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  1. Please don't. The instructions are just that if you can't move in a reasonable amount of time, either get completely off the road or F7 and enter. We don't need extra vehicles around that block traffic.
  2. All of our admins are required to accept a certain set of rules before they get their permissions ingame. This means that if they break these rules, then we can issue punishments for them accordingly based on what rule was broken.
  3. [ADMIN] @Memduh Ba?gan has returned as In-Game Administrator.
  4. UPDATE: There's now a second giveaway in the original post! Check it out!
  5. [MOD] @videogamer has stood down from the administration team. He will remain on as a forum moderator.
  6. [ADMIN] @H&V I S3ba rejoins the administration team after a long time away.
  7. [ADMIN] @CentralProcessingCat has stood down from the team due to lack of time. [ADMIN] @F.Maynard has returned to the administrator team.
  8. This has been answered several times already however, Our admins are not taken from the general public but from already within the team.
  9. ADM

    Our administrators are not taken from the public but exclusively from already within the team.
  10. Simple reason is that you can't validate that someone is using the official link and not another and then if someone is running a modified version, it can cause some issues.
  11. This is our current ruleset. What alterations do you think there should be?
  12. The weekly requirements aren't actually that high, something like 20, however we have a monthly number that means a lot more and is considerably higher than the 80 you would have to do if you only did the weekly requirement. That being said, there's no set hours that an admin needs to complete as life changes for everyone and having set hours or being forced to do certain hours a week means it's not viable for everyone in the team and that would do more damage than good.
  13. The same rules still apply to the double trailers as they do to single trailers.
  14. @English, I don't mind that idea, so I've fielded it to our developers.