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  1. Thanks for the update is there no winter mod this year
  2. This mod allows you to use a custom trailer on multiplayer but you will need to enable the mod in single player and also buy the trailer in single player before you can use it in multiplayer as stated above the only official mods are Seasonal mods or ProMods.
  3. I feel like getting back into TruckersMP

    1. Fezz98


      Just in time for the big TMP Halloween convoy on the 31st then! :D


    2. MaxiZockt13


      Nice to hear ;D

    3. sgtharley5050
  4. So excited to play on autumn mod such a nice time of the year.
  5. No, I think as good. TMP is as a mod for ETS I would find it a bit of waste of money if I brought it just for this mod, So to answer you question I play both online and offline depending on how I feel when wanting to drive.
  6. Do you watch Youtube video on another screen, watch a film on Netflix or listen to music either on Spotify or Live Radio. I tend to listen to Spotify or radio.
  7. I would love to see this command in-game..
  8. Happy Thursday All 😃

  9. Keep doing what you are doing we are all loving the mod and the community around it.
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