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  1. No, I think as good. TMP is as a mod for ETS I would find it a bit of waste of money if I brought it just for this mod, So to answer you question I play both online and offline depending on how I feel when wanting to drive.
  2. Do you watch Youtube video on another screen, watch a film on Netflix or listen to music either on Spotify or Live Radio. I tend to listen to Spotify or radio.
  3. I have enjoyed these bots is other servers.
  4. I would love to see this command in-game..
  5. Happy Thursday All 😃

  6. Keep doing what you are doing we are all loving the mod and the community around it.
  7. Thanks for the update you are all doing well during these difficult times.
  8. @ReeKinger They are from Truck tuning packs e.g FH tuning Pack So you need to buy them separately and you get some cabin accessories as well as accessories for your truck.
  9. This is defiantly something that should be added or even just taking a look at.
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