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  1. Congratulations!💯

    1. Panda


      Thank you ❤️

  2. Happy Birthday ! 💯

  3. Really all the updates that ETS2 gives us are very good and more when it comes to changes in the map.
  4. thank you very much for the guide!
  5. is a very good idea and would facilitate the filing of complaints.
  6. Totally agree, if at 110 km cars cause too many accidents, I can't imagine if they were going faster.
  7. You will find the best "difficult" routes in promods, most of them are in Iceland.
  8. do you have all the dlcs or are you looking for roads from the base map?
  9. If we talk about difficult in the sense of many people and that at any time can crash into you. The route would be Calais-Duisburg, and if you have promods you can try the kirkenes route, there are quite a few "difficult" routes but it depends on what you really want.
  10. I recommend using the 2 mirrors of the f2, as you can see better than with the truck's own mirrors.
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