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  1. You do not need to specify the weight of your cargo in your tag. Some people do it, though, as a 'warning' to other players that they're heavy loaded and/or driving relatively slow. You can change your tag by clicking the Tab button in-game.
  2. Hey, discussing bans on the forum is not allowed but should be handled in private through the appeal system. However, permanent bans cannot be appealed, so I would suggest using the Feedback system to contact the Game Moderation management.
  3. Despite the unexpected and simultaneously running TruckersMP official event Harmony Convoys still managed to attract over 100 truckers! Thanks to everyone who came over and see you next month! 

    * Picture credits go to Paltala


  4. I'm in dubio for this issue. On the one hand I agree with Pillow and this is also backed up by my own experiences, that is if you make a mistake you can simply edit your comment or add an additional comment. The main things you need is the ID of the perpetrator and your evidence of their offence; both of which you can edit after submitting the report. On the other hand, though, I don't really see a reason why an edit function of the other information couldn't be implemented. Taking it al together I'd say just keep it as it is now.
  5. Amazing pictures as always. Congratulations to the winners!
  6. I do not have a specific road that I really like, but I enjoy driving on small scenic roads - especially the spaghetti roads that are often picked in routes for convoys.
  7. I love how the same group of people are continuing the repetitive discussion that resulted in the closure of the Road to Simulation topic. Several staff members have already replied to a number of 'arguments' against these latest developments, yet some people seem not to listen and just repeat themselves over and over again. Don't repeat yourself. It's not only repetitive, it's redundant, and people have heard it before. There is no innovation without failure and every new update obviously has its pros and cons, but then again, it's easy to criticize other people's work when you're not the one doing it.
  8. Great update. I think this will weed out at least some of the stubborn trolls on the road
  9. Could be useful in some situation, but you don't even need to type /pinfo. If you want to report someone, I just do the following: * record your screen actively or make a flashback recording after an accident; * look at the video and search for the in-game tag of the perpetrator; * upload the video; * open logs (documents > ETS2MP > logs > open file "log_spawning_[date]"; * CTRL + F; * type the in-game tag of the perpetrator between semicolons, e.g. (1234); * copy paste their name, TMPID, and SteamID64 to your report; add link to the video. All these steps combined literally take like ~3 minutes per report. Just make sure your video is clearly showing their username and in-game tag and you'd be fine. PS. I believe you do need to click a box in the tab settings in order to collect the logs.
  10. You're amazing! Thanks for your help. This can now be moved to solved.
  11. I've read several times that a link to a picture (e.g. a link to imgur) that the picture will automatically be posted, but in my case that doesn't seem to work: it will remain a link. Using the button "Insert media from URL" doesn't work either for me. Same goes for adding a new file since I have 0.01MB left and I can't delete the old files. I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong.
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