. Thanks for all of your forces that you gave it to me. Thanks to have trusted me. I appreciate that and I'll never forget it. Who ever you are, thank you.


    I will give you a FAQ/Questions & Answers there. If you have a question about me regarding TruckersMP or my personal life, I will answer. I'll also give some answers to common questions that I received on DMs.


    What do you think about TruckersMP Staff?

    TruckersMP Staff is amazing. I met nice persons there that I will never forget. Of course, it would be a lie if I say that I get on well with all Staff members. I have my own personality which is different with some others but anyway, be and keep professional in any cases. I have done some mistakes in the past that I profoundly regrets because it changes some good friendships. But fortunately, a lot of TruckersMP Staff forgave me about it. Anyway, whatever you have done, you have to go ahead without looking back because life and times continue.


    Why have you left?

    Because my job asked me to spend more time for them.


    Why have you joined a few teams as I can see on "About Us"?

    TruckersMP Staff is a great structures with a lot of roles with each an experience completely different than others. I wanted to experiment all of theses experiences. I was wondering "how is it to be in that role for a great/big community" and then I was trying.


    What's your name?



    What do you suggest to a member who want to apply?

    1. First at all, meet all requirements. It's primordial to meet all of theses requirements. I know that some people are "blocked" because they cannot speak fluently English. But if you are motivated, you have to be self-taught. Of course, it can happens to make some mistakes. And I'm sure that I've made some grammatical mistakes but I'm trying my best to make it understandable.


    2. Take a look to ALL official guides made by TruckersMP. Some of these ones are on knowledge-base and forums. Just take a look because there is a lot of useful informations and tips.


    3. It's essential to wonder about all necessary questions that can help you to make your application. Example: "what can I do to make my application stand out from the crowd than others?"; "What are pros and cons?"; "If it would be for a real job, my application that I made is enough?". It's important because you will be in competition with others to be part of TruckersMP Team! And I don't know how many members apply for one session on average but you can imagine that's not a number with only one zero.


    What is the difference between TruckersMP Staff in 2018 and 2021?

    I think TruckersMP learnt from some mistakes. Now, TruckersMP is more stable than old times. This project gains in maturity a lot! I'm really glad to see a TruckersMP much more safe than past. ( of course it's a point of view as a simple user ).


    Do you plan to return on the team?

    I really cannot give a definite plans regarding it. But I'd like to be honest, I don't think so. Because I have to continue my personal life with my girlfriend and job. I realized a few of my dreams in TruckersMP Team. And you know, it's a game, it's not the real life. I mean life and time continues and we all know there that we won't stay here for the rest of our life. I think my time of "Caernage" is going on the end.


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    2. Caernage
    3. Idn360


      anyway @Caernage, this is a nice status update ever I read 😍
      Good luck then 👍

    4. Caernage


      Thank you @Idn360 😄

  3. HoW tO dOwnLoad TruckersMP API pLs? ( note: #developer-chat know what I mean :kappa:)

  4. Bonsoir/Bonjour tout le monde, j'ai la flemme de traduire ce que je vais dire du coup faite un peu des efforts les autres. Juste un statut pour préciser que je vais bien mais c'est aussi violent qu'une inter de la pab perso. Pour plus d'informations, venez en mp car je ne veux pas exposer ma bio ici mdr


    Sinon sa à l'équipe

  5. #SOON





    (Officer DHR View Sneak Peak)




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    2. Herr Müller [GER]
    3. Caernage


      Thanks guys! ^^

    4. Idn360


      wow,  thats very unique system of the VTC rank ever I seen. good luck :woah: 👍

  6. Bravo Cornedure :kappa:

    1. Cornedrue


      Marci ben Fritus :kappa:

  7. Thanks to my 100th OG @bl4ck.e4gle.TR 🎉😍😎 , take a seat and your crown legend!

  8. Adding a little point that some may know and others not and which can be useful: To hide an embed which can annoy, you can add your link between this: <YOUR LINK> Example:
  9. Well, thank you to my 99 original gansters ( :kappa:) who are following me! 😄

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    2. Caernage


      Thanks Joey :pogintensifies: :kappa:

    3. Thorns Way

      Thorns Way


    4. Caernage


      Thanks liushang :kappa:

  10. 8,5 ... Oh wait... time to restart
  11. Joyeux anniversaire! 🎂🥳

  12. Pourquoi pas y participer. Je suis sûr que @XioPlay et/ou @Cornedrue serait aussi enthousiaste de venir, hein les gars?
  13. I wish to all of you a happy new year in advance!


    Je vous souhaite à tous et toute une bonne année en avance!


    Ik wens een gelukkig nieuwjaar aan allen!, bij voorbaat!

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    2. Mr Barbecue

      Mr Barbecue

      Merci le nub lul toi aussi

    3. Λ S L Λ N

      Λ S L Λ N

      Happy New Year, i wish you all the best ❤️ 

    4. Caernage


      Thanks guys! 😅 ( @Mr Barbecue non, toi )

  14. Is it a spoil? :thinking:



  15. I wish to all of you a Merry Christmas, enjoy with your family, with your friends ( taking care of social distancing ).


    This year has been hard for everyone. Some have lost a loved ones. Some others have lost their jobs, or others worst things. But remember that even if worst/bad moments, your life is continuing. Don't give up your goals, don't forget who you are, don't forget that you have at least one person who is supporting you for your success.


    When theses events starts ( Christmas/Ramadan or others religious events, Carnaval, New Year and some others), it's mainly the time when we love each other without any hating looking like the time has stopped. Enjoy of this moment of peace. Enjoy of theses peace moment with your loved persons as you can while they and you are alive.

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Thx, wish you a Merry Christmas too 🤗

  16. So that's why I didn't get my package. Therefore, that also explaining why deliveries take so long. It changed the postal service. :kappa:



    1. [GER] Newt

      [GER] Newt

      That could may be possible :kappa: 😂

  17. I didn't try but I will as soon as possible ( and I will try it on Arcade server because I care about my current role ). I'll update this message to give my opinion .
  18. Bonjour/Bonsoir @misterpicard, Désolé de répondre aussi tardivement, cependant je voulais vous rassurer que vous n'avez pas besoin d'avoir de l'inquiétude car il s'agit d'un Auto-kick. C'est-à-dire que c'est le système qui vous expulse. Pour avoir de plus amples informations, je vais vous citer une règle défini dans le règlement actuel et bien sûr la source. Vous pouvez accéder à la source, c'est à dire le règlement traduit en français ici. Cordialement, Caernage Report Moderator - TruckersMP Staff
  19. Joyeux anniversaire 🎂

    1. Domi7237


      Merci mon vieux ;)

  20. Leve de Koning - Vive le Roi 🇧🇪👑

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