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    1. sgtharley5050


      You don't need the best PC and the best Graphics to enjoy ETS2 an TMP with screenshots

  2. Some people like to drive in a quiet area but still want to see online players.
  3. I would definitely recommend going into a VTC it makes the driving experience in TMP more fun, and when not driving within a convoy you can chat within your discord server and find people to drive with easily. so I would definitely find a VTC for the experience and if you don't like it you can leave.
  4. Your won't get banned if you drive sensibly like most drivers, but those few drivers so mess around a ruin the experience for others do need to be banned.
  5. My worst moment would properly coming off the C-D road and getting my trailer caught on the edge of the road fences, with about 20 trucks waiting behind you.
  6. The quite areas where you only see a few players driving past especially at sunrise or sunset.
  7. I just use Thrust-master joystick and throttle sounds weird but works nicely if you don't have a wheel
  8. I have always wondered what is ATS so much quieter then ETS is it because its less popular or people just tend to stay offline when driving in ATS.
  9. Hello Everyone I'm sgtharley5050, and this is my story to going Pries Logistics the VTC I love.

    Joining pries is one of the best things that has happened whilst playing TMP, but not many people know its actually my second VTC. I first got ETS 2 in November 2018 and only found out about TMP from watching youtube videos after months of playing on the TMP servers i found out about the VTC system they had in August 2019 (late I know) after a few day of looking i joined a VTC called National Freightways this being my first VTC i was excited to drive with others after a month or so i realised that it had lost a lot of activity since i fist joined so i left, at this point i wasn't playing ETS a lot so didn't join another VTC had Christmas off then started playing again and wanted to give it another go at being in a VTC, after a few day's of looking and listening to TFM i heard about Euro Heavy Haulage but whilst looking at this VTC i saw Pries Logistics pop up and applied straight away. I got in and whilst i was a Unlicensed Driver i saw the different staff roles that there were and was really interested in joining the Convoy Control Team after quickly getting my XP (only took about 2 weeks) I messaged Nika asking about joining, and here i am today a Convoy Controller for Pries helping you to enjoy you Convoy trip. Thats how i found about Pries Logistics a VTC that I love a nice community nice driver and nice staff member to work with. 

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