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  1. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    Do you play other games?

  2. Can I translate it for the  Greek Facebook Page?
  3. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    Hot topic #8: 1.33 beta and release

    1.33 is AMAZING! new trailers, doubles and extra long doubles (for Finland only). Nice trailer updates and game upgrades.
  4. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    Beyond the Baltic Sea

    When it comes out, I'm gonna buy it right away
  5. Hey what's up?

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Hello and have a nice day :) 

  6. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    Do you love to use trucks on dangerous or challenging roads?

    I always get chills down my spine when I see these kinds of things. Mostly because if i did that in ATS I would fall over
  7. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    On Which road do you drive often?

  8. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    Hot topic #1: ETS and ATS 1.32 beta

    The 1.32 will make the MP very interesting, with the various trailers, nice vominations of the trucks and all the innovations that come in the MP to use
  9. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    Have you ever seen CD this bad?

    This is my first time i seeing CD road too bad
  10. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    How to drive heavy cargos in Multiplayer

    Wow! Nice and thank you!
  11. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    Germany: Updated Roads in 1.32 BETA

    Great post and thanks for the info
  12. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    How many miles do you have on your truck?

    50,000 km
  13. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    New command "/mute"

    A very good idea, There are a few times when people get a bit too loud or play music but this is only a few times but just to have the option is always handy.
  14. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    Scania S or Scania R?

    I definitely prefer to driving with Scania S , mainly because she have a awesome interior, Also good suits me
  15. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    Custom skin's in MP

    I think that the correct way to implement this, it's a system where every VTC uploads his SCS. File where ONLY the paint job is. So every day the game does a "mini update" where downloads the new files ( the paint jobs are very light files). This can give some problems, like spamming paint jobs that never gonna be used. After all, it's a difficult system to developer but I think it's a great idea.
  16. Good luck to all, and I read your tiny message!
  17. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    do you find that the person abuses with word 'rec' ?

    Put "rec" do not change things, it's just for say "I rec don't be an idiot" but It's useless I think.
  18. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    [SCS Blog] Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.32 Open Beta

    Yay, finally. Cant wait to put my hands on it!
  19. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    in which country you like to travel the most? (ETS2)

    I like traveling in map Italia or Scandinavia or UK that have many view beautiful
  20. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    How much of Europe do you think will be added to ets2

    I think that will bring in the whole of Europe, I think that in about 3-4 years, everything is added if scs in the speed continues
  21. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    Parking Trailers

    Hahaha very good lesson
  22. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    On Which road do you drive often?

  23. [ETS2.GR] Xrhstos

    Removing Calais-Duisburg From The Map

    This is a funny joke