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  1. Hi there, I found you here too! :woah:

    I'm late to the party, but congratz to Events Team 🙌:mlg_doge:

  2. Last month of the year. So the most important question of the decade. Is it okay to listen to Christmas music already?
  3. I can see what you mean with it being annoying with them going so slow. And maybe having a slow acceleration. But forbidding stuff? I don't think that's the right way to go. Calais to Duisburg is a public road where everyone can go. We should not prohibit people from driving there just to give others priority. That's not fair. Also, it's a truck simulator, not a racing game. Even in real life, sometimes there are trucks in front of you, or tractors or whatever slow-going vehicles. Do we wish to ban them? Well, no, not really. Sometimes we need to have ice in our stomachs and not be in such a rush. Even more so in a game, where you don't have something important to go to.
  4. Noo, not Spoony 🥄😢


    Take care, hopefully see you back on the team later ❤️🙌

    1. SpoonyUK


      Thanks. You too. I hope we will too♥️

  5. A big community where everyone from around the world can meet and have fun
  6. You're right, it will open up to trolls and that. However, I think it's a tradeoff which might be necessary. And if it opens the doors to trollers, then maybe a problem is in the rules and currently internal guidelines themselves. But I don't believe it's more efficient to define a rule by description of an offence. But it might depend on the interpretation of "efficient". And you talk about that leeway in GMs decision-making, that isn't only good. It can be troublesome. As that will mean more inconsistency. And inconsistency shouldn't be a thing when giving punishments. Everyone should receive the same treatment, not depending on what person. But it's definitely a double ended sword.
  7. I am a believer in that rules are never considered "done", as they can always be improved. So that case is here. The rules are fairly well done in TMP, however there are things I want: Clarification on all §2 rules. To make it clear what is actually prohibited and what's not. I know that the GM team has some internal set of rules and that's fine, but I think it's wrong to hide everything under an internal set of rules. If we could get a better laid out §2, with some internal rules mixed in, it would be good. Im also sure it would reduce the amount of "declined" reports (which would lead to less load on GMs).
  8. Congrats Stan, well deserved 🙌❤️

    1. .Stan


      Thanks PallePuh!

  9. It has been discussed earlier here too I see both sides of the case here, but I do kinda wish there were a bit more reactions allowed
  10. It's been a turbulent year for TMP, I don't think anyone denies that. The developers have worked hard to make TMP better. And we should honor that. TMP also got their first full time paid worker, a big step. And we could see the result of that with the time it took to implement 1.42. However, we lost a lot of members, and who is to blame for that is debatable. I don't think anyone is to blame, as many people have been at fault.
  11. Congratulations. Well done 🙌

    1. BudokanTB


      Thank you PallePuh, much appreciated.

  12. Congrats 🥳

    Welcome to the team 🙌

    1. Coolieboy


      Thank you! Appreciate it!

  13. 2 We went from 2, to 4 and then 1.
  14. Itll be an unpopular opinion, but I dont really care much about the sports cars, audis or BMWs. All I want is the newest Subaru Outback and ill be happy. Itll be around $26,945 MSRP.
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