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  1. Oh this sounds like a solution. I never looked at it. I will find it
  2. I run the lowest custom settings (25% scaling and everything disabled) on my i7-4600U + Radeon HD8750M laptop, and get a good 48 FPS almost everywhere except Calais. I got only 2 FPS on Calais, and most of the times, I got flipped over before realizing what was happened due to this lag. If any of you able to get 60 FPS in Calais, what's your laptop specifications?
  3. Is it possible to play on the ProMods server using ProMods version 1.9.1?
  4. Thank you for your advice @Foobrother, this is my ISP speed:
  5. Hi, I live in a country in the Far East, and I already have the fastest ISP in the country. But I still always got kicked due to too high average ping I suppose perhaps this is because the server is far away in the Europe. In this case, do you think using VPN may help? If so, is there a free way to use VPN for TMP? A guide, reference, or documentation would much helpful and appreciated!
  6. welcome to the forum!

    1. fikrikawakibi


      Thank you for welcoming me Fanatico!

  7. First of all, is there an advantage of taking external WoT jobs rather than normal job? All I see is the disadvantage, which is speed limit I almost always taking external market jobs all the time. My favorite trailer is lowbed, but it doesn't have external market job at all cities. Usually after I arrived to the destination, there's no job nearby, so I have to change twice between flatbed with pins and insulated then compare the most bang for buck job available. Then taking it until I find a city where there is a lowbed job I suppose it would be more handy if I just take external contract instead, so I have unlimited jobs all the time and can compare between them directly without changing between trailers. But would I make less money? What about cargo market? I suppose it has more variety of cargos as well, and hey, there wouldn't be speed limit. But would I make even less money than external contract? Seriously, what's the point of doing WoT jobs instead of normal one? I know money is not everything in this game, but tiny details fascinate me
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