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  1. Happy Birthday


  2. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Kubuntu!!!! :wub:

  3. I miss Lorena* in TruckersMP, it's not the same without her :,c





    1. Japs_TMP


      Permanently banned


      We miss you Lorena*.

    2. Sireeni


      Why is lorena banned??

  4. Me when I can't put the Christmas tree well :c



  5. Asierrayo


    @Johnas2 Greetings! I invite you to contact upper staff if you want to know the reason. Also, being patient and a friendly player helps you making new friends in the community. Hope your question is solved.
  6. Asierrayo

    Truckersmp bug

    @Johnas2 Greetings! Devs probably are fixing issues.
  7. Asierrayo

    Who's Fault?

    @Paige Greetings! Well if you crash with another user by accident and because of the lag I supose that nobody will be banned. Also in an accident, the one at the back has the responsability. Hope your questions is solved
  8. Asierrayo

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for using Gasoil
  9. Asierrayo

    VS Game

    Coffee G29 vs G920
  10. Asierrayo

    ETS2mp crashes at loading screen

    @Kulguyz92 Greetings! What sort of crash are you experiencing? For example: 'ets2.exe has stopped working' or 'fatal error' crashes? Or it just closes the game?
  11. Happy Birthday Lorena!!! :lol:

    Pd: Hope you get back in the team, you are a great person -_-