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  1. Jeronimeau

    Uploading a picture

    You're amazing! Thanks for your help. This can now be moved to solved.
  2. Jeronimeau

    Picture of the Month: July

    Greetings from Washington
  3. Jeronimeau

    Uploading a picture

    I've read several times that a link to a picture (e.g. a link to imgur) that the picture will automatically be posted, but in my case that doesn't seem to work: it will remain a link. Using the button "Insert media from URL" doesn't work either for me. Same goes for adding a new file since I have 0.01MB left and I can't delete the old files. I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong.
  4. Jeronimeau

    Road to Simulation

    Like @Hecki_Stafman said, this question was multiple choice, meaning that people were able to click multiple answers. Hence, it is statistically incorrect and worthless to add up percentages like that as the counts are likely not unique persons. There are always people who will complain and they have the right to as being part of the community. But if we look at the stats of the servers, it is just business as usual (see below). So when people scream that they will leave or that TMP is now 'dead', that's just a scream for attention. In the end, most people will just play and adjust to the new situation. https://imgur.com/lZFI1Gd
  5. Just got my G29 + Shifter delivered. Can't wait to finally get rid of keyboard driving :lol:

    1. Joao Rodrigues

      Joao Rodrigues

      Fantastic news!
      Enjoy the increased realism and drive safely! :)

    2. KaizeNG


      Good job, I've been playing with G29+Shifter for 2 years. I'm sure you will be satisfied! ;):check:

  6. Jeronimeau

    How to proceed when rammed.

    I didn't know this, but this is great if you are not (or forgot to) recording. I mostly use "Windows key + ALT + R" to record in busy sections and "Windows key + ALT + G" to record my last 30 seconds (highlight flashback). The highlight flashback works even if you're not recording, but your method is more useful if you want a bigger 'flashback'
  7. Jeronimeau

    What to do in Duisburg?

    Yeah. that's exactly what I did. Didn't work, though, because people were overtaking from behind (because "I was taking too long") and others from the highway were continuously piling up and going right, no matter if they had green or red light.
  8. So, I was driving around Duisburg today and came across this situation: it was very busy at the junction and people were coming from the highway (Dusseldorf -> Duisburg) and going right to the workstation. I was coming from the direction of the player owned garage. I'm always respecting traffic lights and rules, but a lot of people are not. So this resulted in me waiting for about 15 minutes at the traffic light, so that the junction would remain free for people from the highway going left to the player owned garage and for people from the workstation going left to the highway directing Dusseldorf. Everyone coming from the highway kept going right and nobody gave way to me, so eventually I decided I would just move forward and claim my spot peacefully. This resulted in the following: https://imgur.com/3BoL1uM Yellow boxes are other cars/trucks/trailers. Red box is me. Blue box is opposing traffic that wants to go to the highway. The blue truck was not able to turn left because I was blocking the junction now. It took about a minute for the traffic jam to move so that I could free the junction, but let's assume someone records me doing this, is this considered blocking and is it thus punishable, even though nobody was giving me an opportunity to move forward properly? And what would be the best advice if one comes across a situation like this? Just move to the right (the highway) yourself to completely evade this from happening? Or just evade Duisburg in general?
  9. Jeronimeau

    Easter Eggs

    I don't think this is supposed to be a metro sign. I found another one in a unspecified town on road 395 between Burns and Pendleton (Oregon) and this one was placed next to a fastfood restaurant, so I guess they're referencing to McDonalds. https://imgur.com/3Ajzzn2 (map: https://imgur.com/lKyS0uc)
  10. Jeronimeau

    Easter Eggs

    Came across these UFOs today. Here's a video of one cycle: There are also billboards around Albuquerque with references to the Netflix series "Better call Saul". Forgot to take a picture of that, will try to spot it again when I'm in New Mexico again.
  11. Jeronimeau

    ATS MP

    Didn't work at first because I forgot to delete every file regarding the launcher first, so everyone who has the same issue: check first if you've deleted everything. After that it was installed within a second. Thanks problem solved.
  12. Jeronimeau

    ATS MP

    I have recently bought ATS and have connected it to my TMP account today. I would like to access the multiplayer, but the launcher only shows the button for ETS2? (check picture below) What am I doing wrong or do I have to give it some time?
  13. Sounds great. I will definitely try and expect to be there!
  14. Jeronimeau

    Which DLC should I buy?

    Really depends what you'd like to do most: have access to more cargo or exploring. I have all of these and personally would prefer the cargo packs over the Italy DLC. Special transport can only be used in singleplayer. The cargo packs offer you great cargo, I personally love them - but that's a personal preference. The Italy DLC is beautiful, but pretty silent in MP. Would get both honestly, but if I had to choose I'd go for the cargo packs.
  15. Jeronimeau

    Minimum speed

    Okay, that sounds reasonable. But as @Remnant light said, I agree that it shouldn't affect others. What if there is a guy that overtakes you on CD road because he's mad that you're driving according to the speed limit (60 km/h) and first he brake checks you and than the rest of the road he drives between 25 and 45 km/h on purpose to punish you for driving the speed limit. Would that be considered harassment? Edit: I agree with what @FernandoCR [ESP] said above. I think that would be toxic behaviour/trolling, right?