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  1. Mareckii

    TruckersMP Summer Giveaway 2018

    Great idea
  2. Mareckii

    Introducing the "Add-On Team"

    Waiting for results
  3. Mareckii

    TruckersMP & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

    Nice to see that
  4. Mareckii

    Community Moderator Team (CMT)

    I think this is nice option
  5. Mareckii

    TruckersMP & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

    Nice to hear that
  6. Mareckii

    Forum Rework

    It's looking nice
  7. Mareckii

    Global speed limiter

    Well from one side it is good option but from another quite not
  8. Mareckii

    Event Team

    Have a lot of fun and pleasure from creating events
  9. Mareckii

    New Police design (Europe)

    Hey, my proposal to that is to create design for every police car in EU
  10. Deleting comments in Polish section, written in Polish, but someone think that is disrespect in order to moderator but you mention reason why he closed your topic PS. I made screenshot of my post so please don't delete that...
  11. Mareckii

    Simulation and /Fix

    Well, nice to hear that our vote is important to you
  12. Mareckii

    TruckersMP Community Contributor program

    Good Luck to everyone
  13. Mareckii

    2 Million Users reached!

    It’s nice to be a part of this community