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  1. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    I will say this from my time as PM here, if you attack the staff, you lose your right to have a proper say in the debate that happens after. Protest and such needs to be respectful and not attacking yet when someone gets removed for often violating internal security policies, this happens. It happened when I was involved in the project and it happens again now. I am not impressed with the behaviour made by some. Now, I don't even come here because I was asked to, I read about it on the Facebook group that I'm still part of. I don't wade into this lightly. But this kind of behaviour is highly inappropriate and not deserved from the team. They have the policies in place for a reason going back longer than a year and they were put in place to stop incidents like this from happening, but if people break those policies that they should know full well about then that's on them. If you don't like something, say something, but don't be disrespectful about the matter in the process. It only hurts your argument. If someone on your side starts attacking, call them out and ask them to stop because it hurts your argument. This applies in this matter and all others. It's hard for the team to kick someone like that, they don't want to have to make that call, and I know from experience having made that call in the past. I will say this again, do not attack the team to get your point across. Don't break the rules just because you disagree with something. And in the wise words of Wil Wheaton, just don't be a dick.
  2. 2 Million Users reached!

    Great job guys! You've done amazing work and good luck in the future with getting to 3 million!
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