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  1. I like ATS, due to it is the more updated one, I am American, and I like the trucks better.
  2. bidner

    Survive the hunt

    Time to hunt for whoever is hauling the biggest load.
  3. I see TMP getting even larger by the end of the year, as in the player base. Hopefully, it's another successful year for everyone
  4. How have I never seen this?? Nice guide @[PHT]elot360PL !
  5. Awesome feature guys, this will be very helpful
  6. Cool tool! I will definitely be trying it out
  7. bidner

    /fix or f7

    I use F7 because I'm used to it from single player, it also sometimes gets me closer to my destination.
  8. Nice pictures, wondering how the truck got to where it is hanging off the bridge
  9. Nice pictures, I like the high quality of them. Also, dope video, keep making awesome stuff!
  10. If I was a speaker, I would be a subwoofer to get some dope bass. Streamer
  11. I would keep coming out with new updates, whether it's map changes (they do this, but only every so often), new trucks, trailers, new cargo, etc. Just overall keeping the game drawing players in via new content. I also would experiment with new vehicles, maybe even motorcycles would be cool.
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