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  1. Hey Happy birthday man! :)

  2. Is an admin willing to go on a skype call with me?

    1. Leo35


      just message them on Steam or Teamspeak, it the easiest way to get in touch! Admins can be busy at times 

    2. Shovali


      Teamspeak  >3 

  3. Does anyone know how to report admins that are helping players not get banned

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    2. Lonewolf2272


      Okay thank you.

    3. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      in a way it more likely untrue  , don't take this the wrong way but  admins can only see what they can see , if you see something i suggest for you to record when your in game that way admins and  staff can deal with it


      if you want to you can always contact @Clarkinator and the new project manager  is @HumaneWolf < 


       you can pm them  if you wish to /    i<3 vodka retired  < so be aware of that :P 

    4. Lonewolf2272


      I mean I show proof to admins of players swearing blocking me etc but then the guy continues to decline making It supposed Insufficient evidence even If I show what others are doing



    Love truckers mp other than the trolls that cry wolf no I'm not complaining if any admins show up I just wanted to put this up

  5. I have a question for everyone how do I link my ATS to play MP I haven't done it in a while and it only says checking.. come back in few minutes I waited atleast 9 minutes

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    2. Lonewolf2272


      Thank you both.

    3. Digital


      You have it linked now. :)

    4. Lonewolf2272


      Thank you I like it more than Ets2 a tad other than the less people.. :3

  6. Well finally bought ATS might buy a dlc of going east doubt it though..

  7. Are you going to share the cookies or not -_-

  8. Did It say like some sorta error code etc? Try either Verifying your ets2 files on steam or uninstall ETS2MP on your steam file, steamapps, common, Euro Truck Simulator 2, click onto TruckersMP then uninstall it by clicking onto unins000.exe do that stuff of uninstalling then reinstall your stuff on the page.
  9. Crazy question how does one mod the skoda to have them big wheels and stuff

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    2. Lonewolf2272


      having issue.. cant find skoda in it

    3. mutlob


      @Lonewolf2272 Make sure you have purchased both a Skoda and another truck to use parts from. Using the CTRL+F (Find) function, the Skoda should be named 'skoda.superb'. Make sure you're using the correct/latest save.

    4. Lonewolf2272


      Okay.. I found it works decent..

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E07bRGuvDYE&feature=youtu.be

    Sick of pilots had this one think it's smart and try to cut me off


    1. Sgt.Good18


      I really don't like the Pilots following me.....Its really irritating seeing them follow ppl that don't even have wide loads.....

  11. Does anyone know how to use free cam on a laptop without the num key thing..? I mean I have a keyboard with it but my laptop only has space for mouse and usb

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    2. Samiz [FIN]

      Samiz [FIN]

      there is numlock numbers in laptops, but u need turn numlock on/off always after using them so you can use letters :P numlock.jpg

    3. Creatured


      or just get a 15.6 or bigger laptop


      heck I've seen a couple of smaller laptops with numpads.

    4. Lonewolf2272


      I run something weird called a HP Stream

  12. Apparently I have a one day ban..I am slightly confused the picture taker obviously shows no info how I was on the wrong side of the road nor what date that Is because I drove with my mates on a convoy yesterday I hope this sorta crap stops http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=427889ets200793.png

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    2. stilldre1976


      Was gonna say the cars in the right as the sign on the truck side is wrong way round etc

    3. Lonewolf2272


      Must been the on monday I did correct myself after figuring out I drove in the wrong lane that's the only time

  13. I am really starting to hate car drivers I drove cars in this game but I hate people who flat out brake check me then cry admin constantly and I just sit waiting wondering if I'll get banned for cry babies, Look If I get brake checked in a truck you can't expect me to just stop instantly I've been banned twice for dumb reasons but I learned to be safer In the game.

  14. Hey mate were you on the road yesterday?

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    2. FirestarteR93


      @Lonewolf2272 Yeah, but I was all over the map - started at Stockholm, went to Zurich, back to Stockholm, then to Lyon, and ended up in Stavanger


      Oh, btw: Y U NO censor your posts >:(


    3. FirestarteR93


      @Canucks if I was in that, it was DAFinatelly me :P

    4. Lonewolf2272
  15. Also helps if nobody has money win 8.1
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